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Weekend Recap! Feeling, Eating, LIVING


In addition to my weekend recap, I am also joining up with Tina (CONGRATULATIONS MRS. PICUCCI!) and Deborah for Meatless Monday. Don’t miss my super simple recipe (5 ingredients!) for vegan stuffed peppers with freekeh and enter to win your own package! Alex and I are loving the freekeh, y’all. Seriously–I made it for him (at his request) for his last minute night shift (womp) Sunday night. I essentially made my stuffed peppers but deconstructed and with the addition of sweet potato (and the andouille sausage as well). Done in 25 minutes!

Also, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Sarah who delivered her gorgeous baby girl on Thursday! She’s already setting PRs….

Hey friends! How are you all today? As I’m writing this (Sunday night), I’m hoping that I am starting off my week with happy snappy legs and a fantastic run before buckling down to a LOT of work. I hope to have many new announcements to share with you soon, but for now, I just want to ask that you cross your fingers and will me to be productive! 

hair on fire hades meme

This weekend was more than marvelous. Much to cover, just going to jump into it. 

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!


Two hour lunch at River Roast with this girl.

Suz and Tiffany at River Roast


THE WORLD STOPPED. Already thinking about when I will get to see her again! 

River Roast Shaved Salad with Smoked Salmon

And bloggers will be bloggers and take pics (of food). Smoked salmon (delicious) added to the shaved salad (sadly, missing several ingredients). Tiffy got the Chicken in a Biscuit, which reminded me of a gourmet Chick-fil-a chicken biscuit with their traditional chicken sandwich. On steroids. Delicious, but dense! We were going to split a Fat Elvis, but they were out (rude).

Decaf Coffee Frappuccino LightFrappuccino (to make up for the lack of Fat Elvis, and because I was in such a good mood post Tiff) on the way back to the office, just in time for a major call.

Chicago Fire Armored Car Crash Set Filming

And, you know how it is–just watching an armored car get knocked around for Chicago Fire filming. Rough life.

Essentially, I spoke for an hour and a half to one of the creators of modern magazine fashion merchandising among other incredible accomplishments. Let’s just say that he has lived an incredible life and is still one of the nicest and most interesting people you can talk to. I want him to adopt me or vice versa. And then put me in Vogue

Alex and I had a mini date night (after all of my cooking!) and tried out a new place! The Windsor is in our neighborhood and it was delicious. Also, major shout out to Amy, our server–she was just chill and awesome in all the right ways. My ideas of not going to town on everything in front of me majorly went out the window. Whatever, I was fueling for my long run and it was worth it. 

The Windsor Chicago Streeterville Buffalo Cucumber Appetizer

Must make: Buffalo Cucumber. Look for me to recreate this soon.

The Windsor Chicago Streeterville Lump Crab Toasts

Lump Crab toasts with avocado and lime. In the words of Rachel Zoe: I die. Decadent from the avocado and crab, zesty from the lime, the perfect crostini, and I loved the slight heat from what I would imagine to be either a very thinly sliced red jalapeno or serrano pepper. 

The Windsor Chicago Streeterville Lump Crab Toasts

I don’t even like short ribs and these were amazing. Nice char and not too much fat. Served with a great sesame cabbage slaw.

The Windsor Chicago Streeterville Salad with Chicken and Cornbread Croutons

OMG THIS SALAD IS MY LIFE. And PACKED. Rotisserie chicken (omg), corn, craisins, avocado, goat cheese (on side), cabbage, tomato, almonds, and CORNBREAD CROUTONS. Amaze. 


Banana Holster in a Flip Belt Runner

My Flipbelt Banana Holster

I was up hella early to runmute down to the South Loop for coaching! I stayed after to talk to a few trainees who had some questions and a new client who I am training both as a coach and also as a personal trainer. Then it was time to haul a$$ back to the apartment to get ready to head to Wisconsin for the wedding of some friends!

Also, I am pretty boss at the quick turnaround: I got home at 10:20 with nothing packed or ready to go in the slightest and was showered, packed, coffee made (and changed, obviously) by 5 till. I put on my makeup later (took 5 minutes) and changed at a hotel before the wedding. I rock.

Sweet Tomatoes Haul

Lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. My first time here, and holy cripes this place is dangerous for a veggie lover like me! I just wish that they had add on proteins.

Wedding Outfit with Compression Sleeves Suz

Finally ready to rock the wedding.

Suz and Alex at Joe and Nicole's Wedding in Wisconsin

At the venue. 

I got my refuel on. Definitely did some things to excess, but marble cake with vanilla and chocolate mousse topped with ganache is SO WORTH IT. So is New Glarus Spotted Cow.

Wisconsin Style Old Fashioned and New Glarus Spotted Cow

Wisconsin Style Old Fashioned and New Glarus Spotted Cow

I cut myself off drinking wise after my beer because I was doing the driving later as well (safety first!). And they had a nachos bar later on. Good grief Charlie Brown. 


Notice I didn’t mention going to bed under Saturday.

We got home (after dropping off our friends and the car) around 2. WAY past my bed time, and though I got to sleep fine, my sleep was a bit worthless and restless from caffeine and excess food etc and long day. I had a meeting with a potential project at 11, so I had a green tea to re-perk myself up before leaving, and later a short nap while Alex watched the original Mission: Impossible (which I’ve seen to the point that I know all the lines, but he’d not seen in years). My legs and body were pretty darn tired after the long day of running, driving, and dancing Saturday, so I dragged myself to the gym for a light spin session and some biceps/shoulders.

Alex’s food prep provided me with sufficient veggies via snackage, so I ended up having a protein pancake, maple sausage, greek yogurt and cereal for dinner!

Gluten Free NoGii Protein Pancakes with WowButter Soy Nut Butter Breakfast for Dinner

Actually, as I write this, I realize that I had a full day of breakfasts yesterday, as I had an omelet for lunch. AND IT WAS GLORIOUS.

In all, I feel like this weekend sums up what my life is about right now: friends, family, fun, food, freekeh, figuring things out, and, most importantly, feeling. That means feeling productive, feeling emotions (I’m a sucker at weddings ever since my own!), feeling nerves, feeling confident, and feeling grateful that I am so surrounded by incredible people, places, and opportunities. I hope the next time I get caught up in a moment like I did during our vacation–and have an anxiety attack–that I take a deep breath, remember that I get the chance to start again, and most importantly remember just how damn lucky I am

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Here’s to a great week!

What are you feeling right now?

Nachos bar or dessert bar? What is your refuel of choice at the moment?

Are you a quick change artist? Can you get your stuff together at the drop of a hat?

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