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Truly. Truly. Random. #Thinkingoutloud

Goodness gracious, great balls of fire, y’all, have I got some crazy to get out of my gourd. Thankfully, Amanda has provided the perfect vehicle for unloading all of the Suz rambles. Shall I share? Oh, you are too kind.


I don’t even know where to begin. And I’m not going to number this week. Things are too random; there’s just no helping any of it.

Actually, that is a lie, I know exactly where to begin. I want to start today by thanking a very special lady, Mrs. Run Salt Run. I know that I shouldn’t be surprised by generosity exhibited by those who you know to be generous, but I rarely, if ever, expect to be the target of such generosity.

001 I am mentioning this not to have it be about me, but to make it about her. If you don’t know Salt, then I am sorry. EDUCATE YOURSELF. Now. And then come back and be nonsensical with me. But go see her first.

And now random:go.

  • I got CPR certified yesterday, what whhhattttttt. It was easy, it was cheap, it covered things I pretty much already knew. But the importance of it is thus: I can now take my NASM test (well, as soon as I get the card in the mail). ONE> STEP> CLOSER>


  • Speaking of NASM, I took my first full practice exam today, and if I were to take that exact exam, I would pass! I have to wait until I get my CPR card to take the test, but now I can feel confident in knowing that I will be ready almost a full month ahead of my own schedule, bringing me that much closer to be a real(ish) person and allowing me to market myself to gyms and other entrepreneurs. THE SUZLYFE WILL BE BONAFIDE.
Also, Earth Day for the win. #youknowyourafitnessfanaticwhen

Also, Earth Day for the win. #youknowyourafitnessfanaticwhen

  • I love the fact that you all were drooling so much over the chicken and waffles. Thus why I love you all. I have an amazing recap of Alex’s and my date night at Cantina Laredo (from last Friday)–holy balls what food and what a deal. I will say that the passion fruit margarita came out way more like a pineapple…something, and was WAY too sweet for me, but I had a fantastic drink that was essentially a mojito-margarita lovechild. If the mint had been just a bit more muddled, I would have said it was near perfect. Guess I’ll just have to go back and request that they muddle it. Le siiiigh.

claredo mint ginger marg

  • I love that avocados are plentiful and delicious. I also love that blueberries go with everything, essentially. My latest combinations?
    • Shrimp, spaghetti squash, dry Thai seasoning, liquid aminos, green beans, capers, blueberries, mixy mixy and reheat. Then drizzle all over with honey mustard. HOLY YUM. Spicy. Sweet. Savory. Salty. Umami. ALLTHEAWESOME.
    • Tonight? A mon-star of a salad: Jalapeno Chicken Sausage, avocado (mmmm), cherry tomatoes, sauteed onion, sauteed mushroom, a little garlic powder + salt + pepper, Nature Box Citrus Chipotle Chickpeas, NatureBox Toasted Kettle Kernels, blueberries (frozen, didn’t even heat them and so they gave a great burst of cool as they thawed), Champagne vinaigrette. ERMIGERD. I loved every single bite.

big ole salad suz

  • Speaking of blueberries going with everything, I have a great recipe for you all tomorrow.

spag squash pancakes

  • Best nail color maybe ever? Butter London Scallywag. I have missed having color on my nails, and this had to happen. Plus it matches just about everything that I own.


  • I want a beer and or a glass of wine so badly I can’t stand it. Sigh. #crohnsproblems #medicinesideeffects
and i want a puppy #thingsicanthave

and i want a puppy #thingsicanthave

  • Social media is exhausting. And the fact that no one understands Google+ has been confirmed to me. Ah well. I do like the new Twitter though.
  • My phone has started fritzing like bananas on me when it gets close to my iPad. So random. It starts going to voice control, then shuts off, then calls people. Apparently my gadgets have sibling rivalry issues?

sibling rivalry

  • So, remember how I said don’t call it a comeback? Well, one of you fools did, I guess, because I may or may not have stress fractured my foot, or something of the like. And I am not being dramatic. I wish I was. On my run Monday, I stepped on some uneven pavement and didn’t think anything of it. 1/4 mi later (I am now realizing), my foot started to hurt (5th metatarsal, towards the ankle, left foot, for those that care), or ache, and hasn’t stopped. the ache seems to have flatlined, for now, and I have been icing, staying off it as best I can, and wearing good shoes. But every step has discomfort. The spin bike doesn’t bother it, so back to the bike. I am seriously cursed thus far. Again #crohnsproblems –you have to be perfect, and there is one aspect in which I haven’t been perfect. I will discuss this soon, but it and my plan to remedy it deserves its own post. Stay tuned. I think that once I get that part dealt with, I will be as good to go as I ever will be. And if this doesn’t work, well then I will go coach people and just do all the yoga. Those who can’t do, teach, I guess.
  • My cat. Is out. Of her. Everloving mind.

zoe 4 22

  • 2 amazing new flavors of ice cream this week: I was nervous, but Edy’s Coffee and Cookies is amazing. Just right. And it was time for S’mores to come back. Heaven does exist.
Don't mind if I do.

Don’t mind if I do.

I may be snakebit, have a crazy cat, and do-gooder husband,
but at least I can happily live the life of a sinner with my Edy’s.
It will never judge me.

  • Laura and I are going to start a blog about us eating jelly beans. Contain yourself. Cuz we certainly won’t be able to.

sweet dreams

Tell me something good (Tell me that you like me hahahaha nerd humor)

Are you CPR certified?

Guacamole or salsa? Corn or Flour tortillas? 

Sparkly nails or matte?

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