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When was the last time… (Marvelous Monday Weekend)

I hope that you all will take a moment and check out my guest post on Undiscovered Kitchen: Living Beyond Expectation: I Won’t Let My Body Define Me. It looks into my coming to terms with Crohn’s and learning to live my life on my own terms.

ody wont define me undiscovered kitchen

Hey Friends! I hope that all of you had a fantastic weekend–I know many of you had birthdays, and rather than singling people out at the expense of anyone else, I just want to offer up a collective HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all who celebrated the day you came bursting in to the world in a lovely screaming mass of goo and other fantastic stuff. 😉

I for one am glad that your parents got busy back in the day.

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

This weekend was as low key as possible, and as much a departure from the weekends that have been typical of the past several months as can be! So I thought that I would take a fun spin on the weekend and look at it in terms of “when was the last time I….” To be fair, some of these things I have NEVER done, others it has actually been a long time, and others it might just feel that way! I hope you’ll play along with me in the comments.


When was the last time I….

Did not have a long run on Saturday?

leg warmers newtons

Newtons but not for running. Sad face. Leg warmers are fun but they don’t stay up! Usually I wear when with boots so it doesn’t matter.

Washed so few workout clothes? 

Cooked scallops?

balsamic sizzlefish scallops

Balsamic scallops. 5 minutes done delicious

Woke up, had coffee and breakfast, took a 2 hour nap, woke back up and did it all over again?

Went for a long walk outside in Chicago–by choice, natch–and was comfortable? Hell, when was the last time that I enjoyed 2 nice days in Chicago?

Had a Dr. Brown’s Diet Black Cherry?

Curled my hair? ps, I totally only curled that part. We were just trying to see if it would do it, and then because I am me, I just left it to be that one. 

hair curl suzlyfe

Watched UVA basketball lose 🙁 

Came home to my husband after a 30 hour shift in the ICU? I couldn’t be more proud of him and his work

Went for a run that had nothing to do with training? And a run under 35 minutes in length that wasn’t me just getting to a place?


Ran south on the Lake Front Trail? PS this wasn’t the best idea–it was icy, and I had to walk some of it in order not to die.

Split a salad with a girlfriend in the middle of the afternoon and then had yogurt, granola (another bag bites the dust, lol) and ice cream at dinner time?

Made some kick-ass fish tacos? (seriously, kick ass).

SPIRALIZED!!!!??? Answer to that one–> never! and watch out for a recipe and giveaway to come!

tiux runner ginger spiralizer mail day

Happy Mail day for me 😀

Had Breakfast for Dinner! New crazy pancake recipe coming your way on Friday–I thought it appropriate to share this one on Friday the 13th–it might scare some of y’all off, but I promise that it was delicious. And I’d never lie to you. I would just artfully dodge the question 😉 Southern belle, y’all (speaking of, anyone else excited about a new season of Southern Charm? I almost wish they would come up with a completely new cast of characters for it, honestly. Just because last year was so… stand alone.)

Considered taking an impromptu trip to Mexico? Seriously. I don’t know if I’ll get the chance to see my mom otherwise this spring, and I am going through withdrawal. 

Things I am actually wondering, not just things that I did this weekend that I haven’t done in a while: When was the last time I…

Washed these jeans? Dammit and I just did laundry....

Legit cleaned the apartment?

Bought a new toothbrush?

Cleaned my makeup brushes?

Did a face mask? Girl, my face look ratchet.

Organized…. well, anything really.

Speaking of, I must dash–I’ve gotta go work on getting Whitney buff, buy Alex some more of a few things (because I ate his), and I should probably buy a new toothbrush… Now that I think about it, Alex is currently using a hot pink one, so methinks someone took mine new one….

Spill it: what is something that you did this weekend that you haven’t done in a helluva long time?

What is something that you actually NEED to do but haven’t in a while? Full disclosure, in the past week (well, 8 days), I have taken impromptu shaving moments–in Phoenix I had to shave my legs while wearing my jeans, and yesterday I shaved my underarms before heading out to meet my girlfriend. #firstworldproblems.

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