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Laundry and Life Metaphors : Marvelous Monday

What’s poppin everybody?! Yeah, I went there. Ok, I’ll stop now.

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

I actually had an entire post written, but then had a stroke of “genius” while folding laundry, and, as I wasn’t so happy with the post anyway (it felt like an itinerary of items and didn’t really convey anything), I am putting things on spin cycle and trying something that might fail miserably, but hey, it’ll be fun to watch! And you know I love a good comparison, so here is my stab at laundry metaphors.

suzlyfe laundry day

Marvelous in my Monday: Lights, Darks/Colors, Workout Clothes/Special Care !

Lights:  For Alex, these are the workhorses–things that fade to the background but you couldn’t do without. In my case, these are the things that are typical occurrences for most people but by the very fact that they are not workout clothes or colors means that they are special!

Friday was a bit of a weird day (ok, when is a day in my life not slightly odd…). I woke up HELLA early (also, so what else is new), but wanted to stay kinda quiet and just do some AM yoga on my own before work. By 4, I had gotten to the point that I couldn’t do any more Work-work before the weekend, so I split. Alex was on “air call,” meaning that he could get called in at any time for any service (long story), and so we went to D4 (he was craving a sandwich there that he forgot they no longer offered, the dolt) and were surprised to find that it was packed! But I have magical powers, so I snagged the last bar table, and we had a lovely light dinner before my long run Saturday.

d4 corned beef

That would be 16 oz of AMAZING house-specialty corned beef on amazing seeded rye with AMAZING grainy mustard and their sweet potato fries (which we are obsessed with and come with a chipotle cucumber dip. HOLY BALLS you haven’t lived without these. And the ones at Native Foods. Trust). We also split a house salad (pancetta and avocado on that) and a Ebel’s Weiss. Not your normal pre run meal, but not bad 😉 My Crohn’s thought otherwise at one point during the run the next day but whatever.

Curling up on the couch that night: standard for us, but special because we watched Dallas Buyers Club, which was INCREDIBLE. Oh, and Jen now has me addicted to Friends. WELL PLAYED. Again, I may be late to the party, but I think of them as special! Also, did you see THIS??? Yes yes…. a new victim :D!

My clients can expect to look like this after...

My clients can expect to look like this after…

Saturday afternoon, I had to head to the south of the city for future post, and I took advantage of the fact that I had to drive and wander around a Walmart to chat with my mom, who was finally back from Mexicooo!!! HAPPY SUSIE. I missed her, and had lots to catch up on. Like the fact that they searched her for 2.5 HOURS in Dallas. Um, that’s like targeting Bambi as a terrorist.

Isn't she terrifying?

Isn’t she terrifying?

She almost missed her flight, wasn’t able to go to the bathroom until right before boarding, and didn’t have the time to get anything to eat! Then she landed in Atlanta, only to have to go through customs again, none of the cafes were open…. I would have died! Can you even imagine? I don’t think they would have laughed at my carry on from Thanksgiving

Darks and colors: Typically Alex’s clothes are the dark blues, grays, etc, and youi know that I take care of the outrageous colors. You can always tell how much time we have spent at work by this pile.

I didn’t have to wash any scrubs from the week this time around, but I will next time: Alex almost got called in on Saturday, but didn’t, so he was able to have an A++ workout, dinner with me (lucky boy), and the otherwise nicely restful day that we were all hoping for. But being on call the whole of the weekend is draining–particularly since he can’t really go anywhere (which sucks on nice days). Sunday, being so icky with the weather, getting outside wasn’t necessarily the issue, but UVA scaring the bejeezus out of him (thankfully pulling out the win) and then getting called in out of nowhere was a little bit of a bummer.

The fact that there weren’t many colors to wash this week is pretty indicative of the fact that I spent the majority of the week and weekend in the office (and sweaters) or in workout clothes.

Workout Clothes/Special Care: Hang to dry. You’ll have to come back to them later to find out how everything shakes out. Also the bulk of my wardrobe

sweatworking erin sara suz

Thursday I met up with Erin, Sara, and Erica for Sweatworking, hosted by the fabulous Jeana of A Sweat Life (formerly Fab Fit Chicago) at Equinox! I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t my fave workout, but it was lovely to spend time with my girls and make some new friends. Plus, Erica always knows the way to my heart is through snacks…. Which means more reviews for you!

Saturday was freaking gorgeous. I had a really solid 16 miler pace-wise, but um, the corned beef hit at mile 14 😉 Not bad, but thank goodness I had a bathroom that I could walk to. The run was a little bit disheartening, though, because from mile 4 on my calf was feeling tight, and now I just am at a loss with it. We shall see.

Sunday was the opposite of Saturday, weatherwise. I hope to goodness that all of you in the northeast are safe and warm–we had a little ice/snow storm, but I know that you all are in for it.


Because why would we take pictures of us...

Because why would we take pictures of us…

I was happy to have double the fun and double the trouble with Lauren and Sara, who I met up with at Lululemon Halstead for yoga, then brunch at Blue Door, then more yoga (with Sara) at a free community Hot Power Fusion class at CorePower! I couldn’t believe how long it had been since I had been there–mid October? The weather was certainly frightful, but oh, how delightful to be back in my old studio.

old pic but you know how it is

old pic but you know how it is

Trying to get myself organized before the week, considering that I didn’t have my personal computer for 4 days–it was malfunctioning terribly, so I’ve been having to do 80% of my commenting on my phone. SO if you have been getting hilarious typos, thus is why!

How would you describe your lights, darks/colors, and special care items in your life? Share one!

Are the person who always gets searched at the airport?

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