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Weekend Recap and Suzlyfe’s Common Yoga Mistakes Clinic

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Also–who else LOVED Katy Perry’s Half Time Show? I thought it was great and am obsessed with her sparkly booties.Also– #likeagirl

Again, well played weekend, well played.

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

I attended another store grand opening on Friday: Athleta at Oak Street. The event was, well, a bust, with the exception of seeing Erica and a glimpse of the new store.




We stood outside in the cold for 30 minutes in a massive line, it was over crowded and there were no discounts or special things (yes, I know, First World Problems all the way). I will say that it is a very pretty store, but small. Still, lovely to have Athleta close by! Alex and I made up for this with the best pre-long run meal EVER.


Chick-fil-a (which is a tragically rare occurrence for this Atlanta girl) and froyo. We were going to get sushi. Then I had a brilliant idea. I can’t help the fact that I am made of magic.

Edited to add: I can’t believe I forgot to include this picture….

ATL represent

ATL represent

Saturday dawned chilly but gorgeous. Saturday night arrived with icy snow, and Sunday arrived and remained a whiteout! Also, if this is Winter Storm Linus, can we just give him a blankie? Will that pacify him? Luckily, all of the important things were able to be accomplished:


20 (Pain free!!!!) miles with Erica and the Saturday morning ladies 😀 Ran in my Kismets and though my legs were certainly tired after, they felt great. The only not so great thing was the loss of my Garmin, and totally due to my own carelessness. It was on its last leg, anyway, but I hate doing something stupid.


A fabulous brunch with one of my favorite people at one of my fave restaurants Hub 51.

Refilling our fridge and pantry (even though I must say that I am really tired of stores being out of things that I NEED.

Getting administrative things taken care of (cough thanks Alex).

Hanging out with friends, and eating an absurd amount of chips (luckily, I got quite the variety, which I will tell you about later). I wish I was kidding when I say that I ate 1500 calories of chips. But I did. Luckily, I got some great meals in earlier that day, when the nutrition really counted, so I was fine with the not-so-high nutritional value of my, um, snack/dinner/snack/snack. Basically, chips and beer were drank for 4 hours straight. Hashtag Yolo.

Sunday morning was a blur of food and sleep. My body really was exhausted! And, well, when it is whiteout conditions outside, what else are you going to do? Oh, and we watched Good Will Hunting, which Alex hadn’t seen. SO GOOD. RIP RW.

I nearly didn’t make it to or through Hot Power Fusion at CorePower with Sara (another free class, and she braved the snow!), but as always, so glad I went. My body definitely felt better after. And that afternoon, I got to work on a little project, which I am excited to share with you now!

I mentioned this in Friday’s post, but this month, prAna and Sweat Pink/Fit Approach are hosting a #taketheleap challenge to encourage us all to continue to pursue our goals and beat the sophomore (month) slump. I am NOT a Yoga Challenge Leader, but as a yogi and a personal trainer (learn more about my services here!), I have decided to take matters into my own hands a bit, and lead my own yoga series for you all!

I am not a certified yoga teacher, nor am I your fitness professional. Please consult an expert for a personalized evaluation before beginning any exercise program! This post is totally my own doing, and this is a personal campaign/undertaking. Participate at your own risk.

Suzlyfe common yoga mistakes clinic

Susie’s Common Yoga Mistakes Clinic

Over the next 4 weeks, I am going to take you through a Sun B sequence (mountain->chaturanga->downward dog->warrior II->extended side angle->reverse warrior (I will show on one side, the assumption is that you will do the other side and return to mountain pose)) and I will also show triangle. Again, I am not a certified yoga teacher—this is simply a quick reference guide of sorts meant to empower your practice and your posture.

I am not going to just be showing you poses! Each day I am going to show you how to improve your pose and fix the more common yoga mistakes in these poses.  In yoga, sure, it is great to do grand poses and inversions, but you know what? You can get all the benefits through the most simple of poses IF you know how to and are doing them correctly.

In today’s world, let’s be real: we have horrific posture. We sit all day, when we stand we jut our hips out to the side, we tense our shoulders, and then we go and work out and wonder why things are out of whack, or why we are tight. Not all of us have either the time or the inclination to do classes and clinics in yoga, but learning and applying any of the alignments, techniques, and sequences of even the most basic yoga practice can improve posture, increase body awareness, help you regulate your breathing and increase lung capacity (huge for endurance athletes!), and decrease stress. One of the reasons that I encouraged Whitney to incorporate yoga into her competition prep program was not only for active recovery and stretching but also to give her greater control and balance for when she is on stage or lifting—she can get more out of each lift by isolating the muscles that should be working.

I am doing this “clinic” not just for yogis but for all of us who believe that the road to greatness begins with attention to detail and a step in the right direction. I hope that if you incorporate these lessons into your daily lives, you will notice over time changes and improvements in how you stand (seriously, I noticed this summer that I stand in Tidasana at crosswalks!) and how you move (more evenly, more steadily, better activation, and with less pain).

I look forward to your feedback! Please follow along with me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I will only be referring to the clinic here, so make sure you follow me on these other media! If I get a good enough response, I will put something together at the end—so let me know!

Did you deal with “winter weather” last week or this week? Did it mess with your plans?

What do you think of my yoga clinic? Will you be following along, or do you think that this is a bunch of yogi-baloney? If you have any particular questions or requests, please let me know!

Was it a good/bad/indifferent sports weekend for you? 

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