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Why I Freaked Out + Approaching a Fork in the Road


Thursday = Unleash the crazy, right? A few random thoughts, then some serious considerations.

And Double the Suz today, because guess what? I’m Guest Posting for the lovely Paleo Running Mama Michele today! Please go and check out my post!

Merci, Spoons!

Merci, Spoons!


1) I got dive bombed in the head by a bird on my Monday run. I wanted to tell you all about it, but I need to talk about healthy food and then bbq gluttony. I hope you understand. Regardless, I still got hit in the head by a bird. I think it wasn’t paying attention and was cruising down to the ground and found me instead. Well, the top of my head right in front of my bun, to be exact. And then it had the never to look at me like, WTF? mixed with a measure of WTF JUST HAPPENED?

wtf meme

My thoughts as well, feathers. 

2) Monday’s run was also my first warm and humid run of the season as well. I run pretty darn cool, temp wise, so that means that it was pretty decently warm/humid (but not what they are dealing with in the South–stay safe!) but I looked like one of my running outfits by the time I got home–ie all sorts of colors, primarily raspberry.

I've said it before, and I will say it again: My name is Susie, and I don't do quiet.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: My name is Susie, and I don’t do quiet.

Also, DEAD LEGS. Welcome back to marathon training!

Also, once again, my color-coordinated workout wear without even trying is ON POINT

Also, once again, my color-coordinated workout wear without even trying is ON POINT

On the plus side, no birds attacked my head on Wednesday, and my legs felt much better!

3) Summer really is the even season in Chicago, and I went to a hotel opening on Monday night! I got to see some local blogger friends, like Sapna, Erica (a different Erica, lol), Christine, and many more, and go to work on some delicious food (amazing seafood paella and mini macarons!) from Chef Rick Tramanto (a very big deal here) at the new AC Hotel by Marriott Chicago. A super fun event, even if one of the caterer servers tried to tell me that grapefruit juice was cranberry. NOPE. 

AC Marriott Hotel Chicago Grand Opening Suzlyfe

I loved that there was a pillow fight photo shoot room and live art creation as well! 

4) Thanks to Diddy, we now have another use for kettlebells.

mo kettlebell

A Few Major Thoughts

Money Issues: Why I Had a Freak Out

The money issues that I was talking about on Monday are linked to my longer term goals to get preggers. Because it isn’t going to happen until I stop running, and because I’m not going to stop running until Boston/Ragnar Chicago next year, all I have now to do is to worry about…. something that I can’t really do anything about for another year.

Th only clock I really like.

Th only clock I really like.


The only element of this whole future that we may (or may not) have that I have any control over at this moment is our savings and money. Thus why the whole $$$ bit hit me hard. Right now, we should be able to play a bit (within reason) without worrying. But with my potential for medical issues, the knowledge that we will be looking at major medical issues next year, and the fact that we live in a rather expensive city, it makes me feel like we are on the precipice. 

Loyalty, Dedication, and a Fork in the Road

This year has been, to a great extent, about figuring out who I am, again. My whole life before last year was about commitment and dedication to a plan that I had put together in my head. (Read More about it here) My life was basically a series of long term relationships: I rode horses and competed for two decades; I lived in the same house my entire life until I left for school, then I lived in Cville until grad school and returned there after; I dedicated myself to architecture and history and making that work. Last year, I reached the breaking point, but that was really my first turn from that path. Taking on running and marathoning and such was perhaps my first break from all of that, but only so much–I basically replaced riding with running. 

Growing up, I was taught that dedication and loyalty were of the utmost importance. You stuck it out. Sometimes to your detriment. You waited for things to get better–you worked towards them, sure, but there was also a measure of it being just slightly out of the question to put your foot down. Not that I didn’t, but there were some things that I never learned to be really smart about. Stubbornness? Or Dedication? Sometimes both. 

Stubbornness meme

When I started this blog, I needed something to nurture, to grow with. And it became a new constant in my life. Even when I take vacations or have a more downer series of posts due to feeling uninspired, I still find a way to make it work–but this is because it is a healthy exercise in helping me to get to the root of my problem. But this blog has also been a real avenue for me to work on my own self discovery in the wake of giving up the constant of pursuing my career in architecture and preservation. Thus why I’ve had some inconsistency in my posting (with regards to my blog direction, my plans, etc) over the past few months. But I finally feel like I am starting to settle. As I continue to grow and change, I feel like I’m finally coming to a true direction for that growth to expand in. At least, I hope. 

Minion Meme Awesome not Perfect

I’m not saying this as an intro into a next chapter of my life, but rather as a way for me to work through my feelings and thoughts and to offer perhaps a look behind the curtain at the scary cogs in my brain. There will be more changes coming, largely because something has to change–NO MY MARRIAGE IS NOT IN TROUBLE. But these tell-tale let downs following Phoenix and Ragnar are pretty much a THERE’S YOUR SIGN moment that something is awry. 

And it is time for me to do something about it. Maybe not tomorrow, but maybe…. I hope you will stay tuned.

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Maybe the bird was the proverbial answer falling from the sky, lol.

Do you tend to stick out things for too long? Is there something in your life right now that you feel is stringing you along?

Have you ever been dive-bombed by a bird? (Not crapped on, that is good luck. Plus you know I’ve been crapped on by a bird before)

A bird crapped on my motorboard. Columbia's parting shot.

A bird crapped on my motorboard. Columbia’s parting shot.

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