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Weekend Happenings (Migraines, Crohn’s Disease, and Some Fun)

The end of last week and this weekend was a filled with fun, but also filled with some not insignificant Crohn’s Disease and other health struggles. Honestly, I am not doing so well. But even so, life and my weekend were full of greatness and positives!

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Thursday: Hips and Migraines

I woke up Thursday morning with the makings of a migraine. I was able to get it to calm down a little bit, and I was able to train a few clients in the morning and do the elliptical before I went to the PMR (Phys Med & Rehab) doctor about my hip. As “luck” would have it, I also randomly got intense pain in my knee right before going in (while on the elliptical), so he checked that as well. What we have determined is that there is nothing wrong with the bones, as far as can be told (manipulation didn’t cause pain). Really, though, I am just supposed to watch it.

So, good news in that we don’t think it is pressing, but frustrating because we don’t know what to do to make it better.but I might need to consider going back to the chiro or physical therapy (which is basically a no go because of insurance). I think my game plan is to try to do some major hip strengthening and see if that helps.

I was off the rest of the afternoon, which was a blessing because my headache came back hard and with a RAGING vengeance that evening. Really, the only thing that I accomplished (rather than working on my passion project) was to apply for a rescue Corgi.

Corgi butt meme

Alex and I were supposed to go to a resident social event, but obviously, our plans had to change. When I say that the migraine returned, it returned to the point that as I was heading downtown on the bus, I a) hung up on my husband because I could hardly speak and b) texted him that he had to meet me because I wasn’t sure if I could get off the bus. 

He was a star, though, and ultimately I was able to recover enough to be able to get some dinner (and slam 3 diet cokes) and then get home. 

Friday : Hi, There, Crohn’s Disease. 

Friday, I preemptive struck that migraine biatch as soon as I had any inkling of it returning (coffee + Tylenol) and got to the gym just in time to remember that my client was coming in early, and that I had just enough time to do…. not all of my run, but too much time to do other things. So I did half before, and half after. Hip felt fine, but stomach did NOT. The stomach not doing well was kind of the theme of the weekend, honestly. I won’t make you suffer through the details so we will just skip to the evening.

That night, one of our old friends came to visit us for the weekend, so I cooked us dinner (Greek style beef meatballs with tzatiki and roasted potatoes and hummus). We were finishing out a Hello Fresh week–psst–use ABA8GF to get $40 your first box! (plus I’ll get a little kick back). No picture because we were HANGRY but it was delicious. I let the boys go out and walk around, but I stayed in because my stomach was still iffy, and I was just systemically exhausted.

Saturday: BTN B10K Race + Crohn’s Disease GO AWAY

Alex and I at the start of the BTN B10K race in Chicago! @suzlyfe

Saturday morning, Alex and I headed downtown for the BTN B10K race. It was a gorgeous morning, and I will recap and review the race tomorrow, but let’s just say that the AMITA Health went a bit better for us overall, particularly how we felt at the end. I, for one, was in pretty rough shape. My stomach wasn’t much better, and it didn’t hold for the race, which I otherwise quite enjoyed. Alex and I got home and showered before going to brunch, which was delicious, but ended with a change in plans.

I have to talk about a few of the dishes that we got, though:

Multigrain Pancake Flight from Orange Contemporary Brunch in Lincoln Park Chicago.

Pancake Flight anyone? This was “Everything Multigrain”: (Clockwise, from top left: Chocolate Cherry Pie (cherry pie filling on top with nutella between layers); Banana Nut; Mixed Berry (with poppyseed); Stone Fruits (with honey)). I got plainer food (egg whites and an English Muffin) and then shared the pancakes (both the flight and a stack of buttermillk pancakes) with the boys). And then my stomach shut the fun down, and we opted to go rest before going out into the day.

Corona light on draft from Deuces and the Diamond Club in Chicago. A great place to take friends and sit outside!

But when we did finally go out, we had a great time, though I was feeling flat and drained. We have a new favorite place to take friends when they come in town! If you follow me on Instagram Stories and Snapchat, you already saw our digs, but let’s just say we found my perfect cabana: no sand, with a pool, and drinks brought to you. I ate there because we were meeting other friends for what I knew would be a dinner that I couldn’t handle, stomach wise, and I wasn’t even sure I could handle in general. 

We went, and I felt like a terrible guest–I couldn’t really engage in conversation, I didn’t eat the menu that everyone else got (I tried some of Alex’s stuff, otherwise, I just got a small dish that was just about the only thing that I could eat).  I stayed way longer than I thought I would be able to, but I reached my limit and had to go home, while everyone else continued on. 

Sunday: Team Challenge, Baseball, and Crohn’s Won’t Win

Sunday morning, I woke up feeling better after a rough night of sweating (we had to change the sheets) and finally, some actually restorative sleep. When I woke up, I decided to take advantage of the fact that I was actually feeling pretty decent in belly, brain, and bum and go for a walk/jog to the lake to take in the beautiful morning (plus, the boys were asleep). 

Belmont Harbor in Chicago on my morning run!

I still had to make a bathroom break, but it wasn’t bad, and I was able to get through the jaunt without cramping. I was so thankful for each step that morning. Running the race and then my morning expedition made me even more determined to pursue my next adventure–if nothing else, I am getting proof positive of why I need to write it, and reminders of how the people that I am writing it for are feeling!

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When I got back home, I had cereal and my favorite protein shake and tried to stay quiet for the rest of the morning so that I would be in good enough shape for our afternoon plans–a trip to Cellular Field to watch the White Sox play the Orioles (our visiting friend is a fan) with a group from Team Challenge (a happy coincidence that they had scheduled a fundraiser for the game!).

The White Sox got spanked, I sat next to Coach Bill and had a grand old time, I found food that I could eat, and it was a picture perfect day! In all, it was a great day, and even if things hadn’t held, at least I would have been with people who understood!

There were high points and low points, but as you know, I like to always say that I can still come out on top. Yes, my body is giving me a run for my money right now, and yes, I am catastrophizing a little bit about it. But I will not let Crohn’s Disease rule my life. Life is on my terms. If I am having a little flare, we will deal with it, like we have every other time. And this time, we will be proactive, particularly with me on the single therapy, rather than the dual approach.

I MUST be healthy to have a child, but having a week that isn’t my best doesn’t mean that I am in a full blown flare. It might just mean that I need a course of steroids or to move my infusions a bit closer together. We will make it work. Crohn’s Disease won’t win. (Check out my posts on living with Crohn’s Disease or chronic illness)

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