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While my husband is away… #MIMM


While my husband is away….

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

This week was another no-Alex weekend for me. Not for the normal, work-related reasons, but because it was our nephew’s baptism and Alex was named his godfather! It was simply too expensive for me to tag along, so I stayed home. I was sad to miss the event, but I still had a fantastic weekend nonetheless! Some good girlfriend time (though Mo and I had to postpone our run together due to an icky stomach BOOOO), some new friends, and some plans made for the future.

But I thought that it would be fun to look at some of the silly things that I can get away with while he is gone! Ok OK, OOOOKKK! I do many of these things when he is home, too, but I can really get away with it when he is gone….

*Sleep on the couch. Yup. ALL NIGHT baby. You know I love to sleep on the couch!

*Wear workout clothes all day long. I need a bra (I’m not someone who can go without)  but underwire is just annoying. And jeans get in the way of my lounging and compression sock habit.

*Binge-watch Friday Night Lights. Yup, I’m hooked. You win. Ironically, if he was home, and this was earlier in the season, we might very well also be watching football, but because it later in the season, basketball is all that is on. And, to be honest, I prefer football watching.

*Binge-read Scandinavian crime novels. Thanks Oyster!

This was laundry day, but you get the idea.

This was laundry day, but you get the idea.

*Long run whenever I want and leaving everything everywhere after. Seriously, EVERYWHERE.

*As much I like to leave things everywhere, it also drives me nuts. So after my shower and such, I go through all of the things: Dishes sit for a bit, but then everything gets taken care of. I go through old papers, re organize things, actually get a few things accomplished (but only a few things, and not the things that actually need to occur, of course).

*Yoga and brunch (after binge-watching FNL, obvs) with Sara and then taking a nice long walk home with a stop at the fun grocery store  But not actually grocery shopping—instead deciding to go shopping for totally useless things, and sampling a whole bunch of chocolate and things, and postponing the real trip until tomorrow on the way back home from work.

*Playing with my new light box and my big camera, trying to figure out lighting conditions using hilarious props. I ended up deleting them all, but let’s say a penguin, an acorn squash, a rutabaga (I GOT ANOTHER ONE!), a few bowls…. They got the star treatment.

*Dreaming up big plans for the apartment. None of which will come to fruition, but the dreams are there.

*Eating at the most inane times of day, eating the most inane things, and eating a helluva lot of whatever it is. Like protein pancakes, then yogurt, then a break, then grilled chicken salad and a bowl of cereal, I don’t remember what in between that and dinner, and for dinner grilled chicken and Goldfish before going to a game night and eating all the party mix with a few beers, then coming home and having my ice cream/nut butter/cereal concoction. Gotta refuel, right?

Also, Blue Moon Cinnamon Horchata Ale is weird. I can’t decide if I like it or not. I gave up on it after a while because it was too desserty for me. I’d rather have Rumchata or Baileys, thanks.

*Gingerbread tea with bourbon (before playing with my light box). You really need to follow me on Instagram and Facebook. I have excellent ideas and silly pictures. But Colby did declare me her idol, and that is a seal of approval if I have ever heard on.

egg white oats

*Making my Apple Cider Egg White Oats and NOT spraying Febreeze after (I like the appley smell, Alex isn’t the biggest fan).

Mask on during post long run ritual.

Mask on during post long run ritual.

*Face masks.  And bikini waxes. Not at the same time, or before a long run. Always after.

*Long chats with my girlfriends. I don’t usually do this if Alex is here, or is at home in the apartment (we have nowhere really to go off and do that).

*Early dinner, and ice cream IMMEDIATELY following dinner. Hell, dinner is more of an appetizer. The ice cream and nonsense is the entrée. As in, TVP sloppy joes and then rocky road. Done before 7:00.

Similar things happen when Alex is here, but on a different rhythm. We try to focus on each other when we are able to, and we oscillate between lazy bums and me saying that we have to get a bajillion things done. And when Alex is here, we usually go out to eat (together) rather than me eating the most random things of all time (seriously, I had like 4 bowls of cereal Saturday and grilled chicken for lunch and dinner (to accompany the goldfish).

Alex was prince for Homecoming Court and he wanted to wear the crown. I actually objected at first (hey, in this house, the MIL is the queen! But he insisted).

Alex was prince for Homecoming Court and he wanted to wear the crown. I actually objected at first (hey, in this house, the MIL is the queen! But he insisted).

What can I say, I live the dream of a ridiculous human being. I’m cool with it!

But the best part of the hubs being away, other than the lack of competition for Zoe time, is when he comes home and messes everything up, and I have to give him back his slippers (which I have been wearing around).

What do you “get away with” when you are all on your own?

How was your weekend? Anyone run out in the cold? I did!


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