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Treat Yourself Tuesday: Finally, a Day OFF

Ohmygoodness thank the stars of heaven for Tuesday. Screw TGIF. TGIT. I FINALLY GET A DAY OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!! Last night was my 6th night in a row at the restaurant. I logged 50-55 hrs in 6 days, which might not seem like all that much at first glance. But on further consideration, you have to account for the fact that Saturday was a 14 hour day, I wake up at 630 or 7 regardless of the time I go to bed, and my work day starts when many people have only an hour or so left of theirs. Sunday night I got home in time to go to bed right around midnight, my earliest turn-in time since Wednesday.

But last night, oh last-glorious-night, I. got. home. at. 9. 0. 5. AAAANNNDD made money. AANNDD ran into Alex as he was coming out of the gym, so we got to spend an hour together. AANNDD I was asleep at 10. ANNDD I slept through the night and woke up at 7 this morning.


I have been so tired–the majority of Monday AM was spend in a semi-comatose state on the couch with my eyes closed (no joke). I had intended to get to my workout, work on blog stuff, return emails, etc, but I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open. And I couldn’t sleep. So, we’re going to say that I was “recharging.”

Now that I have a solid night’s rest and a cuddle with my little baby family in me, my mind is so much clearer. I apologize for my sleep-deprived ramblings this weekend, btw. I’m not sorry for the content, but for the execution. I will revisit the topics again, I am sure, so that I can redeem myself with some more succinct thoughts. I could have held off publishing that post, but you know what? It was something that I needed to say. And this is my blog and my lyfe (Remember, I am the only one qualified to live it!). So there.

Even in the midst of the long days this past week, I managed to treat myself to a few things.

Merci, Becky!

Merci, Becky!

First up (and still in progress): TUESDAY

Why is Tuesday a treat? Glad you asked. Tuesday, let me count a few of the ways I love you:

1) First and foremost, REMICADE. GIVE ME YOUR DRRRUUUGGSSS. And a little reminder to be thankful.

2) A day off. My last day off was last Tuesday. Again, I understand that for many, this is NBD, and perhaps you are all Boo Hoo, cry me a river, you spoiled brat.

bitchBut give me a break, it has been a very, very long time since I worked this much. Also, this is coming off of a week of vacation. So the out-of-practice-factor=tenfold.

3) A glorious bowl of oats this morning with alllllll of my favorite fixin’s. And a big ol’ thermos of coffee.

I apologize for the chartreause. Probs shouldve thought about that earlier... PB, Banana, cranberries, chocolate covered cocoa nibs, sprinkles, ACV, cinnamon, apple pie spice, a little salt and cayenne. #strangebutgood

I apologize for the chartreause. Probs shouldve thought about that earlier…
PB, Banana, cranberries, chocolate covered cocoa nibs, sprinkles, ACV, cinnamon, apple pie spice, a little salt and cayenne. #strangebutgood

4) A full, restful, and not-sweaty night of sleep. 9 hours, beeyatch. The chance of appending any of these qualifiers to my typical sleep habits is slim to none.


5) Technically, this occurred yesterday, but groceries. Sweet, glorious, groceries. And an old favorite ice cream to look forward to breaking into tonight 😀

cherry van

6) The fact that Alex and I will have a night together–not just sleep. Like a whole night. We haven’t decided if we are going out or stay in. But, please? Sick people, be less sick so that my husband can come home! Also, obviously so that you are last sick.  Do us all a solid, k? Thankyouverymuchgoodbye.



7) My ridiculous cat. Alex took these pics Saturday night, I believe, (when I was at work), but I found her doing the same thing this morning. What a ninny.

zoe in sink

8) Calf/peroneal is still a little tweaky, so I have re-arranged my plans, but I anticipating doing back today, and, well, that’s my favorite 😀



9) The snow that we got last night is nice and powdery, not thick and cumbersome, and the sun is shinyshiny, at least for now.

10) Mommy is back in the States! Hoping to talk to her today.

Tuedsay is obviously still in progress, but a few treats from the weekend:

Ordered a new size of one of my fave jackets that just doesn’t fit me. In fact, I might sell the one that I am replacing (it is basically brand new) so stay tuned and maybe we can match!

Did a short run in my new Ravennas. Slash got to wear my new Ravennas.


Finally got us a rug for the living room (fingers crossed that I like it)

Ordered some new thermals to wear to work.

Reorganized the pantry a bit and restocked our snacks.

Recommitted myself to boosting my nutrition for better health now and in the long run.

Whew. Thanks for hanging in there and indulging a girl. Now, I am going to continue to let liquid awesome get pumped into my veins and work on some other things, but I hope that your day is fab, that you are feeling fab, and that you get to take a moment for yourself in this hectic life.

Anyone else feeling remarkably better this morning?

Would you rather be at work all day, and fit your interests around it, or not go to work until later, work the same amount, and have a chunk of time beforehand?

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