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Turning the Page (Almost 11 Months + Friday Catch Up 12/21)

Emmie is about to turn the page and hit some major milestones. Also, date night and new ideas! Friday Catch Up time!

Yay, I remembered to do 2 posts in a week! Did you read about our week in the Week Catch Up from Monday?

Friday Catch Up 12/21

1). Shout out to Alex, who is having is about to start his very last day week of general GI consults. This weekend, he has one last weekend of call (it is interventional, so not too bad), one week of consults, and then 2 more single overnight calls taking place during January, and then he is DONE with call and consults and long long hours and RIFF RAFF. He will still do some moonlighting shifts that will be overnight, but those will happen once a month, so easy peasy. No more weekends to work until he is the hepatology fellow this summer, and even then those hours will be on Saturday mornings a handful of times a year.

It is so weird to think that we are finally getting to the “end.” That he is going to finally get to work a schedule on par with an attending, and not just for a few weeks. That we can plan on the majority of our weeknights and weekends being ones spent as a family. YES!!

2) And it couldn’t come at a better time, Emmie-wise!

As I mentioned on Monday, she is working hard and getting close to toddling on her own! She has improved her one handed walking even since Monday–she is pretty sure on her feet now, though she doesn’t always believe that she is. She did something hilarious on Tuesday when she used Daddy for support and made a mini conga line. My brother said it reminded him of an exoskeleton. lol.

Here is a real video of her walking:

She has gotten better at standing alone, as well, but you really do have to trick her into it. She won’t let go of her own volition for the sole purpose of standing alone (I trick her with toys, which she might grab with both hands). Edited Thursday night: she stood all by herself for 10 seconds! Distraction is key

She is actually starting to intentionally use particular words/sounds–when she is with me and she get scared or wants something, she uses “ma,” and when she is with Alex, she uses “da.” Sometimes she will use “ma” with him, but she is looking at me when she does, and it is usually because she is upset.

Emmie is still being picky about what she will eat, so I am taking the “if you can’t beat them, join them” game to heart and trying to beat her at her own game. She has been gulping down her pouches, and the latest ones that I got her seem to actually keep her full, so I started making her smoothies yesterday and put reusable pouches on her birthday list. Her first smoothie (made for her, not just her helping me out with mine) was blueberry + spinach + sweet potato + banana + almond butter, with enough water to thin it and add some hydration.

Gave her some cereal after and she was happy! Wouldn’t touch her milk, but she had half of the smoothie (which was almost 8 oz), so I was happy with that.


Y’all. We went from nursing last week more than we have over the past months to me only nursing her in the morning the past 2 days. She was so full from her real food (pouches before her nap, food and milk at dinner when we ate out) that she didn’t want to nurse before or after her nap or at night! I woke up in the middle of the night so full due to not nursing, but who knows if we will even need my stash if she refuses to drink milk anyway lol.

I don’t know if this is going to continue, but all the more reason to get those reusable pouches/make smoothies/find things for her to eat!

Her naps are much better than last week, thank goodness. That said, I think she is majorly growing, and I know that another tooth is coming in. I have officially switched her over to 12 month clothes with few exceptions. She also got her first pair of shoes for first steps/early walkers aka real soles so that we can practice other places. She will grow out of them soon, I’m sure!

3) Chicago has had such good weather this week. It has been waaaay warmer than it was in November/early December, and I have been thankful for the beautiful, meltdown free runs that Emmie, Ridley, and I have enjoyed.

I still bundle her up, but I can at least leave her hands open to play with things. We can also use the umbrella stroller with her in a coat and blanket, rather than taking the BOB with its footmuff and snowsuit.

This week reminded me of Christmas time in the South! Just the right amount of cold. I have sto say that because we had such early cold weather and snowfall, it feels like it has already been winter for a long, long time. How can we just be beginning? Isn’t today the first day of winter? Oh goodness….

4) We ended up not going to so many classes this week as originally planned, and instead threw an extra Stroller Strides in there. I’m thinking I might go back to doing more Fit4Mom classes per week/month in the new year. I really enjoy the workouts (as you know), and the play time and playgroups or so great for her. Plus, as it gets colder and we go outside less, I want her to have time to just go crawl or toddle around beyond going to classes or staying inside at home.

I don’t think she understands what to do with walls

5) This weekend is going to be a standard interventional GI call weekend. Alex will get home in time for dinner (unless something really unexpected happens) or even before, so he should get good time with Emmie. He won’t get Christmas Eve off or even get out early (it will be a full working day). But he should get out relatively early on Christmas Day (the labs are closed), so we are going to do our old school Thanksgiving meal per his request as my present to him.

And now, I am going to go watch some trashy TV before Emmie wakes up!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Give me some smoothie ideas for Emmie!

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