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Well, Child (15 Months + Catch Up 4/29)

Emmie had a slightly fussy but still great week. Like the Chicago weather, haha. I’lll tell you about it and all of our activities!

Did you see our last catch up?

So I already wrote this post, and then my comptuer ate it, and as we all know, the second time around is never as good as the first, so that is a bit of a bummer.

Catch Up 4/29

1). 15 Month Well Child Visit

She is the best. Won’t keep them on, but whatever

On Tuesday, Emmie had her 15 month Well Child Visit! We had a great check up with our doctor, even though she was a bit fussy that morning and bonked her noggin just before our doc came in. Some Goldfish helped settle her down, though. #Ilovethefishies

We are no longer off the charts for head circumference! Now the slightly less lofty 91st %tile. Her height and weight are following her growth chart properly (31.25″, 21 lb 12 oz), and developmentally, she is doing great. She responds to her name, engages with you, and pay attention. She doesn’t really have *words* yet, but she has some phrases, like “Guh-guh eee-ee,” which translates to “Good girl, ReeRee.” We always tell Ridley that when Emmie comes in hot for a pat. She was even telling her stuffed animal “Guh-guh.” She definitely has a few other things that she tells me rather consistently, but we still don’t really know what she is saying!

She is also really into saying “Bye” right now. Lots of Bye’s to people in restaurants or walking by, often to toys when she is done with them. Speaking of being done with things, lots of throwing when she is finished. Of EVERYTHING. I suspect that will only escalate.

She LOVES Kashi golean in almond milk. LOVES it.

Foodwise, she no longer has any restrictions (beyond my arbitrary decisions)! She has 5 oz of whole milk a day, and once she finishes that, we give her the pea milk (no sugar, more portable and stable). Her appetite has been a bit wonky this week, but she has been into cottage cheese with some raspberry jam, anti her usual sandwiches, and even a little weird about bananas. She LOVES Alex’s Kashi GoLean with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, though. Maybe her favorite of everything. And the only vegetable she will currently touch are zoodles made with a balsamic and honey mustard sauce. She was into mushrooms of the same preparation for a hot second, as well as hummus, but that fad has gone.

Grandmommy sent us a present!

Our other big milestone moment was ordering our big girl car seat! Thank you in a BIG way to Ali and fam for letting us use their Target trade in coupon. We are keeping the toddler carrier for travel because Emmie still fits, and we hope to need it in the next year or so for kid #2. Soon she will be riding in style in her new seat in the new car!

2) Adventures with Emmie

Another busy week for the Em! She was a bit fussy at the start of the week, even having some breakdowns at Strides, which is TOTALLY unlike her. She also slept a lot (even had one 4 hour nap that I had to wake her up from so that she would sleep that night!) and her appetite was off, so I know she is growing mentally or physically.

The Wonder Twins are at it again

Monday we had Strides and then met up at the Zoo with Ali and Holly and ran into another friend there by chance! I feel like Emmie is only finally realizing there are animals there, haha. Then we met Daddy at home for enchiladas 😀

Wednesday Holly and Max babysat Em while I had my second and final IV iron infusion. Unfortunately, the family lost their elderly dog the night before, but Emmie helped to distract Max a little bit. Holly said he is doing ok (he is 2.5 yo), but I know it will be hard for him to see his parents sad as they grieve their dog and member of their family over the coming weeks.

That afternoon, we had Broadway and Me (My Fair Lady!). Emmie did better with the mat this time, but I think she just doesn’t like how squishy it is. She came back up a few times (we had been practicing her “big steps” but even still, she crawled back up) and retreated back to the comfort of the solid floor. She did use the hand clappers expertly, though.

Our next big event was an open house type class at Smart Love preschool on Friday after Strides. Ali and I took the girls, and we were SUPER impresed by the facilities and the faculty. The girls had a fantastic time and were super comfortable and explored readily. If we decide to stay in Chicago, I would definitely consider sending Em! If you are in Logan Square, check them out!

Saturday was yucky, but we made the most of it by taking Em to the Nature Museum while Alex took the car to get the windshield worked on (we noticed some distortion that needed a fix). Ryan was actually napping (this is rare) she it was just us! Emmie has grown up so much since our first visit there a little over 2 months ago. She is a master of ramps, she has little favorite places, and she is growing more and more independent with her exploration.

3) Suz Adventures

I had a great week of running (and so did Alex–he hit his Personal Distance Record this weekend as he trains for his half marathon!). Running is just feeling really great now. Not perfect, but as it should be. I go down to the next dosage of Prednisone today (remember, I had to go back up for a week, and then back to the dosage I had troubles at for a week, so I’m now about 2.5 weeks behind if you factor in the delays from when I was in the hospital). But once I get to and below this dosage, we will feel much better about my ability to get off of it in the next month and, hopefully, to be stable for the future.

I did have a hilarious exhausted+bourbon pass out on Saturday night. I said goodnight to Emmie and next I knew it was 8:45 PM. As in, I went to sleep while Alex was putting Emmie to bed at 7. We ended up watching the end of the movie he was watching (A Quiet Place) and then watched another (Annihilation) and I still slept through the night.

We also had Mom’s Night Out this week, and it was so much fun! We went to Sip & Paint (holler at having a car to get there!) and made Chicago flag paintings! I had so much fun, and it is the reason for my need to sleep Saturday, lol. And Friday, if I am honest. Tarascas marg will also do that. I swear I’m not a lush. Those were my drinks for the week.

4) This Week

This week will be as busy as any other! Unfortunately, it is supposed to rain the first few days of the week, which are the first days of the outdoor season for Strides. I’m glad I have the car! Emmie and I are going to get all the Ali and Ryan time this week starting with dinner sans the boys on Monday, Emmie and I will babysit Ryan on Tuesday while Ali has an appointment, we will have Broadway on Wednesday, Strides together at some point, and swim on Saturday! Emmie and I are also going to try a few new classes, including a return to Smart Love.

And here are some adorable pictures of Emmie doing her thing.

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