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Vitamins, Snacking, and Laughing Cow #ThinkingoutLoud

Merci, Spoons!

Merci, Spoons!

No lie, yesterday I put up my Zarbee’s post and guess what I forgot to take and thus needed to rely on? I forgot my pills but had my Zarbee’s Multivitamin! Totally true story. #proof And don’t forget you (Canadians and US!) can win samplers of each flavor!

Zarbees Natural Vitamin Drink Mix Multivitamin with Prebiotic

I had another turkey in my purse incident. This time with turkey meatloaf (for Alex) from Whole Foods on Sunday. 

Turkey Meatloaf in my Bag

Remember my Get Over Yourself and Take the First Step post? Well, yesterday I just wasn’t in the mood to workout. So I gave myself the morning off. And by lunch time, I was even about to let myself just give the day a pass. But I was (and had been) wearing my workout clothes, and my legs didn’t feel that tired–I decided that this was a “get over yourself” moment, but that if I started and still felt meh after a mile or so, that I would call it and have a rest. 

8 miles later. Sometimes, you need a rest. Sometimes, you just need to get over yourself. 

get out point

Re: The weather. Do I want to run in 90 degree weather all the time? No, but I stand by my not being quite ready for fall to come yet. A big part of this reason? I love my summer running outfits. So, for vanity’s sake, I hope it stays a little warm! Also, I will freeze during our night workouts if it doesn’t!

I was Cold Meme

This weekend messed my hunger cues UP. Like, really bad. I have had runger like a crazed badger set loose in a cardboard box. Nothing is safe. I did well with my nutrition, I think it is just the cumulative effect of the weekend and weird sleep and having a different schedule. But still. OMG ALLTHEFOODS.

ebibs runger Eating all the foods.

Speaking of, I realized that I hadn’t done a “new food products that I’m into” post in a while–I’ve got some great new ones to tell you about tomorrow! But today, I have to share with you a site that I found yesterday thanks to a friend’s IG feed. I need this mug.

Adulting isn't working out Mug from

And the “resting my eyes”? My baby nurse/later housekeeper ALWAYS said that. As she was snoring, lol.

Resting my eyes Print Be Happy

It’s a shorter post today because I went to a little event last night that proved to be not so little after all! A bunch of us were invited to The Laughing Cow’s Love your Local event held at River Roast (which you know I love). I’ve said before that I’m not a huge cheese person, but I happen to love The Laughing Cow, and I’m always open to a food event….

amen sister

The Laughing Cow and River Roast did an fabulous job–and there certainly was PLENTY of food! Favorite bites of the night: asparagus wrapped with prosciutto and topped with Laughing Cow; salty sweet dried cranberries with Swiss and a berry flatbread cracker; buschetta; River Roast’s famous fried chicken slider (there was a slider bar!) with Laughing Cow. and then 3 stations with different assortments of “props” that I just ended up eating! The stations and props were actually intended for use during mini sessions where we could actually learn things, but I was too busy catching up with Sara, Lauren, and Amanda (visiting her friend Katie! What an awesome surprise!)

Sara, Lauren, Suz, Amanda The Laughing Cow Event at River Roast Chicago

and chumming it up with the Laughing Cow himself

Suz and The Laughing Cow River Roast Chicago

AND EATING to doing things like “learn.” I’m an Old Dog. Don’t be trying to teach me new tricks. They sent us home with a fabulous goodie bag including a slate cheese board in the shape of Illinois! Considering it was a social media event, I probably could have taken more pictures. But you know what? I never get to see my friends. I did get one decent picture, though!

The Laughing Cow Reinvent Snacking

Well, decent enough for Suzlyfe work. #likeaSuz

And then I went home, had some ice cream and watched the US Open. #likeaSuz

From @thelaughingcow to @zarbees, @suzlyfe's mind is filled with fun and food! #sweatpink #fitfam Click To Tweet

Are you good about milking blogger events for all they are worth? Or do you end up just chumming with your friends?

Anyone else have a bit of an off day yesterday as well?

Watching the US Open? Who do you want to win? #SerenaSlam!

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