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Weekend Recap and Theo Chocolate Factory Tour (Seattle)

It’s the final countdown… to Phoenix! We’ll talk more about that later in the week (ps it’s totally going to rain), but I want to do a quick weekend recap and then talk about one of the coolest things that we did in Seattle! And don’t forget–last post of the yoga clinic is tomorrow.

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

This weekend was my last double digit run before Phoenix! As many of you saw on Instagram, I did my regular post run ritual of compression and refueling, but I’m testing out a new brand of compression socks that will be hitting the market next month. Full review to come!

With Alex on nights this week and everyone fleeing the city because of the cold, I have spent the majority of the nights getting more Netflix and On-Demand on. I’m caught up with Madam Secretary and am now trying out Blue Bloods. Love the people involved, and so far I like it! At the office, I have started How I Met Your Mother. Just so that you know and can be informed of such important decisions going on in my life. .

Saturday afternoon, we found ourselves foiled for the bajillionth time in our quest to go bowling at the lanes nearby to our apartment long story, but now we are just mad at people for giving us incorrect information, us showing up, and the lanes being full with a wait of at least 1 hour. One hour does not equal 5 minutes. Which is what you told us on the phone. Three minutes ago. Yes we live that close. A$$hats. So instead we went and hung out at a bar for 2 hours. WHAT NOW BOWLING ALLEY.

Sunday was a pajamas-all-day sort of day. I only changed to do some yoga. Living large in the big city 😀 I did work on a margarita recipe for National Margarita Day (see it on my IG). And made sweet potato nachos from the largest sweet potato of all time. Sadly something was awry because some burnt some didn’t, it was weird, but it got salvaged. Thankfully. Also Julie Andrews at the Oscars. Julie Andrews everyday. 

soundofmusic nuns meme

And Graham Moore’s speech was incredible. Totally gutted me to the core. Live #likea____ and be proud of it. 

Ok ok, let’s talk about sex chocolate (in this case, I think either word would suffice).

theo seattle chocolate suzlyfe sea salt

Theo Chocolate Factory Tour and Shop

Many of you may be familiar with Theo Chocolates because you have seen them in Whole Foods (among others). When Peggy mentioned that they did factory tours, and we were deciding our plans on our last full day, we decided that it would be the perfect way to spend the afternoon. HELL YEAH IT WAS.

I know you are jealous of our hairnets.

I know you are jealous of our hairnets.

The tour was a lot of fun as well as really informative. Some things that I learned:

  • Theo’s is one of the few bean to bar chocolate makers in the US. That means that they purchase the beans themselves in the raw state directly from the growers and are therefore able to control every part of the process from there.
  • They were also the first certified organic and certified fair trade chocolatiers in the US.

theo seattle chocolate factory tour kitchen 3

  • All of their chocolate is made in the same Seattle factory that we toured, and it is not huge!
  • Every single part of the chocolate that they use is their own—the only aspect of the chocolate that they “outsource” is cocoa butter! This just adds to the fat content, but doesn’t “bastardize” the chocolate.
  • They maintain an incredibly high percentage of cocoa throughout their flavors—I don’t think they have a single one that is less than 50%? Many major chocolate manufacturers are reaching the bare minimum, or about 10-15% cocoa in their product.
Noir (left) Honey Saffron, Pistachio Creme

Noir (left) Honey Saffron, Pistachio Creme

They have a kitchen were they make specialty orders and fun flavor test “confections” that they sell in the shop only. Some flavor combos (and these change almost daily!):

  • Boozy Cherry Hearts (made with Bulleit Bourbon, natch)!
  • Honey Saffron
  • Pistachio Crème
  • White Chocolate Hibiscus
  • Lavender Jalapeno
  • Noir (dark chocolate ganache)
  • Chocolate Dinosaurs, Giant Santa’s, Han Solo…. (Seattle has a thing for Star Wars)

theo chocolate specialty forms suzlyfeBar Flavors (sold in stores and online):

  • Cinnamon Hearts
  • Coconut Curry
  • Fig, Fennel, and Almond
  • Scotch
  • Ginger + Dark Chocolate
  • Ghost Pepper
  • Vanilla Nib
Confections in the retail store.

Confections in the retail store.

If you like chocolate and are in Seattle, you MUST make the time for a tour at Theo’s. For $10, you learn a lot about the process, you get to eat just about as much as your little heart desires, and you get a free bar at the end! So much fun, and I am so glad that we went!

Are you familiar with Theo’s?

What is the craziest chocolate combo that you have tried?

Dark or Milk Chocolate?

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