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Inside Out, National Barbecue Week, Thinking Out Loud


I thought I’d spit some nonsense at you all. You haven’t really gotten that in a few weeks, so you are due. 

Merci, Spoons!

Merci, Spoons!

1) I love you all. Thank you so much to everyone that has voted, tweeted, continued to vote or in any way support my RWCoversearch campaign. Sure, there are people out there who have thousands of votes, but we are the little engine that might maybe could. And I do mean we! rwcoversearch entry 437 susie suzlyfe

VOTE FOR SUZ! Remember, you can vote every day!

I also wanted to thank everyone for all the warm Anniversary well wishes. Not only was our meal at Le Colonial absolutely delicious, but we were able to really talk about our relationship and some other things that truly demonstrated to both of us how strong we are as a couple. I am so fortunate not only to have two soul mates in this life, and to have met them both early on–my mom and my husband. I hope to be able to say the same about my own children, but regardless, I will always have them, and I will love my children. And they will love me, too, DAMMIT. ;D

2) You know that song “upside down, boy you turn me. Inside out, round and round?”

upside down diana ross

Well, two things: 2a) every time that I see posters for the new movie Inside Out I think of that song, and 2b) that is kind of how I feel with my running and my feelings regarding this injury. One moment, I am all “OMG I JUST WANT TO RUN” and the next I am, “Hey, what is another week of waiting?” Only a few times have I thought to myself, what is the flipping point? So I would consider that a victory–that my eye continues to be on the long term prize, and that I still want to return to running, rather than being over it. 

3) On the same vein, I often feel that way about my job and my career future. When I went to the preview of the Merchandise Mart Dream Home and met and talked with several of the designers, it sparked some old passions of mine. And thinking about my Columbia experience, especially last week, and seeing the way that so many people are really making their way in the world, well, it obviously got me thinking as well. Not about regret or discontent, but….thoughts. It is hard to describe. And then I was presented with the potential for an opportunity in another direction this past week, and that got me thinking (this would be something on the side). 

All of that is to say, my mind is both at peace and happy with who I am, where I am, what I am doing…. but I am reaching that point of “thinking.” I know that this is kind of vague, but I wanted to get it out there.

4) It is National Barbecue Week, which basically is Susie’s Favorite Week Ever.


I’ve gotten into Twitter conversations with BBQ restaurants before, I’ve had hour long discussions with people about BBQ and the various varieties and merits of each. I’ve even drank straight barbecue sauce.

All about the options.

All about the options.

Yesterday, in fact. I like all the kinds, but my favorite is pulled chicken. And I honestly like all the sauces, just depending. And you know I better have my cornbread with it. And Brunswick Stew. And slaw. 

5) For the second time this month, the lunch meeting for the architects ordered the famous Blackwood BBQ for lunch. Let’s just say that someone had a second lunch and also packed up some of that to go 😀 And yes, you better believe I now have 3 squirt bottles of different BBQ sauces in various fridges (Chicago Style (Which is AWESOME), NC Style (which I like, but this one is a little to watery for me), and SC style (mustard based)).

6) A little injury update! I am doing well, but I would say that I overdid it a little bit last week at the beach, more so in the way I was running than in the running itself. I went to the PMR doc on Tuesday before Remicade, and she released me to run as tolerated and to go to PT to restrengthen my ankles and such. I go back in 6 weeks! Coincidentally, the day before my colonoscopy (FUN TIMES).

Every now and then, it is a little achy, and the ankle bones themselves are a bit achy, but I talked to my doc and she said that it was likely due to compensation and also to my ankles just getting used to it all again. My arches and feet are SO WEAK though. Like, my left foot can easily resist her trying to unfurl my toes, but my right is like blleegggh. So I gotta whip it into shape! 

spot me dog

But speaking of my upside down mentality–yesterday I was all, eh, give it all the time it needs! and today? I wanted to get right back at it. MAKE UP YOUR MIND, MIND.

7) Zoe has been insufferable since we got back. Literally won’t let us out of her sight, yowls if we are not paying attention to her, and jumping on us constantly at night. I am a deadweight  would sleep through a herd of wildebeasts cavorting around with party blowers and airhorns sound sleeper (when I am able to stay asleep), so I’ve largely been ok. But Alex, not so much. Also, we have both stepped on or into her several times because she won’t take a hint! 

8) We took so much stuff to the Salvation Army, and I have some things that are brand spanking new and I desperately want to sell….but I haven’t. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. Fix me, please. 

9) My mom fixed my and Alex’s watches for my birthday, but we got them on our anniversary so it was the perfect anniversary present to both of us! It has been over a year since his has worked, and probably about 9 months since mine worked (mine has to be fixed specially because of the brand, so it just never happened). So weird to have watches on again!


So that I know that it’s #icecreamoclock. Oh wait, that is all the time!

10) Remember how back in the day I was watching Brothers and Sisters and they pulled if from Netflix right before I finished watching it? Well, now you do. And then somehow our queue got all messed up and it kept postponing and then deleted it from the queue? Well, now you do. I FINALLY got the first of the two dvds of episodes that I missed yesterday! So now I can put the Walkers to rest, 6 ish months later. 

Sufficient nonsense for you? Don’t worry, there is plenty more where that came from! But for now, I will leave you in peace. Your missions, should you choose to accept it, is to get your hands on some delicious BBQ today. It’s a real holiday, people!

Anyone else Upside Down, Inside Out? About what?

What type of BBQ do you like?

What is making you think of late?

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