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What a Big Emmie Week! (25 Weeks + Friday Catch Up 7/19)

Wow, what a big week for little Em! She made some major leaps this week, while I took a step back. Find out more on the Friday Catch Up!

Did you catch the Weekend Catch Up! It is a great lead in to this post!

Friday Catch Up 7/19

1) Emmie Update!

First of all…. she will be 6 months on Monday. Holy cow! And she is definitely hitting the development milestones right on schedule. 

First, we started rolling and sitting this weekend…. and we haven’t looked back!

She rolls exclusively to her left at the moment, (edited to add– we JUST rolled the other way!) but I am just happy that she didn’t immediately forget, haha. We’ll see how long she remembers how to do this trick this time around. I just love watching how excited she still gets when she turns over. 

It has made doing tummy time a bit more difficult, though–all she wants to do is roll right back over, and she gets annoyed if she can’t! So basically it is a distraction game, or I have to physically obstruct her with my leg or the Boppy or something. She would rather I didn’t.

She is also standing up a lot more in her activity center. Still nowhere near standing on her own, of course, but building those leg muscles! #runnerintraining

She is also making a lot more connections and figuring things out, like getting her Wubbs back into her mouth. She will pull it out herself or it will fall out, then she will cram it into her mouth + flip it around + study it +cram it etc until she crams the correct part into her mouth. I’ve seen her do it on the camera a few times and Sarah our sitter reported that she did it for her. She does it less in front of me because she knows that I will intervene if necessary.

Earlier in the activity center (But you can see the lion)

She has figured out how to put the lion on her activity center to make it whirl–this is a big moment because she has been trying to figure that out since we got it! I also watched her pull the big plastic beads up and across the maze with intention–so cool! 

We still have many mysteries of the world to uncover, though. And feet are still awesome. Her feet or someone else’s. We don’t discriminate. 

One of the coolest hours this week was the one that we spent at Broadway and Me, a cool class at Little Beans Cafe put on by Stages Performing Arts. We went to the one targeted at babies, rather than toddlers, although there are some toddling about. First off, I had a great time (they did a Tarzan themed program), and Emmie was captivated the whole time.

We played with drums, rattles, pots and pans, books, and bubbles.

I’m glad that I waited until she could sit up by herself–it was the first time all week that she didn’t immediately try to flip over, actually!–because it gave her a chance to interact and watch like a “big kid” even though she didn’t catch on immediately with some of the things.

But the activities are very different from what we do at home, and the room was filled,so I was proud of her!

I am going to make sure that she gets to more classes like this. I think she is finally ready to really absorb them!

2) New Things for Em as She Grows

We haven’t started “baby proofing” in earnest, but we are starting in that direction by padding the floors. I sent out a request for thoughts on FB as we were considering getting a padded mat that looked like a rug for our living room. There were a few that looked really great–durable and stylish–but I realized that Ridley’s feet might ruin them (and they were too $$ to be expendable). So we bought foam squares (google/Amazon foam floor tiles or baby play mat) and we are going to put them UNDER our current rug (which is already something that we will throw out when we move, no question). That way, the dog won’t ruin them but Emmie can kick and learn to crawl and all of that and not land on the hardwood. I can vacuum and all of that, and Ridley can continue to destroy it!

I’ll report back!

I’m considering (and have bought) a mesh rail screen for her crib because she likes to roal with her legs in a pike and get her legs/feet/arms caught. She did it a few times and hasn’t since, so we will see if I follow through with it. 

Since I was buying things, I also ordered some new eating things for her (a masher, more bibs and more spoons, and a mesh food thingy that lets them try things), some new development toys (stackers and cups and sensory things), and some teething things (a teether mitt and some other things) because we are officially starting to cut teeth!


Well, the start of teeth. We kept thinking she was teething during her weird pseudo hunger strike in late May/early June, but I think it was a development phase + soy/dairy issues. 

She has been such an angel and happy pants this past month and then last week started getting a little fussy, even having some meltdowns starting this weekend. Well, guess who is cutting her first tooth!

It is still very much juuuust coming through, but that thing is sharp. Trust me. I know. 

Her 6 month appointment is next week, and obviously there will be a great many things to talk about at that appointment, but one of the big things that I need to discuss with her pediatrician is weaning her off of nursing. I’ll go into greater discussion about my reasons for stopping at a later time, but suffice it to say that it is something that impacts my health as well. 

4) More Daddy Time?!?!?!?!

This week has been AWESOME and not just because the weather has been gorgeous, but also because Alex has been home every night this week and even got off just after noon on Wednesday! He is off of GI General Consults (which was #owning him) and is now on VA Endoscopy, which has better hours but more of a commute. So we have had so much family time this week, including family dinners, from fish tacos to more turkey burgers to fun quesadillas to neighborhood joints, to “adventures” aka walking around the pond with the family, to Emmie play time and SO MANY BATHS because Emmie is so into them now. 

He has helped me a great deal because I am not going for any long walks due to my hip (I go next week), so he has been the grocery shopper 😀 He’s also taken Ridley out in the mornings, which has taken the pressure off of me and the financial pressure off of hiring a dog walker. So his change of rotation has come just in time!

5) This Weekend

Is going to be a busy one! I have my last iron infusion tomorrow (thank goodness), and then i is RnR Chicago this weekend. Lots of people are coming in for the race, including Deborah, who I will get to see! Alex and I are also going to a going away party for friends of ours. We are going to have to get a lot of errands done while Alex is “off” (his is backup call) because of my hip, and I’m going to have to try to not eat everything in the house immediately after he buys it…

Then I have to figure out the plan for next week, but we will deal with that later!

Tell me something cool that you learned this week! Any new skills?

Give me an idea for dinner! Something new and fun.

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