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A Vacation from Medicine

It’s a full day of Suz today–double trouble. I’ve got a quick post over here for your all, and then I hope that you will head over to Ms. Sara’s blog, Loving on the Run, where I am discussing the little circumstance that I call being “Married to Medicine.” No, not the Bravo version but rather what I have learned about navigating life, marriage, and residency. Anyone who related to my Absentee Spouse will absolutely respond to this post, and I hope you will check it out and join the discussion! And be sure to wish Sara’s husband Wes a congratulations on his graduation from med school and their move to for residency. A good luck wouldn’t hurt either!

Get Ready, Wes.

Get Ready, Wes.

You all know the drill by now (and if you don’t, GET SOME POWER TOOLS, haha)–Saturday’s are typically days for fitness chat–whether that be the physical or the mental aspects of working out, running, training for your first duck race, what have you.

gym crack suzlyfe

Jury is still out as to what he is training for.

I’ve talked about my desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst traveling previously, and one of my favorite posts on this subject is still to come (it was originally supposed to be a guest post for someone else, but due to issues with their blog, that fell through. Sucks for THEM.). But for now, I wanted to turn your attention to this post, and this post. And holla to RAMBLEN. When I finally get around to finishing our honeymoon recaps, you will see these idea put into practice, in a big way.

Alex and I can vedge with the best of them, trust me, but what we like more than anything is to get out and get into the cities/places that we are visiting. Furthermore, it just opens up more room for even more food and tastiness. Such as drinks at the Bar at Husk and homemade pimento cheese toasts. Don’t mind if I do.

husk punch pimento suzlyfe

But walking, running, lifting/riding the bike (yes, indoors, gasp) is also very important to me for my own physical comfort–yes, not only to be able to eat/drink whatever more, but also because, well, I still have Crohn’s. I still have to deal with it. And exercise helps to regulate my inner….systems and balance out….things. Shall we say. WINK.

Another part of my routine that I have kept up with while on this vacation is, in fact, blogging. I got as much of my posts done ahead of time as I felt that I could–I’ve only written this one and Thursday’s posts while we have been out of Chicago. I am also doing my best to keep up with comments (both on other’s blogs and responding to comments on my own posts), but I am keeping it to early morning (before Alex is up) and before bed. Why? Because it is important to me. When Alex is watching his basketball playoffs, I am catching up with my own sports, of a sort. Also, we have had a little bit more time to ourselves than we originally expected to (more on that on Monday).

alex and i fleet landing

Does this mean that I am ignoring him and being standoffish? Not any more than usual 😉 This is OUR trip, and we are very much letting the focus be on US. But, that said, because it is OUR trip, we are spending 100% of our time together, and we all know that when you do that, you do need some time alone. So this gives us time together but also apart–same room, same bed, chatting back and forth, but that mental break where we understand that we can take focus-rest. Like active recovery in your workouts–you are still working towards the overall goal, you are still in “workout mode,” but you are giving yourself (or, in this case, your relationship) a respite before you go back to the intense attention.

Our room in the villa that we are sharing had twin beds. We pushed them together because we are cool like that.

Our room in the villa that we are sharing had twin beds. We pushed them together because we are cool like that.

Would some people find fault or problem with this approach? Undoubtedly. But do I find agree to disagree with their sit-on-their-biscuit and sit-on-a-guided tour approach to travel?Yup. It isn’t for me and Alex. As I always say DO YOU. And going off of Thursday’s post (which, I remind you, I wrote during this vacation), I am not thinking, I am just doing. I am just blogging, because at this point in my life, if I didn’t just GO and workout, or just GO and blog, I would be thinking about it. So I do it, and that opens me up to more amazing opportunities during the day because my mind isn’t consumed. Blogging is helping me get more out of my life. Why shouldn’t it do the same on my vacation?

seabrook1 suzlyfe

On that note, it is time for me to go and hit it hard, fools. Please go and check out my wealth of knowledge of the past year married to a medical resident on Sara’s blog, but make sure to tell me before you leave: What part of your daily routine do you take with you on vacation?

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