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Before I say anything of actual meaning or substance, right now my cat is sitting on the blanket on the couch, motor-purring (so. loud). And I’ve yet to pet her. She is just purring of her own accord. She is a ninny. And now for the big news! I didn’t really spread the word about this because I am superstitious and nervous and get embarrassed easily, but I took my NASM certification test yesterday, and I am happy to say that I am now a NASM Certified Personal Trainer! nasmlogo_new Who wants to be my first victim?? We already agreed that it can’t be Alex, because he absolutely would NOT do what I told him to. Not out of spite, but just because he wouldn’t–he’s too set in his ways and too stubborn. I don’t know anyone else like that, at least not in this household. Shut up. I had originally planned on discussing something that I feel has been floating around the blog world and, apparently, my mom’s head (hi, Mom!)–the concept of what makes you an athlete/runner, but I want to think on that a bit more and work on that post for the upcoming week, if you all will oblige me. The Long Run this week is going to be a little bit shorter and more open as I mull over some of the options for my future, and how this new certification will play in to it. As I always say, plans are subject to change. I have stated again and again that when I started this blog, I wanted it to grow organically–to find out what it wanted to be when it grew up. And I still think of it as a baby blog. It is growing strength and numbers, but it remains a tiny fraction of the “big boys,” which I am totally ok with. I love that when you all write comments, that I am able to take the time to read each on and comment specifically to YOU, rather than just give you a bottled answer (control + paste). I’m still unsure of how far I really want to take this little guy, but I know that we have so much more to give the world, and so many more people that we want to reach. With this new certification, I want to underscore that I am still no expert (except at being AWESOME, and eating candy and ice cream. and making ACV egg white oats), but instead I am a trained professional. I am hoping that you have noticed over the past few months, as I have been studying, that I have been able to incorporate more and more of this learning into my posts; I see/understand my ability to do so as the greatest contribution of my training to my personal blog. I don’t think that you should expect that I will start making little workout graphics (unless I am really too darn pleased with myself)–I see that as part of SuzBusyness, not SuzLyfe. One of the motivations behind going self-hosted was to make myself available to the possibility of further opening my site up to one day help me host my Busyness, but to let the Suzlyfe stay what it is, for as long as I want it to be such. As the blog grows, as my career (I hope) grows, I want to underscore your role as my readers and friends: I consider you all my family, I really do. I have come to be so close (and yet, SO FAR) with many of you, and for those just joining, I am so, so glad that you are here–everyone, every comment contributes to the environment here. That is another reason why I want to keep trucking along with the Suzlyfe as it is, for now–please help me stay authentic to who I am.

Black, White, Pink, and BADASS

Black, White, Pink, and BADASS

Back to the career thing, for a minute. Now I have the CPT acronym after my name, what do I do? Well, I redo my resume and print off some business cards that reflect this change. I want to get myself out there ASAP, and start finding people or companies that might be willing to take a risk on me. I know that this isn’t going to be easy–get the CPT is the easiest part of all of this. Once I get someone to take me on, I have to get people to hire me on a personal basis. It’s going to be hard, hard work. Ultimately, I see myself in more of a coaching/mentoring role than just a personal trainer in a gym setting. I would LOVE to coach endurance athletes, and especially to work with people with chronic illnesses (HI TEAM CHALLENGE YOU KNOW YOU WANT ME) to show them what you can do with your life. But first, I want the experience of working in a structured environment, with a client, as I develop my first plans and learn the business of it all.

i did the math

So, wish me luck, I’m going to need it. Give me one piece of advice, on anything–how to tie your shoe, what to wear to a CPT interview, how to approach potential clients. Tell me one way that being active and fit has enriched your life.

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