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We All Need a Break

This weekend, I needed a break. We all need a break sometimes.

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I’m going to be honest with you all: Thursday was a bit of a rough day for me. The day started off innocuous enough, even pretty good! I had some clients who made some major breakthroughs! #weallneedabreak

I got home, changed, and started to do what many of you know is one of my favorite things ever: run-commuting. As you know, I was going to test out my hamstring with a run (it felt totally fine that morning), and, well, it felt great for a half a mile, and then it got not so happy the rest of way. Which was just a bummer, really. It needed more time, I guess. Luckily, I was run-muting down to therapy

Where I promptly… well… Let’s just say that I cried in therapy for the first time that I can remember. I think a therapy thoughts post might be necessary to explain it. But it ended with me calling Alex to see if he could meet me for a moment… which turned into me crying to him for 10 minutes. Yeah, I’m a joy. #weallneedabreak… or breakdown

Luckily for me, I had two things planned for the rest of the night, one that I could not skip out on, and one that I could. The plan that I couldn’t skip out on? My annual haircut. A (large) glass of sauvignon blanc, a handful of Starburst, a major gab session, and probably about 7 (?) inches of dead weight later, I emerged. I decided not to go to my second event but instead to go home to my husband. #weallneedabreak

Suffice it to say, I didn’t put a post together, and after all the positivity that I was working with on Thursday (and I really was working with it when I wrote the post!), I just couldn’t put together something that I wasn’t totally behind, or to take such a complete 180 from that post. So I gave myself a break.  #weallneedabreak

Friday was actually a very productive day. I did laundry, cleaned the apartment (like, for real!), got a walk in, and even started to work on some other things.

Saturday was a bit less productive in the traditional sense, but I got a solid workout in, brunch with my running fairy godmother at one of our favorite spots, and even a beer with an old friend who I hadn’t seen in a while (plus, I met him at Hopcat, so I got some crack fries).

Alex and I had had “fancy” plans, but after he got out of his day long meeting early and I went to meet my friend, we just decided to call it and do something chill by us. Instead, we went for dinner a new (to us) place that was delicious and exactly what we wanted, and I got froyo (OMG YOU GUYS I got chocolate chip cookie dough AND biscuit cookie (think cookie butter) froyo. IT WAS EVERYTHING). 

Sunday brought everything back together. Yes, my hamstring was still on my mind. Yes, I’m still feeling a little bit out of sorts. But a walk with Alex and Ridley, a nice little session on the elliptical, a trip to the grocery store, a little work on a project, a SOLID nap, another walk with my little family, a delicious dinner (I made pesto sweet potato noodles) and then curling on the couch to chill and watch my hometown team rise up… and fall on their faces. well, I got the break that I needed. 

We all need a break. 

Positive pants or not, we all need a break! #weekendrecap #mentalhealth Click To Tweet

I know that I am generally am able to keep my positive pants on, and I want you all to know that I am good. Truly, I am. But that doesn’t mean that everything is ok every day, or that I am crying while telling you that everything is ok. Right now, the hormones that are still in my body and the circumstances of those hormones make it so that I am both more me than ever and totally out of control of how I feel about my life. Therapy Thoughts to come. 

Don’t worry, Mom, I’m ok. Life is good, if complicated. And I got a little bit of a break this weekend, which I needed.

We all need a break. 

Thank you to Katie for the Marvelous Monday link up!

How was your weekend?

Are you a drastic changer when it comes to your hair, or do you do gradual changes over time?

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