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#TreatyourselfTuesday Gorge-ia on the Borgia

Thank you all so much for your support on my little announcement. You are each of you quite correct–this is only the opportunity for expansion. Onwards and upwards.

In the past few days, I have gained quite a bit more free time than I had originally planned on having. And so I have needed to fill that time with other pursuits, dare I say it, treats.

Merci, Becky!

Merci, Becky!

Treat numero uno? Gorging on Yoga

I went 6 days in a row. And loved it. But now I have two slight monkey wrenches thrown into the mix that will potentially interrupt my practice.

a) the job issue. And the need to pay for yoga.

b) Everything was going hunky dory with my running until Saturday. I was on the treadmill, happy jaunting away, still keeping my pace even and easy, and then POW sharp pain in my hamstring. Well, kids, I now have a hamstring strain, one of the more repellent of the running injuries due to its healing time and the number of exercises it interferes with. I am going to the PT today (for my lower leg issue) but am going to have them look at and work on it.

If you cross your fingers for nothing else, please cross your fingers that this heals soon. I cannot bear to face all this time alone without the one thing that gives me most comfort (mentally and physically) and also helps to occupy my time. Also, I desperately want to be able to run with Caitlin in Pittsburgh.

Let’s move on to more fun things, shall we?

So, in my time off, I have gotten to re-acquaint myself with a little thing called Netflix.

Friday, I watched me some Mansfield Park. 

jonny lee miller mansfield park kiss

Loved seeing a young Jonny Lee Miller in action.

And, Saturday, I started on a new indulgence: The Borgias


I used to be quite the Italophile, and I still have a major soft spot for all things Roman, especially Ancient, Renaissance, and Baroque. And it felt pretty badass going through our honeymoon pics of Rome while watching. It is so cool seeing the evolution of St. Peter’s and the Vatican (having studied the evolution architecturally during school).

The top of St. Peters Basilica

The top of St. Peters Basilica

Plus, you know that Showtime spared no expense with the sumptuous production. And the actors and acting is top-notch. It is not as overly graphic as Rome (another great series, though much more explicit)–violence is more hinted at than shown.

And Cesare is darkly handsome, with the most beautiful features.

erg that little half smile. the hair interferes a bit, though.

erg that little half smile. the hair interferes a bit, though.


I have watched The Tudors previously, but I am thinking that that series might be next…. I need to have something on in the background while I write resume and cover letters and it is 15 degrees outside!

What have you watched on Netflix recently that you have enjoyed?

Have you ever had a hamstring strain before?

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