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Weekend Recap and Seattle Trip Part 1!

Exciting news! Jenni’s #whatslovely campaign has been picked up by the Huffington Post! Read my contribution here.

Happy Monday!

If you live in the Northeast, I hope you are visible above the snow. We have had CRAZY cold temps and blustery winds, but not the snow. Stay safe, warm and careful!

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

Just a quick replay of the weekend, and then I want to recap some of our time in Seattle! Aunt Peggy was such an incredible tour guide, and we did so so much, but for my own memory as well as to let you all in on some cool things, I want to recap some of it.

Weekend Happenings:

dylans candy bar chocolate strawberries

Special Delivery (don’t give Alex credit, he had nothing to do with it)

Blaze (with a stingy person creating my pizza, but ah well) and then Snatch (you like degs?)

Long run on the treadmill. WOOF. Had to split up the last miles otherwise I would have slit my wrists.

sperience chicago eleni egg white omelet

Giant Omelet. Seriously, no pictures will do it justice. It was soufflé style and so super puffy, but actually the size of a medium thick crust pizza if opened up. I surprised even myself by finishing. But I guess that is my party trick. Yay?

Helluva grocery haul (we had nothing), and food prep for Alex for nights this week. Egg cups are back!

Other than that, not much to tell! Zoe was my Valentine that night, and she and I cuddled on the couch (seriously, she has been inconsolable since we got back!) and shared my Dylan’s Candy Bar chocolate covered strawberries while watching the Parenthood finale. So. Amazing.

Sunday was a pretty day but bitingly cold. I woke up at 4 with a splitting headache and of course we were out of Tylenol. Thank goodness for 24 hr 7-Eleven in the building. The rest of the day was filled with with blog work!

baby suz and chris halloween

But it was my brother’s 30th birthday! Happy Birthday, Chris! You are one of the best people I know, and I always have been and will be proud to be your sister.

Now, on to Seattle. And don’t forget to check out my review of The Whale Wins!

EMP Star Wars The Power of Costume

star wars emp seattle costume

I will proudly admit it: I am a Star Wars girl. My mom introduced me to it as a young kid, and my brother and I were hooked. You better believe I was Leia for Halloween and was pretty boss at Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. 

still makes me laugh

still makes me laugh

Alex is not as into it, by any means, but when Peggy broached the idea of going and seeing this exhibit, which had just opened, we decided to go for it. I obviously loved it, and Alex admitted that he thought it was really cool and made him want to rewatch the movies (even the new ones, haha).

star wars costume emp seattle

A few take-aways from the exhibit:

  • The obvious take away was the power of using costumes to tell the journey of the characters as they change, more so than perhaps many other storylines, due to the breadth of the series, the increase of the budget, and the major interplay of good and evil.
  • Carrie Fisher and Natalie Portman are TINY.
  • Especially for the new movies, the costumes became the entire gateway for the actors to get into character because so much of the scenery and “set” was created by computer—actors were acting against blue screens, so only when they were in their costumes did they feel they got into character!
  • Holy crap the difference in budgets between the original and new series was insanity. It does go with the story lines, but still!

light saber thumb war storm trooper hat

Chihuly Museum and Gardens

chihuly museum seattle

I really wanted to visit the Chihuly museum/gardens because Chihuly featured in our wedding—the Atlanta Botanical Garden has a Chihuly chandelier as well as the centerpiece of the fountain being one of his pieces. The museum was incredible. Not overwhelming, well curated, and the setting and situating of the pieces was just perfection.  The powerful black background let the focus be on the pieces and literally removed you from “earth” into a new place. If you come to Seattle, this is a must.

susie and alex seattle

Space Needle

You gotta do the Space Needle.  And we even spied Ranier! We got a better view of her the next day, but not a great pic so this will just have to suffice.

Space needle panorama

Pike Market

You know that we went to the “first” Starbucks (though apparently not the original, haha), walked around and sampled, and I was hoping that Alex would take a salmon to the face, but it was way quieter when we were there (right before closing). We did get to see one throw, though.  It was a quick trip through, but I had an awesome time, and we brought home some goodies.

pike market seattle suzlyfe

I have a couple more recaps to come for you, but I think that shall suffice for now!

How was your weekend and Valentine’s Day?

Which of these activities speaks to you?

Star Wars or Star Trek? Favorite Character?

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