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Wanderlust 108 Chicago + Weekend Recap


This weekend, I got the amazing opportunity to participate in Wanderlust 108 Chicago on behalf of Cottonelle®. Check out my review of the day and weekend recap!

Welcome to a new week, folks! I feel like I didn’t get the chance to really tell you all thank you so much for you incredible support and comments on my Thursday post on how I am doing with my anxiety disorder. I wanted to let you all know that I am feeling better, and even when I had some potentially triggering situations this weekend, I was able to stay calm through them and react appropriately! I am definitely feeling better.

Now, onto the weekend! Thank you to Katie for Marvelous Monday! And don’t forget to enter the Farmer Direct Co-Op Giveaway–there will be THREE winners from the US and Canada!

Friday night, Alex and I had a delicious dinner with Erica and her husband, Neal. I hadn’t seen Erica in FAR too long, so we had much to catch up on. And a lot of foccacia to eat. #challengeaccepted. I am so, so happy that we know live so close to each other–once I am back on the regular running train, I really hope we can get back to our regular jaunts on the Lakefront Trail!

Saturday was definitely the main event of the weekend with Wanderlust 108 Chicago. What a blast we had.

Wanderlust 108 Chicago Review and Recap. Check out the Mindful triathlon and Jeana and I talking health, fitness, and freshness with Cottonelle #ad

Wanderlust 108 Chicago with Cottonelle®

This post, and my participation at Wanderlust 108 Chicago, is sponsored by Cottonelle®, but all opinions are, as ever, my own! How’s that for a #CleanConfession!

I arrived to the Wanderlust site nice and early to meet up with Jeana, with whom I would be spending the day (SUUUUCH a drraaag lol NOT). We met up in front of registration and got our tickets scanned–PS if you are attending a Wanderlust event, make sure that you have your Eventbrite ticket printed off or on your phone! Otherwise, you will be a very sad attendee. We both picked the wrong ticket (if you are doing the picnic lunch option, you also get a ticket for that), but finally got it right, got our sticker bibs (which was a great idea–no safety pins) and then headed straight for the Wanderlust arch.

After tree-posing like champs (the ground was kinda muddy, thus why Jeana is just beastmoding and holding her foot up), we headed over to the Cottonelle® bathrooms to use the facilities. Um, can you say best festival/event bathroom experience ever? I didn’t take pictures inside the bathroom, because that would be weird, but each stall was stocked with Cottonelle® toilet paper and flushable wipes (which you know I love), as well as everything you could possibly need: spray deodorant, feminine supplies, lotion, dry shampoo, bobby pins and pony tailers, and running water! 

The Cottonelle Bathroom Experience at Wanderlust 108 Chicago

I think these bathrooms should be mandatory at all events and also late night after bars. And on long runs during marathon training. FOR REALS. I would totally pay a little extra to have these on site! I don’t know if I will be able to go back to the usual Port-a-let situation after this!

After oohing and aahing over the Cottonelle® bathrooms, Jeana and I decided to go checkout the Wanderlust marketplace and then get some warm drinks at the True North Cafe. On our way over, we collected Dani, a fellow teammember of A Sweat Life, and as tends to happen, instantly became best friends.

Wanderlust 108 Chicago Mindful Triathlon Time!

Now, let me finally tell you all the truth about the weather: IT WAS FREAKING COLD. Also, overcast with wet, muddy ground because of rain the night before. So, while Jeana and I had planned on walking the 5k, which is the first part of the Mindful Triathlon, with our coffees and to accommodate some physical issues, we decided to run with our coffees (if everything felt ok). 

Luckily, we both did feel good, and we ran the entire thing, coffees in (and all over, lol) hand and high-fiving with the other! We ran down through Grant Park past Buckingham Fountain, which had just turned on for the season and is always one of my favorite Chicago sites, and down to the Museum Campus before coming back along the harbor to the halfway point (where they had water for us) and back down towards the Museum Campus along Lake Shore Drive and then north again along the other side of Grant Park before finishing with highfives from MC Yoga (the host of the event) under the Wanderlust arch. It was a great run and perfect way to start off the day. I was also really happy that my body held it together. 

Jeana and I hosted a Facebook Live Chat about healthy living, fitness, and staying fresh on the Cottonelle® Facebook Channel, but we had plenty of time after getting back from the 5k to go and check out samples, find friends, and get ourselves cleaned back up at the Cottonelle® bathrooms (we would have been able to go commando, but honestly, it was too dang cold! Needed the layers) before we headed over to the Cottonelle® booth.

Wanderlust 108 Chicago is the only Mindful Triathlon! Join the festival for a 5k run, yoga, and meditation! Check out Suzlyfe's Review at wanderlust-108-chicago-weekend-recap

While we were hosting our Live Chat Q&A, the other parts of the Mindful Triathlon were kicking off in the field right in front of us. MC Yoga took participants through a beat-studded yoga flow (so much fun, and I loved the comraderie #allthefeels) and then the other keynotes led flows and meditations before opening up the sessions (which included Acro-yoga and hula-hooping!). 

Cottonelle® Facebook Live Chat Q&A

I have to say that while I had a great time at Wanderlust, chatting with Jeana during that 30 minute session Facebook Live Chat was totally my favorite part. If you missed it, go check it out now! We talk about everything from balancing healthy lifestyles with work to why it is important to incorporate mindfulness and practices such as yoga into your marathon training. You can even see us bust out some yoga moves (Jeana has a pretty impressive crow-to-plank). We also shared our #CleanConfession (can you guess what mine is?), and because we shared a few on Instagram as well, we were able to print off our IG pictures at the booth (TOTALLY do this for a great Wanderlust souvenir!).

The Cottonelle Clean Confession Activation booth at Wanderlust 108 Chicago

Overall, Wanderlust 108 Chicago was an incredible experience to be a part of, and I can’t thank Cottonelle® enough for the opportunity. Stay tuned for some more from my partnership with Cottonelle® in the near future, and I hope you check out Jeana and I on the Cottonelle® Facebook Page!

The rest of my Saturday rounded out with some naptime on the couch with Alex, dinner at an Irish pub, and our first trip to the Yogurtland that is literally around the corner from us (SO DANGEROUS). Then Alex and I came back and watched the first episode of Making a Murderer before I fell asleep on the couch.

Sunday was a much more pleasant day, weather wise, and I was feeling so inspired by Wanderlust 108 the day before that I greeted the day with some sun salutations (and coffee). Then it was time to get to work on some plans for run coaching clients and personal training clients, and we rounded out the day with the necessities (Gym, Groceries, Laundry) before spending the evening with friends from residency and their new baby. 

Overall, it was an incredible weekend filled with friends, fun, and fitness. Thank you so much to Cottonelle® for sending me to Wanderlust 108 Chicago!

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Want to go to Wanderlust 108 yourself? What if I told you that you could win a trip to Wanderlust 108 Miami? Who doesn’t want to experience the one and only Mindful Triathlon, and in one of the most exciting cities? Enter here!

Anyone else go to Wanderlust 108 Chicago? Or did you go to another?

Who else finds benefit in finishing up a run with yoga and mindfulness?

What would be your #CleanConfession?

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