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A Day to Remember and a real Blond Moment! (Weekend Recap 5/7)

Hey everyone! Welcome to the other side of the weekend (cue Adele). Today is actually a really big anniversary for my family (I’ll tell you in a sec!) plus I’m sharing a SERIOUS blond moment I had, and the cutest picture yet! Weekend recap time!

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Weekend Recap 5/7

1) Let’s start with the really big anniversary. One year ago today, I laced up my Mizunos, headed out to the Lakefront Path, and ran 4 miles to Northwestern’s fertility clinic, where a little bitty thawed embryo was transferred into my uterus. That little bitty cluster of cells was Yoshi, now known to the worl as Emmie! After two failed fresh transfers and 2 egg retrievals, this was our last remaining embryo. Now, one year later, my little Yoshi is an adorable 15 week old (tomorrow) with opinions galore and all the heart in the world. She was worth every injection, pill, ultrasound, blooddraw, and all the weeks staying quiet. Although Mother’s Day is next week, in a way, this is my Mother’s Day!

After two failed embryo transfers, this time my doctor is taking a more aggressive approach and hormone lead in for my Frozen Embryo Transfer, the next stip in my IVF In Vitro Fertilization Protocol. @suzlyfe

2) We had a great weekend, and the weather was AMAZING.

We had our first al fresco dining out at Tarascas! I got there early with Em and secured our spot, as well as started on the Jumbo marg and chips.

Because you know me…. Emmie did great and was the star of the show, as always.

Saturday was even more fun!

How cute is Emmie in her Derby Day outfit! 

And here she is looking like she had a few too many “milk juleps.” She often ends up wearing “Ollie” the elephant rattle around her arm like a purse, lol. 

I  took her and Ridley for a long walk after my elliptical session that morning. I woke up feeling my ligaments a little bit, but everything felt fine when I was really moving, so I just proceeded.

I’m also LOVING my new “everyday” shoes. I want to keep my nice running shoes as fresh as possible, plus they are just a bit bulky, so I got another pair that is similar to my beloved but totally dead Nike Flyknits. I even did the elliptical in these! 

Since a few of you asked after seeing them on my IG stories, they are the New Balance Fuelcore Nergize. OMG they are amazingly comfortable, though I wish they had a little bit of arch support. But whatever. I just wanted an easy and more streamline shoe to walk the dog, run errands, etc.

Alex was on call for a specialty service, but he was still able to come home early. So I “let” him do the laundry and put Em down for a nap while I put myself down for a nap. It was ammmmazing. We went for a family walk, picked up a simple dinner on the way home, and sat outside on the balcony for dinner. 

Sunday I actually went to church with Landon! I haven’t been to church for an actual service since I was a first or second year in college, I don’t think. I am pretty a-religious, but I was curious about the message and was looking forward to seeing Landon and having a wholesome start to my day. The church was great, I enjoyed the message, and the music was fantastic. I would legitimately go back just for the music! Emmie was good overall, but she woke up about a third of the way through and demanded a change and then to eat (because it was her normal time to eat). Luckily, I felt very comfortable in this church (it is a more modern, young type of feel), so I got out my cover and she ate for 30 minutes! kiddo was apparently VERY hungry!

The rest of the day was spent finishing up errands and getting ready for the week!

3) I’m pretty proud of Em–she is getting much better about self soothing, or at least at the initial getting herself to sleep. Multiple times this weekend she got herself to sleep by just being swaddled, shh’d and set down to sleep! She is also getting back to her more normal 1x a night waking/feeding schedule, though on Friday (I think) she woke up at 5 and was like LET’S DO THIS. Then she fell asleep on her mat after an hour of HARD play, slept for an hour, woke up and ate, and then passed back out, lol. #growthspurt anyone?

4) Ok, so let’s talk this blond moment. Have you ever gotten two people mixed up in your mind during a conversation (their names are only different in one letter), and then acted on what you thought happened? Let me explain.

Last week, I was going to meet friends for drinks, but that was when I was dealing with my head and Emmie’s tummy, so I had already opted out of the evening. I ended up seeing one of the friends on the way back from the store (getting meds), and she told me that this person (who I thought was the other friend we were meeting) had lost her job that day, including losing her phone because it was a company phone. So I got on FB messager (as the friend that I had seen had mentioned that she was communicating with her) and told friend B that I was SO sorry about the terrible news, that we would reschedule (she apparently had already talked to friend A about not meeting up), and that the whole thing just sucked. I even gave her my number because I thought she was going to have to get a new phone!


Thankfully, it was all cleared up this weekend, and when I texted her explaining what had happened, we both got a huge laugh out of it! 


Tell me your last blond moment!

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

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