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The Long Run: When I Stop Running

…I hope I will still be a runner.

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I feel like some of my most heartfelt posts end up on Saturdays, when I probably get the least amount of traffic (I still )pretty much depend on Link-ups for any sort of new traffic). Part of that is a little bit sad, as I think that these can get lost in the mess of links, but on the other hand, I don’t really mind, as it means that the people who care the most/know me the best are the ones who are reading these thoughts of mine.

On a side note, I am hoping soon to stop being such a slave to link-ups, but I feel like I need to stick with it for a little bit longer. For one, it does increase traffic, and for two, things are going to be really, really hectic for me in the next few weeks, so having these little short cuts/cheats helps a lot. But I want to get back to the Suzlyfe, the way I want to live it, before long.

Alright, with that being said, I want to talk about what could happen in a day, a month, a year, a decade from now, or even never: When I can no longer run.

What do I mean by that? In a way, this is a look at what running has taught me. When I have to stop running, I hope that I will still be a runner.

A runner….

Studies the sport as if life depends on it (who are we kidding, it does).

Knows that, yes, pancakes and ice cream are as much food groups as healthy fats and vegetables. And beer. Also–anything can be put into a baked good, pasta dish, or sandwich.

Can cook pretty much any meal in a microwave. Also a skill learned in college.

jelly smoothie

Gets creative when faced with adversity and knows that everything has multiple and often unrelated uses: blenders can make smoothies and breads; rice is great to eat as well as apply to muscles (porcelain coffee thermoses are also good, but make sure that you have it them securely in you elastic waistband); skinny jeans are great subs for compression leggings, and running tights are great subs for leggings (especially the winter running tights that have fleecey insides); cooking spray/olive oil can help with chafing….

Always comes packing heat. As in, snacks and candy.

iphone 005

Puts the Boy Scouts to shame with preparedness. Tissues, bandaids, chapstick…

Knows where all the public restrooms are, as well as grocery stores, convenience stores, and gas stations. We are clutch on road trips, as we have been trained to spot these things whilst moving.

Knows where their personal bubble is at all times. And can sense when others are in their zone, and works to accommodate them.

Knows that bad days are inevitable. Some remind us of the consequences of our actions, some happen for seemingly no reason at all. But all the “bad” days heighten the pleasures of the “good” and remind us to savor the good days all the more.

Knows that some people are just born with it, but that if you are determined, devoted, and cognizant, hard work really can pay off in ways you might never anticipate. The result might not be what you initially thought you wanted, but the world always knows better than you what is truly best in the end.

before zooma

Knows that, honestly, you can’t achieve anything you put your mind to. And you know what? That is O. K. The struggles and joys of the journey are more important and vastly larger percentages of life than the single moment that you are aiming at. (Basically, races are victory laps: the real triumph is the training).

Knows that every day should start with a cup of coffee and a solid breakfast. Every evening and night should include a treat, a massage, propped up feet, and a solid night’s sleep.

iphone 032

Understands that happiness is individual. What drives me, might not drive you. But we are all entitled to happiness, and we are all entitled to pursue that happiness with the support of those around us. And we are entitled to return that support.

Knows that a simple smile, wave, tip of the hat, or nod, can mean more than a lengthy conversation. Just the respect.

Don't mess with the MCM

Don’t mess with the MCM

Never stops dreaming. Whether it be about long term goals or just about the next day.

Is thankful for this body. This little body. With these little veins.

arm 001

Is thankful for the sun on their skin, or the coolness before dawn. The heat of the sun, and the refreshment of the breeze. For being alive.


What do you hope that you will ultimately take from running? What makes a runner, even when they no longer are actively running?

This post was in no way connected to SwirlGear, but in many ways is. SwirlGear is about do what we love, about being who we are, and sharing the best in us with others. #SwirlStrong

This post was in no way connected to SwirlGear, but in many ways is. SwirlGear is about do what we love, about being who we are, and sharing the best in us with others. #SwirlStrong

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