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Training, Races, and Mag Mile Half Marathon Giveaway!


Time for another giveaway! I kind of skirt around the topic of my training and races, so I thought that I would take advantage of Tuesdays on the Run and Running Coaches Corner to discuss where I’m currently at, where I am trying to go, and to give you all another chance to run with me and Alex!

The topic of discussion this week for Tuesdays on the Run is your Fall Race Schedule, and I guess you could say that I kind of have a little bit of one? Well, I have some races on the radar, at least, and I wanted to give you all updates on my own training, so go with it. And don’t miss the chance to win your way in to the Magnificent Mile Half Marathon! 

Races on the Fall Docket

What is on your fall race calendar? See what running coach Susie has planned for the next few months!


September 8th 6:00 PM. Another night/evening race, but as I discovered with the AMITA race, I can totally handle a 10K in the evening. I am excited to be running RUN10FEED10 again (my first time doing the race is here), this time as a part of the Chicago VIP team. Each runner that participates in the RUN 10 FEED 10 10K run instantly provides 10 meals for those going hungry in your city. How amazing is that? Join me with code WHPR5OFF for $5 off!

Run10 Feed10 is a great race for a great cause! Each 10K run delivers 10 meals to the local hungry.

From 2014!

Race Goals: Have fun with my friends (Erica and others will be there), try to make it all the way through sans bathroom stop, and negative split the race.

Mag Mile Half Marathon

September 10th 7:00 AM. Next up, I have my attempt to check another Fitness Goal off the list with my half marathon by the end of summer (it was going to be a time goal, but I’m over that now, lol). I have now run this race 2 years in a row, and it is the only race that lets your run on the Magnificent Mile aka upper Michigan Avenue. I’ve had a blast running it with friends for the past two years--first with Mo and then with Erin–and I always run it in a crown.

Women's Mag Mile Half Marathon with Erica and Mo the first year that I ran it!

It used to be the Women’s Mag Mile Half, but they have decided to make it friendly to all, so I’ll need to decide if I am going to jazz it up this year or not… because Alex is going to run part of it with me! He is going to do the 5K option (not quite to a half marathon yet, but I’ll get him there ;D). AND YOU CAN BE THERE TOO! Enter below.

Race Goals: Similar to the RUN10 FEED10, but I will add that my A time goal is to be under 2 hours, including any bathroom stops, which I have a feeling will be more than once. #crohnsproblems

Time to pin on that bib! Suz is getting back to racing #runchat #run10feed10 #runmagmile! Click To Tweet

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot

Thanksgiving Weekend. We are going down to Hilton Head with Alex’s family for Thanksgiving, and they always do the local Turkey Trot, so as long as I am healthy, you know I am involved in that! Alex’s mom seems to think that we will be winning it, but I think that is highly unlikely!


Race Goals: Same as all of the above. If I am feeling good, maybe try to be around 8:30 a mile, but I’m not going to get greedy.

I’d love to have a race in October to have some fun with, but really? I’m just having fun running right now. Speaking of…

Training Updates

My running itself feels pretty good right now, and my stomach is holding… until it doesn’t. Some times I just have a stop once, sometimes it is a small handful. By and large, I don’t have any actual cramping, it is just a nonnegotiable, if you know what I mean. So I am just trying to be careful and preempt any emergencies. 

You can't trust a fart after mile 10! Runner truth! @suzlyfe

I’m keeping things pretty easy–I’m not really doing workouts, as they were, and I’m just trying to run an overall steady pace and enjoy the runs that I have. When I am on the treadmill, I pretty much stick to progression runs, and well, you know that hills aren’t really a problem when I am outside! I’m still a little iffy about the SIJ, and I am going to try to get in to see one of my chiropractor friends (the same guy who took care of me when we though it was disc dysfunction) pretty soon to see if there is something we can do. It doesn’t bother me at all when I run, but I know that it isn’t 100%.

Meanwhile, I am going to be doing my Unilateral Core and Glute Exercises for Runners as much as I can!

How gorgeous is this weather! Perfect for a late summer run along the lake front of Chicago @suzlyfe

Basically, I am just running and loving every step that I am lucky enough to take. I am thankful for every step that I get. They may not be taken as quickly as they were before, and there may not be as many of them, but they are just as precious to me. 

Mag Mile Half Marathon Giveaway!


Want to run down the Magnificent Mile and then continue along the Lakefront? THAT SHOULD BE A YES! Well, come and join me! Run the 5K or Half Marathon (your choice) with me on September 10th. Thank you to LUNA Bar for providing the race entries! You know I LOVE my Luna Bars–especially the new dark chocolate flavors and the protein bars. I have them for my post workout breakfast most morning!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I am linking up with myself, Rachel, Lora, and Debbie for Running Coaches CornerPatty, Erika, and Marcia for Tuesdays on the Run, Nicole, Annmarie, Michelle, and Jen for Wild Workout Wednesday, and Ilka and Angela for Food and Fitness Sunday,

Luna Bar is providing me with free race entries for the Mag Mile Half Marathon and 5K, and I was provided with free entry to RUN10 FEED10, but all opinions are my own, and I would have done the races anyway!

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