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Weekend Wins #FlyTheW

The Cubs are in the World Series, and I had a relaxing weekend at home. Fly the W because we are celebrating #wins today!

Weekend Wins

Thank you to Katie and Erin for the chance to recap the weekend!

Friday Wins

Not #win: running in 45*F and rain down to my appointment and then getting locked out of the fitness room upon my return (I bussed home). 

The clearing after the rain on the Chicago Skyline.

#win: finishing my run in glorious skies and perfect weather. Chicago is weird 😀 

Ridley rocked her socialization test, and we are now going to be taking her to Urban Pooch (thank you, Sarah, for the recommendation!). This is going to help her out as much as it will help Alex and I (and our neighborhood). She loved her time there, the staff loved her, and she bombed around for 2 hours. Then came home and passed out for 5 hours. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. #win

Ridley passed out after daycare at Urban Pooch!

Alex and I met up with friends for dinner at Oyster Bah, a restaurant that specializes in coastal seafood. We started with east and west coast oysters.

When a place is called Oyster Bah, you get the Oysters!

I got the Seafood Salad.

The seafood salad at Oyster Bah in Lincoln Park is awesome! Definitely must get!

Alex got the Fish and Chips,

Fish and chips from Oyster Bah in Lincoln Park.

and then we finished with the signature coconut cake and key lime pie. The cocktails were also delicious! I got one that had crystallized ginger in it, and it was a take on a tequila-Moscow mule. It was a little toooooo good 😀

A fabulous catch up session with great friends over great food. #win win win!

Saturday Wins

Saturday started off in fabulous fashion: a long run that allowed me to run by myself, with our fantastic new Team Challenge Group, and then to finish off with Alex, who ran his personal distance record! The weather was simply glorious, though I was a tad overdressed. Starting in the darkness and then the taking in the sunrise with friends, while awesome, encompassed quite a temperature change. #win

A perfect fall morning run on Saturday!

I made us protein pancakes and yogurt for our refuel. I didn’t have any eggs, so I improvised, and they still came out quite well! #win

Protein Pancake Saturday to help us refuel after our long run!

We got to straightening up the apartment and switching out my clothing (which would have been helpful on Friday, less so this weekend!). Our lives are still catastrophes, but slightly less so. For next few hours, anyway.

I popped over to the Clyborne Corridor early afternoon for a demo class at the soon-to-be-opened Club Pilates. There are all sorts of classes and tons of cool equipment–they have springs that come from the wall, beautiful classic reforms, BOSU balls, spring chairs, TRX straps, and more! There is going to be all manner of classes, from cardio reformer classes to “stretch-ilates.”

A preview of the interior of Club Pilates Lincoln Park!

The demo class was beginner level, but it was good for a stretch and re-alignment after all the running of the morning! It was fun to try out the spring-wall and chair, two pieces of equipment I’ve never used before. #win

For locals, there are demo classes all this week, and specials on membership! The studio is bright and airy, and the owner, Abby is a treat!

Dinner that night came together lickety split: 5 ingredients! #win

A super quick dinner with just 4 ingredients! Ground grass fed beef, roasted garlic tomato sauce, zoodles, and parmesan cheese.

Ground Steak + Roasted Garlic and Red Pepper Tomato Sauce + Sundried Tomatoes +  Zoodles + Parm = 10 minute healthy and satisfying dinner. 

I’m not going to lie: I really wanted froyo later, but we had bigger fish to fry, so I held off. What could possibly keep me from my froyo??

A super quick dinner with just 4 ingredients! Ground grass fed beef, roasted garlic tomato sauce, zoodles, and parmesan cheese.

THE CUBS. I watched the first few innings, until we had the game well in hand (and then some, because we had the game in hand for quite a while), and then I passed out. I felt like Ridley, so tired!


Sunday Wins

A quiet morning of Call the Midwife, multiple cups of coffee and an easy breakfast, and just some good, old-fashioned, relaxing. #win

The return of our Sunday ritual of gym and groceries. #win

An hour long nap after lunch #win

Legwarmers game strong #win

Legwarmers game strong #win

Catching up with an old friend on the phone #win

A relatively clean apartment, a walk in the glorious sun lit park, and another relaxing dinner at home with my family. #win win win.

Just a lovely weekend, without any drama. As much as I loved being in the wedding of one of my closest friends, seeing another close friend, riding horses, meeting new friends, and celebrating another marriage in a beautiful place, it was just lovely to be home. 

What were your weekend #wins?

What team do you root for? (NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL)?

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