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Unstoppable : The Strongest Woman I Know


The strongest woman I know can’t lift over 5 pounds. And she is unstoppable.

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I have a client who is the embodiment of the sentiment that strength is so much more than numbers and pounds. She is an illustration of the power of the mind over the body. She is one of the sweetest, greatest spirits, with a wicked sense of humor and an amazing work ethic. She trains with me multiple times a week and goes home and does the homework and has gone from being nervous about sitting on the Swiss ball (the stability ball) to sitting like a champ without even thinking about it (and telling others to do it, too!). 

And she is sick. We don’t know how bad the illness is, or even where or what it truly is. And you know what she tells me?

“They’ll find it. And when they find it, they will fix it! I’m going to live to be 100!”

When I hugged her after one of her test results came back less than favorable, she hugged ME telling ME that it would be ok! 

You can keep your big muscles; I will take this lady’s heart and iron will every time. She is the embodiment of tough as nails. And yet she is tough as nails with a smile. 

Strength is proven when you inspire others to never give up.

I want to have her outlook on life when I grow older: honest, frank and outright, positive, and determined to put my best foot forward. How many people do you know nearing 80 who would make the decision to hire a personal trainer? 

I am so glad that she did. With each week, she has grown more and more confident; she has gained greater mobility and strength. She is one of my model students. 

I am so lucky with my clientelle: whether I train them in person or remotely, coach them to marathons to simply to gain confidence sitting on a stability ball, each one is what in the South we call “good people.” They make me laugh, they make me proud, and I look forward to each of them for different reasons. Some challenge me as a trainer in new ways by pushing me out of my comfort zone. After all, it is only fair after I push them out of their comfort zone so much. 

The strongest person isn't necessarily the one that can lift the most. Strength comes from overcoming the obstacles that tried to prevent your progress.

Each of my clients gives back to me in different ways, and I truly adore each of them. Now that I have been working with some of them for several months, I have been able to get to know my clients, watch them gain physical strength and endurance as they shorten their recovery periods. I have watched muscles grow and form, and for the first time for some of my clients. Personal bests are hit time and again.

But the strongest woman I know lifts the least amount of weight of all of my clients. 

But I know I have done my job when I show her just how truly strong she is when she combines her mental and physical strength. Watching her face light up in amazement as she realizes she can do something she never imagined was possible (and it very well wasn’t a month ago). 

That is when I feel like a superhero. That is when I know that I am doing the right thing with my life. I may not be the most amazing trainer that has ever walked into a gym, but I am exactly who I need to be at that place and time.

She has made me stronger. She is training me as I train her. 

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Who is the strongest person that you know?

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