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Warm Weather? It Rocks

I’m not going to lie–I’ve been in need of a weekend. A true, honest to goodness, weekend. And with the warm weather, sunshine, and time with Alex, that I feel like I finally got just that. 

Thank you Katie for Marvelous Monday!

Friday morning, those of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook saw that I got to return back to some of my old stomping grounds with a run-mute to the doctors office. It was a very last minute appointment for some tests, so I decided that instead of missing out on my Friday morning run (especially after the past few weeks of uncertainty!) and so that I wouldn’t have to pay for transportation or parking, I would instead take advantage of the GORGEOUS morning and run down there. Aka my preferred manner of transportation. 

After the doctors (who only wanted to take 1 vial of blood along with the other test. ONE VIAL?? C’mon, if you are going to make me come down there, take like 5 or something), I went to work and trained clients, had a few consultations, and had a fun meeting that might lead to something really great for both me and the gym (fingers crossed!). Alex was working nights that evening (his last of residency… whoa), so I had that evening to myself and did important things like get caught up on trashy TV and then went and got froyo. 

ice cream and wine for dinner meme

Saturday, I went to meet my Team Challenge crew only to find out that they had switched the time to 30 minutes earlier (I guess I didn’t read the team email closely enough, lol). WHOOPS. Luckily, they are the nicest people ever, and instead of UGH I was greeted with hugs and laughter. We did 5 along the path with everyone and their mother (it is marathon training season again!), then parted ways, and I went to work to meet a Very Important Person to discuss group training this summer! 

Basically, this summer is going to be epic. I am going to be surrounded by my favorite people everywhere I turn! 

After work, I went and picked up Alex for a little adventure to the west end of town to pick up a package of LUNA bars that the company is providing for the first Ladies Night workout at Anytime Fitness this May 31st. Thank you so much, LUNA! The trip should have been easy peasy, but in Chicago there are 2 seasons, winter and construction, so what should have taken 25 minutes (one way) took 45. But we had fun. 

We got home around 5 and were down to party and by party I mean eat. And in our new neighborhood, you literally can go in any direction for something delicious. Long story short, we decided on Kuma’s Too, the outpost of the original Kuma’s Corner in Roscoe Village. For the uninitiated, Kuma’s is a burger joint that specializes in crazy combos, loaded mac n’ cheese, and naming their food and drinks after death metal bands. They also have a truly wicked sense of humor (don’t ask them for waffle fries or ranch. Ever.). But do, at the very least, get the original Kuma’s Burger (yes, that is bacon, cheddar, and a fried egg).

Also, get the fried pickles and French Fries. The ketchup has roasted jalapenos in it. This place is AMAZING. 

Sunday, Alex and I went to the gym to workout, then groceries (and a basil plant!), and lunch at home before I headed out to meet Don (who was visiting) for coffee and do some work. Or attempt to, but my computer was being stupid. 

We enjoyed another alfresco dinner of hummus, veggies, chips, mango salsa, and a fun cocktail that we made with Social and bourbon. 

Warm weather rocks! We love our snack plate dinners of veggies, chips, and hummus on our balcony!1

Warm weather? It ROCKS.

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How was your weekend? Was it gorgeous where you were?

When was the last time that you were unknowingly terribly late to something?

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