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Ups and Downs at 4 Weeks/One Month (Friday Catch Up 2/23)

Someone is a month old today! Time for the Friday Catch Up–it was a week of great highs and a few (mental) lows.

I missed posting on Monday, but as I am about to tell you, I didn’t really feel like it, even if I had the time.

Friday Catch Up 2/23

1) As I intimated/discussed in my post last Friday, Emmie got increasingly fussy last week, and that fussiness increased enough this past weekend that it had all of us wondering if we had a colicky baby. We are talking a lot of crying unconsolably-basically, if she was awake, 70% of her time was spent crying. And there was nothing I could really do. It seemed like the way to get her stopped was mostly luck. She would get so overstimulated and not be able to settle, then swallow tons of air crying and then have terrible gas. Then finally, we would burp her air bubbles out, and she would pass out for several hours, I would sleep and feel better, then she would feed like crazy, get reflux and feel uncomfortable, I would lose sleep and she would fuss, and the cycle would start again.

I still love her more that words can say

Some people get angry and even violent towards kids that are crying. I just got really sad. aka starting to shut down and even get depressed (yes, tears are a given). Feeling depressed + baby crying (and raining) = I’m sure my brother had #somuchfun while he was here.

2) The good news is that she has done better with each day as soon as she turned 4 weeks on Tuesday. Kind of like my pregnancy symptoms–I would change each week on Tuesday as well! She has made major changes as well in terms of how much she is awake, able to focus, and engaging with the world. but best of all, she is much more congenial, and back mostly to crying when she is uncomfortable, etc. At her 4 week appointment, she had a little meltdown, but the doctor worked magic on her and got it under control, and we have used the same technique with success since!


And yes, she still has a HUGE noggin 😀

3) I have some exciting news in my postpartum fitness journey! I rejoined Class Pass to help me get myself kickstarted back into rebuilding my body. I am going to a Pre-/Postnatal yoga class tomorrow and a Pre-/postnatal weights and cardio class on Wednesday (while Mom is still here). After that, I will have 3 classes to use (likely on the weekends while Alex is home) over the next month. Walking is going well, I’m feeling better and better, and soon I will start being able to take Emmie out on walks (plus it will be necessary with Mom being gone). 

This is going to be interesting, LOL!

4) As you saw on IG, we celebrated my brother’s 33 birthday (just a few days late) with brunch at Frances’ Deli, burgers and all of the fries, and then everyone’s favorite stuffed Molly’s Cupcakes. We got the Raspberry Chocolate (with a chocolate mousse and raspberry coulis filling), Samoas (with a caramel coconut filling and caramel frosting and something else I don’t remember but omg it was amazing), and the Ron Bennington (Dark chocolate + dark chocolate frosting + peanut butter mousse filling + butterscotch shavings). And after all that food that we had before? Not a crumb was left. I was very helpful in accomplishing that feat. 

5) Alex and I are going on a date night tonight– where should we go? Sushi? Oyster Bah? DECISIONS.

Or we might just go back to Cafe Ba Ba Reeba. It was so good last time…

And then he is on call the rest of the weekend. JOY. Lol!

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