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A White Christmas Filled with Firsts, Fabulousness, Frustrations


Happy Christmas Eve! And Happy Holidays to all, regardless of how you celebrate. I know many are taking today off from blogging, but I thought I would at least say hello and tell you all about yesterday, and how we celebrated our “Christmas”–because both Alex and I had yesterday off and he is working through the actual holiday.

Update on the Injury Update: Set Backs

I’m a bit bummed. More than a bit bummed actually. I do this whole “injury update” thing where I tell you all that I’m doing better, and as happened the last time I gave you all good news about my lower back, I jinx myself.

Where was this cat yesterday??

Where was this cat the other day??

Yesterday my pelvis felt as it did, if not worse than it did, 3 weeks ago. I have had a few instances over the past few days where I had to take a few running steps and gotten my crutches caught and thrown my foot down. Well, I guess things really weren’t as well as I had thought, because yesterday my pelvis/sacrum really let me know–I was in pain again. In addition to pain during movement, there is a general ache.

Which scares the s#*+ out of me. Cue the tears, the fear, and the freak out. 

breathe meme

I need to breathe. I need to give my body time to stop freaking out, and I need to take my own advice (that I am giving to my own clients). I am listening to my body, I am being more careful than ever. Now, I just need to give it time.

I have to remember that progress isn’t linear. Healing is going to be up and down. I am going to ping the injury and make it really mad. I have to remember that the entire area is sensitive, and 5 running steps does not necessarily mean that I have set myself back. At least, that is what I keep telling myself.

So now that I’ve given you ANOTHER update, let’s talk about our “Christmas”! Thank goodness for my husband. I was in quite a state yesterday, and he helped me get through it.

A White Christmas on Wednesday

No, definitely not a white Christmas like the ones you used to know. This was a Chicago white FOG Christmas. As in, I couldn’t see the buildings across the way for much of the morning. Oh, and remember those Christkindlmarket plans? Yeah, it was pouring rain. Let’s just say that pouring rain, outdoor markets, and crutches don’t really mix.

Instead, Alex and I went and signed up for the gym membership I mentioned on Monday (we found a deal) so that I could use the hand bike and feel at least somewhat productive. 

The Smoked Salmon Egg Scramble at Yolk in Chicago is one of Chicago's Best Brunch Items, and with a side of fruit and English Muffin is a healthy brunch option to boot! @suzlyfe

Then we went and got one of my favorite things: BRUNCH. As you saw on IG, I apparently lied during my fueling for recovery post: I still do dominate huge 5 egg omelets. Alex and I went to Yolk (his first time! So proud) and I got the Iron Man omelet and he got the smoked salmon scramble and we did work in the old fashioned Susie and Alex way. Apparently, the hand bike does build up an appetite!

Scuse the language

Scuse the language

We usually watch Elf on Christmas, but seeing as this wasn’t Christmas, I needed cheering up in a big way, and Alex had never seen it (another big first for my boy), I suggested White Christmas. Perfect solution 😀

White Christmas will forever be among my favorite holiday movies!

Though we scrapped our Christkindlmarket plans, we still had The Nutcracker later, and I managed to convince Alex to try another first: going to a new restaurant and bar that is the TALK of the town: GreenRiver. He was nervous because we called and they were booked out, but they must have had a last minute cancellation because they had a table open when we arrived. Or they saw Sven + Olaf and knew better than to mess with me. 

The Hamachi Crudo at GreenRiver in Streeterville Chicago shows just why this is one of the hottest restaurants in town. Absolutely delicious! @suzlyfe

GreenRiver was absolutely delicious. Each dish was fabulous, from the olive oil crackers that they served with a Boursin style cheese, to the cauliflower soup that Alex started with, to my INCREDIBLE Hamachi crudo, to Alex’s saffron spaghetti (with clams and uni!). We had the ballet to get to, but believe me, we will be back for dessert and drinks again, because the two drinks we had were also marvelous.

I let Alex pick my outfit for Christmas dinner at Greenriver and the ballet! Accessorized by crutches.

I made the daring decision to let Alex pick out my outfit and jewelry, and I think that he did a pretty good job! (he had a little help, but mostly him!)

Time for the Nutcracker at Chicago's famous Auditorium Theater! The Joffrey Ballet put on a fabulous production. 

Then it was time for the Nutcracker, likely the only Bucket List item that I will check off this year and Alex’s final first of the day. Verdict? He loved it! I loved it, and the experience of seeing such a classically choreographed and classically Christmas ballet produced in the Auditorium Theater, one of Chicago’s most famous buildings, and one that I have wanted to go to for a long time. 

A side note: in classic Alex style (love him), he told me the ballet was at the Chicago Theater, so let’s just say that it took us 2 cabs to get to the performance. Silly bitch.

Christmas Conclusions

So that wraps up our Christmas for the year. I wish I could say that it was perfectly smooth sailing, but you know what? The best laid plans often (if not always, in my case!) go awry, and that is OK. I may have cried and freaked out on and off all day, but there were also unforgettable moments of joy. That is life–you take the good with the bad and find the best parts of your day to sustain you. That is why I wanted to write this post today: so that when I look back, I acknowledge the fact that, yeah, I had a really rough and scary collection of moments, but the highs of my day far outweighed the lows. 

Buddha says Let that Shit Go.

Remember, you can’t control what happens to you, you can only control your reactions. Lemons to Applesauce!

An early Christmas filled with food, firsts, fabulousness, and yes, frustrations #fitfluential #sweatpink Click To Tweet

Today, I am trying to pick up the pieces and cast off frustration by concentrating on some new projects that will be debuting on the flipside of the New Year (some a bit before, but whatever). You may have already noticed the new Coach Suz Letter (sign up here or go directly to the form here). I will officially debut the Coach Suz Letter soon, but it will be a new way for me to help you with your training and fitness from training tips to exclusive offers, such as the free Strong from the Start Runner Warm Up printable that you will get for signing up!

Sign up for the #CoachSuz Letter and get a Free Runner Warm Up Printable! #runchat #runningcoach #marathontraining Click To Tweet

I hope that you have an incredible day with your families, whether they be related by blood or circumstance. Happy Holidays from the Chicago Lemmers, Susie, Alex, and Zoe!

Happy Holidays from the Chicago Lemmers!

Thank you to Amanda for the opportunity to think out loud!

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