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Whole Foods Streeterville, Lunch Dates, and MY Challenge

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Hello, weekend, again we meet. You want to know what is making me excited about this weekend?

Well, doesn’t matter, I’m going to tell you regardless. And you you are just going to have to DEAL WITH IT. Linking up with Jill and Heather to share some favorites!


First things first, if you see this, buy it.

green tea chobani

I posted the concord grape flavor that I found on my Instagram a few weeks ago, and someone said I should look out for the green tea. Now, I quite like green tea, but as a whole, I don’t care for green tea flavored things (I don’t like matcha). But this is soooo good. More slightly tart than anything, and so smooth (and I’m not usually into the 2% ones either!).  I had it with chocolate peanut butter drizzle, dried cranberries, and granola. And sprinkles because obviously.

As I said yesterday, I able to infiltrate the exclusive world of my new neighborhood Whole Foods Streeterville. The reveal:

whole foods meringue

oh, my b. That’s a meringue the size of my fist. No lie.

My take on the new store: This is a store that very much is focused on the service and contact side of things, as well as the more individualized approach to shopping. Think less mainstream, more fresh/local/you choose. The focus really is on the “perimeter items” and on made-to-order products. So while they may not have the largest cereal, nutbutter or yogurt selection that you have ever seen, or even the most exciting salad/hot bar, this is a store that has your ready-to-eat meal components taken care of, from to a HUGE bulk foods area.

Cue choirs of angels...

Cue choirs of angels

In an neighborhood that is both heavily residential as well as commercial, they appear to be catering to the lunchtime professional and the evening entertainer: gourmet, made-to-order as well as ready-made meals (sandwich bar to pizza bar to ramen/bowl bar) as well as wine bar, beer bar, demonstration bar, fancy and fun bulk candies and even a cheese and honey tasting area!


This is a place that accommodates lunch and happy hour, if you know what I mean.


For the mornings–freshly pressed juices, a RAW bar (not just in caps to be annoying, this is actually a mini of a real store in Chicago), and a glorious bulk area for the foodies that also inhabit the area.

A lovely store, a nice array of products, and even a specially made local brew collaboration just for us (though I wish it wasn’t a pale ale).

Erin and I did not end up going yesterday–we were afraid of the chaos and were necessarily hungry. But we kept it healthy and both got HUGE Maui Tuna Crunch salads from Seasons 52!


Oh, and hung out for nearly 2 hours. It’s a good thing that my work yesterday was flexible, haha. But so worth it. I have a feeling that we will be checking out the Whole Foods together in the near future, once the novelty of it wears off (though I doubt it will ever not be busy). I want to try out that ramen bar! Who else is in?

I’ve had some great lunch dates of late–I met with Austin (who I met at Sweatworking) of Daily Serving, a new company that I am excited to tell you all about, on Wednesday (where I had that delicious Southwestern salad), Erin yesterday, today is on me (but I get to go to Athleta’s grand opening party for their new Gold Coast store tonight), and tomorrow Sara and I are going to River Roast (remember the last time I went there? FAT ELVIS GUYS FAT ELVIS) tomorrow for restaurant week!

RiverRoast fat elvis wholw

Good think that I have a long run tomorrow morning to prep for it!

Otherwise, it’s going to be a bit of a working weekend, but filled with good stuff:

  • dreaming up new ways to torture my lovely clients and my two new ladies!
  • taking videos for a new yoga project that I am embarking on next week.

You might have seen Mama Salt’s post yesterday on the prAna and Sweat Pink #taketheleap challenge. In short, prAna is encouraging us all to #taketheleap and engage in yoga and meditation for the month of February as way of discovering new ways to accomplish our intentions that we have set (for the long or short term).

corepower yoga mat

As I discussed both on Tuesday and earlier this month, I often have issues with “challenges” because I don’t feel that they really lead you anywhere or provide you with anything beyond their express time period. So my goal is to make this educational as well as informative–how to improve your yoga practice -> your posture -> your fitness -> mental outlook -> putting your intentions into practice.

Well, that is my intention. Now to #taketheleap and try to get it out there! But I encourage you to do this with me–try to incorporate some aspect of my postings (largely on Instagram–make sure that you are following me!) into your daily life and see how they might help you in the office, on the trail, or trying to get deeper into your poses.

And with that? I have about 3 guest posts to write, 4 new workouts to dream up, some research to do, and tons of pictures and videos to create! I guess I’ll do that after River Roast?

Food first!

Have a great weekend my dears! Happy end of January, beginning of February!

How does your local grocery store cater to it’s perceived crowd? 

Who is excited (or at the very least curious) to participate in my #taketheleap challenge?

Anyone else have a busy (working) weekend ahead?

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