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#TreatyourselfTuesday: A Little ::UN::Necessary Shopping

Greetings, mi amigos. Three weeks ago, Chicago was wrapped up in a polar vortex, and Alex’s and my travel plans had been thrown into a vortex of their own as a result. This week, travel plans are unaffected, but WE ARE IN ANOTHER POLAR SNAP. W. T. Flaming. F.

Restaurant week is ongoing, and I will say has been inconsistent thus far this weekend. I did fine, but I definitely worked for it. That said, since we returned from Mexico, I have come into some cash that is burning a hole in pocket, so I have been putting that NOT towards savings (don’t worry, much of it is going towards savings) and rather picking up some needed and not-so-needed but very-much-wanted items. I mean, when you finally have a morning to relax and recuperate, what better way to spend it?

I'm sorry, but this is just awesome

I’m sorry, but this is just awesome

Also, last night it was so cold in the restaurant that my body (I’m pretty sure) started to go into shock. I literally thought I was going to be sick because my body was like seizing. Finally I asked a manager if I could borrow one of the company sweatshirts (I had gotten one originally but the sizes are unisex, so the small was HUGE on me, and I returned it). All they had left was a Large. It was awesome, and I wrapped the sucker around me like a robe. #taxiridehome. Also, Thank you to a few amazingly generous customers last night for your understanding of the hectic nature of RW and also for being so nice with your tips!

NOW, what did I spend my hard earned (on the corner :D) money?

Merci, Becky!

Merci, Becky!

The final rug for our apartment

I. have. been. searching. for the final Lebowski-esque tying-the-room-together rug for our “living room” sector of our apartment. And I finally found it. Thank you, Target, for being affordable and therefore replaceable after the cat has vomitted on it a bajillion times.

new rug

Photo Albums, Picture Frames, and an Easy Canvas Print!!

Last time Alex and I went to NIU, we went by CVS and picked up a sh*t ton of wedding prints that I had printed off. Well, those have been sitting under our desk since. After a week of failed trips to try and find scrapbooking/photo albums, I found some online, and soon those pics will be put in their final displaying place!

I also got some frames and matting boards for the photowall of wedding pics (and went on Pinterest for the first time since…. maybe a week or 2 before the wedding?). And I got to use gift cards for all of these purchases #winning.

This morning (Tuesday), I ordered a canvas from Easy Canvas Prints, a site I found on Jessie Loves 2 Run a while ago and that is still having a 25% off sale! If you use my referral, I get $10 off a future purchase, SO USE THIS TWEET TO GO TO THE SITE. I will let you know how it turns out!


This weather makes me wish for the warm to come. Also, though I am still awaiting confirmation on my big opportunity, I really want to get a cute but professional dress in anticipation. OK, twist my arm.

Here are the ones that I am thinkin’: (From ModCloth)

dress1 dress2And then, I just couldn’t help myself….pandaunicorn head

JK. But seriously, I wish…

And now it is time for me to put up my credit card. Because this is absurd.

Have a great day, don’t forget to relax a bit, and #treatyoself.

And stay warm!

Would you put up a giant inflatable unicorn head in your living room?

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