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A Unique Mother’s Day Gift that Lasts All Year


This unique Mother’s Day Gift lasts all year and reminds her every day of how much you love her. It can be hard when your mom lives far away!

This post is made possible by Uncommon Goods! All opinions and ideas are my own!

It is no secret how much I love and adore my mommy,

On a totally unrelated note, I never called her Mommy when I was growing up unless I was sick–I called her Mom, Madre, and Madrebamus (if you have taken Latin, you know where that comes from, even though it makes no sense to put that ending on a noun). It wasn’t until I was older that I started to refer to her as My Mommy. 

I wish that my mom lived closer to us, but for the past however many years, we have been celebrating Mother’s Day from afar. This year, I came up with a new idea for making Mother’s Day special and reminding her of my love for her every day.

And, I get a little gift to enjoy as well 😀

Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Uncommon Goods!

When Uncommon Goods asked me how I planned to make Mother’s Day special, I was momentarily stumped. I mean, my mom and I have always loved unique, fun gifts that are meant to put a smile on everyone’s face. But how to make a memorable Mother’s Day gift? And how to make it more than “just another” Mother’s Day gift?

As I was browsing the curated catalog of Uncommon Goods’ offerings for Mother’s Day, I found so many potential options. There are so many good options–I really love all the handmade artisan jewelry as well as the upcycled decor (about 1/3 of the collections include upcycled or recycled materials). Best of all, it isn’t hard to find a unique Mother’s Day gift because the focus of Uncommon Goods is on the handmade (nearly half of their offerings). My favorites of their unique Mother’s Day gift ideas:


But my problem was that I saw that each of the gifts that I picked out, though awesome and perfect for someone else’s mom, just weren’t the right gift for my mom and what I wanted to express to here this Mother’s Day. Add to this the fact that my mom lives far away and travels around during the winter… what can I give her that she can enjoy all year round?

The cherry strainer would have been absconded by my dad, who is the master cherry eater. I wanted the Unicorn Mug

Then I saw the answer:

The solar tealights. 

Alex and I got little solar powered LED firefly mason jars when we first moved it, and the ambiance they lend is amazing. My mom is a huge candle person–we are always lighting candles at night, we love lanterns… but lighting everything up is a pain (and a fire hazard). The solar powered lights come on when the light outside dims enough, and then they charge during the day! They would be a fantastic addition to the al fresco evenings that Mom and Dad spend at the lake and in Mexico. But I wasn’t happy with that being the end of the gift. What could make it special?

When she was here for my birthday, I presented her with two lanterns… and then I kept one, while she took one home. 

Remember that song from American Tales, “Somewhere Out There,” where they talk about seeing the same moon and knowing someone is out there that loves them? Same idea (in a non creepy way). 

Now, every night, we can share the lights and think of each other.

If you are looking for a unique Mother’s Day gift idea, consider going to Uncommon Goods and finding something fun and memorable. Perhaps you might then buy one for yourself as well as your mom so that you can share that connection throughout the year. 

Because love goes across any distance!

This fantastic #MothersDay gift idea from @uncommongoods shows mom love all year! #ad Click To Tweet

How do you celebrate your mom throughout the year?

Do you struggle with these types of gifts?


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