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Versatile Blogger Award and Luna Gluten Free Protein Bars Giveaway


Your fave Suz Post: randoms about me and then a gift for you at the end!

Merci, Spoons!

Merci, Spoons!

Nominated by EB of Running on E (clap it up for ATL!!). This girl cracks me up on the regular and is surviving ultramarathon training in the crazy heatwave bitchslapping the south right now. You best check her out! Here’s a little bit about the award: 

The Versatile Blogger Award is for those blogs that bring something special to your life.  In picking your nominees, you are to consider the quality of the writing, the uniqueness of the subjects covered, the level of love displayed in the words on the virtual page. Or, of course, the quality of the photographs and the level of love displayed in the taking of them.

I must also say that I was nominated as well by Sara and a few other friends (I think, but I could just be imagining my own popularity)! <3

kind of a big deal anchorman meme

But I’m going to go with E’s questions because I love her take on them 😀

1. What is something people might be surprised to learn about you?

Well, you people already know quite a bit about me. I’ve confessed a number of things before:

suzlyfe confessions

and numerous other exposes into my maze of a gourd. Plus, I am a bit of an open book, or an open blog, as it were. But something that might surprise you about me?

That I used to watch particular movies again and again–Clueless, The Mummy, and Chasing Liberty are 3 that I can particularly think of. It was like my bedtime story–I had particular scenes that I really liked, and I rarely watched the whole movie, but it was just super comforting to me.

2. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

An Olympic Gold Medalist in Show Jumping. I used to day dream endlessly about this. (About my past in horseback riding)

I have always adored this horse. Gem Twist was one of the most legendarily athletic and also sweetest horses ever known.

I have always adored this horse. Gem Twist was one of the most legendarily athletic and also sweetest horses ever known.

Also, an actress (imagine that–me, a ham?), an architect, a clothing designer. Basically I love design and performance, and I hated running. Hmmmmm.

3. What is your favorite place you have visited?

If you had asked me before our honeymoon, I would have told you Rome. 

Paris Sunset

But Paris was absolutely magical. It so far surpassed everything I could have anticipated. North Shore Oahu is one of my other favorite places–I spent a week there during a community service trip just before senior year.

4. What is one place on your travel must-see bucket list?

So many places, but Paris and Rome were the big ones. I would also love to go to Ireland/Scotland, the countryside of France, Germany, and Egypt to see the Ancient World. Definitely Greece. The Mediterranean world in general. I used to be pretty obsessed with it. I grew up being obsessed with Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece, then I took Latin for 7 years. I nearly concentrated in the Ancient Mediterranean for my thesis work in college.

Told you I was a beauty.

Told you I was a beauty.

5. What’s your current go-to workout song?

Oooh, a good question. I’m currently rocking out to the Betty Who station on Pandora. I’ve got an ongoing affinity for Tove Lo “Talking Body,” but it is getting overplayed, sadly. And if you play “Turn Down for What,” oh, honey, it is ON. Remember those things that make me smile? #myjam

6. What is your favorite distance to run?

For daily runs, 8 miles. It is a round number, I know exactly how far out and back it is from my apartment, and it is just enough of a mental battle (regardless, as it takes me just past that hour marker) as well as physical battle (especially in the morning) to make me feel accomplished. 

Running Happy.

Running Happy.

To race? Half-marathon. You don’t feel like you are dying until the end.

vacation running suz

But I love my marathons. I love the training process, the technique and study required, and that feeling that I just blew my own mind. And you can never get jaded by the marathon–it is never easy. You just have respect for it.

7. What is your dream race/event?

Paris, just Paris.

Paris, just Paris.

After reading Sue’s and Ange’s friend’s recaps of the Paris Marathon, I now need that to happen. Boston was such a pipe dream that always felt kind of beyond that I didn’t even know until recently how much I wanted to do it until I qualified at Phoenix! I also want to do NYC and run my boroughs again 😀

8. What would you do with a $1000 gift card?



Because I am getting a gift card, it isn’t like I can invest it, so spend it I shall. E said that she would buy her boytoy a bike, but I wish that she would buy me a bike! I want one so very badly. I reeeeealllly love the look of Sarah’s bike. That teal is to die for. 

9. If you could go on a bicycle built for two ride with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

Well, I would say Alex, because that would be hilarious. Boy hasn’t ridden a bike other than my bike when we first met (for like 30 seconds), so that would be a catastrophe. I would love to go on a bike tour with anyone that is an expert in the place that I am biking (provided they speak English). And they have to be able to actually bike (I’m assuming) and not be huge because we know I am tiny, so that would be difficult.

10. What is your favorite guilty pleasure snack food?

(Note from EB: Don’t you dare list something healthy. I’m looking for inspiration after my next long run). Unfortunately, I’m most a healthy foods preferer, and you know how I deal with food guilt, lol. Otherwise, I try not to feel guilty about food, but just to move on. The only time that I get guilty feeling is because of cost.

But I love a good burger with sweet potato fries or an entire pizza from Blaze. But I guess that’s not a snack…. I’m really good at this, can’t you tell? Other things that come to mind:

  • Curly fries
  • Caramel Corn. Particularly if you make cereal out of it.
  • Levain Cookies (from NYC and the biggest most glorious cookie just about ever, other than the Christie Cookie, which is better than sex. 

I hope that gives you enough options 😀

Even more about @suzlyfe and the chance to win a @LunaBar Prize pack! #glutenfree #runchat Click To Tweet

Luna Gluten Free Protein Bars in Chocolate Salted Caramel Review and Giveaway! Suzlyfe

A healthy snack right now that I am loving? The new Luna Gluten Free Protein Bars in Chocolate Salted Caramel. These have become one of my favorite protein snacks of late! Particularly whilst I am doing my whole I don’t want to have real meals thing, haha. I don’t typically eat gluten free, but I do love that Luna is making my favorite snacks available to more of my friends by making their entire line gluten free. I have eaten Luna bars for years, and now you can, too!

Luna Gluten Free Bars Review and Giveaway Suzlyfe

Even better, the wonderful folks at Luna want you to be able to enjoy them too by giving away a Luna goodie bag featuring the new Luna Gluten Free Protein Bars in the Chocolate Salted Caramel Flavor, as well as a few other fun add ins! Sorry, International friends, this is a US only giveaway, and it will be open for a week. Enter using the Rafflecopter below!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

 I’m not going to nominate anyone specifically, but I hope you will answer one of the questions in the comments, and good luck winning the Luna Bars!

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