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Tributes, Belonging, and Gifts: Thinking Out Loud

All Thriller. No Filler.

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

1) You all just need to come and visit me for bbq, dessert, and especially for Social. LET’S GO PEOPLE!

2) So after the hell of last week’s construction, the whole enterprise got relatively better.

What they were doing last week.

What they were doing last week. That was completely empty Monday last week, this is from last Friday.

Until TO-FREAKING-DAY. When they decided to move to all the walls around my office. They removed a wall so that they could move it, and yay hooray both the starting and future locations are corners of my office.

Currently (the back wall of my office)

Currently (the back wall of my office)

Kill me.

3) As if we expected anything different. I took the “Which Southern City Do You Belong In?” You know what city I got? YOU BETTER BELIEVE.

atlanta quiz

4) I also took a “What Burger Are You?” And I have to say that it describes me pretty well. veggie burger A salad on a bun. I know some of you don’t want to be described as a salad 😉 but I happen to think it is a perfect way to get alll the goodness. And this way you get bread, too.

5) On a more serious note, we have lost some amazing institutions this week. Yep, institutions.
The incomparable Robin Williams, who defined my childhood in so many ways.

The “Ultimate Femme Fatale” Lauren Bacall.

And Jelly Belly, which is closing its plant and leaving the area after over 100 years. Thank goodness I went while I did!

jelly belly suzlyfe

6) I’ve gotten some really fun stuff in the mail recently. I LOVE GIFTS

a) Kevita ran an Instagram contest to caption this picture. Duh I won that.

kevita caption

My entry? “Are you single? Will you be single if I give you this Kevita?”

b) I won an ace bandage from Jen! This is actually great because Alex keeps stealing mine. I have graciously given him my old one.

c) MY SWIRLGEAR ARRIVED! And now my girl Courtney and I can be twinsies. Not dumping ice on my head, though. But kudos to you my friend.

d) VitaCost Delivery with Kay’s, PB2, and FRS. YASH. Also, something that I thought was funny–I bought a few of these new Kind Strong bars at the store, only to come home and find out that I got 2 of them for free from VitaCost! I hope that we like them, and I will let you know!

e) New therapy bands for my PT exercises. I snapped mine because I am baddass.

f) More Rock tape! I got beige again, because I realized I needed some that I could wear at work, but I’m gonna get some more in the blue argyle, I think.

7) Because of the construction, the inability to leave my desk, but also the amount of work that I am needing to get done, I may or may not have finished the remaining 2+ seasons of the Tudors in…4…days…. I definitely liked the first 2 seasons best. I did love Joss Stone though. But who doesn’t, really.

8) So now I have started Mad Men. It’s on.

9) Remember this guy? I saw him again yesterday. Still sporting patterned pants but this time a more monochromatic ensemble.

lollapalooza street dude

10) I found out that there is a Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream retail post in Chicago proper. Also that Scoops carries it, particularly This S#&T Got Serious. This might, indeed, get serious.

chocolate shoppe collage

I’m doomed. That’s what I get for researching ice cream for a work blog post for end of summer treats. Time for some field research….. I wonder if I can charge it to work? I need an expense account for ice cream. Seriously.

What do you need an expense account for? Beyond the obvious–you CANNOT say running shoes/clothes or nut butter. Those are a given, for many of us. 

Fall TV shows/movies that you are looking forward to?

Any fun mail things recently?

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