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Top Ten Takeaways from Blogfest and IDEA World


Just a few more BlogFest updates, I promise! Today, I wanted to outline some of the major takeaways that I brought home from BlogFest. I intend to expound on them in later posts, so please realize that I’m not going into great detail here because, like with yesterday’s post on foods of BlogFest, if I went into crazy detail, this would be 8 years long and take twice that to read! 

Suzlyfe BlogFest Posts:

Ten Major Takeaways from Sweat Pink BlogFest

Suz's Blogfest and IDEA World Motivation and Takeaways

Motivational and Inspirational Takeaways

1) Gabby Reece:

Gabby had some serious pearls of wisdom to impart. She was incredibly inspirational, but quietly so. She didn’t point her finger at us and tell us, she spoke of her family, her life, and answered our questions in a way that illustrated and explicated her points. Was she the most high energy person you’ve ever met? No–but perhaps that is why I responded so much to her–talk softly, but convey big emotions. Some statements that she had that really made an impact on me:

  • Fitness is for all, and all should participate in fitness together. In being around each other while doing the same thing, we will re-assess our notions of “young” and “old.” Sometimes, 65 year olds run circles around the 20 year olds; other times, it is vice versa. What this also said to me is: Fitness is for all, and all should be for fitness, particularly if you want age to really be just a number. A lifetime of being fit and healthy means that at 65, you will be able to run those circles! 

Play your HIGH CARDS Gabby Reece Blogfest Inspiration

  • Play your high cards rather then complaining about your low cards. I like to think that I do this on a daily basis as best that I can. Crohn’s is my “low card.” I try never to play it or complain about the fact that it is in my hand. I think that if more people thought about this approach to life, they might be surprised by the fact that it no longer holds them back (or at least not as much).
  • Friction, if you survive it, can be beneficial. We must always learn, we must always grow, we must adapt.

2) Anthony Robles

Talk about outright inspiration! This is a kid who was brought up without a freaking card–he is missing a leg. But he played his hand as he had it, and guess what? He came up with a 4 of a kind. I tweeted several of the things that he said during his acceptance speech as the 2015 IDEA Fitness Inspiration Award recipient, but some of my favorties:

Make it Hard But Possible Inspiration Motivation Anthony Robles

  • You Grind Now, You Shine Later
  • Make it Hard, But Make it Possible
  • It is through Blood, Sweat, and Tears that I am Unstoppable.

3) Be You, Be Authentic

People Respond To Your Inner Dynamism Motivational Quote

The ongoing message of just about all the speakers was to just be yourself out there. People respond to your inner dynamism.

Blogging Tips and Takeaways

4) Personas

You must know who your audience is in order to target them. This is for the purposes of being an effective writer/speaker/salesperson/etc, but also on the technical side for SEO purposes.  On the SEO side, knowing your audience will lead to you selecting and applying more appropriate and effective keywords that help you reach even more readers!

5) Self and Community Audit of your Work + the Need to Check In

I have been thinking about doing this for a while, but I am working on crafting a survey for you all to fill out that will help me continue to grow the Suzlyfe. I have some new ideas that I am really excited about, but I want to make sure that I go about it in an unforced and cohesive way. That means that I need to check in with you all and get your advice about what is/isn’t working!

6) No Indexing for Posts that are more “Play”

I’m going to keep this a bit more brief, as I am still understanding it myself, but No Index is an SEO tool that essentially tells Google to pass over a post or page so that you can have it focus on your more important, searchable, and universally relevant posts. That doesn’t mean that these posts are not important–they are and are part of your story–but maybe you would rather have another post be a reference for you work!

Fitness and Health Tips and Takeaways

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7) Jason Karp and Pacing

Jason Karp RunFit Clinic IDEA World

I was totally immersed in the Jason Karp Clinic for runners, and I wish that I had gone to his Sunday morning Plyometric workout instead of going on the bike ride! Karp is the 2011 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year, and is one of the foremost running coaches in the country. He led what I thought was an excellent seminar on running, and I (even with my bad voice) answered the following question and he gave me the Inspiration Medal for the clinic! So here is the question: for VO2 Max runs where you are doing intervals of various lengths, what should the difference in pace be as the intervals shorten? They should remain the same. When you do shorter intervals, you do more of them, but they should be done at your VO2 max, which shouldn’t change over the course of a workout!

8) Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels BodyShred IDEA World Convention Workout

After my long run and some refueling, I went to Jillian Michaels’ BodyShread workout (along with a bajillion others). It was a great fun workout, great music, and one of the comments that she made again and again was to go for quality over quantity, particularly in timed interval situation. 87 1 inch pushups are useless compared to 10 full chest-to-ground reps.

9) Your Knees Likely Are NOT the Problem!

At my Functional Conditioning workshop, something that I tell my trainees all the time was confirmed: if you are having leg problems, look at the feet and the hips/glutes first, and maybe even higher. Knees etc are parts of systems, and they are “dumb” joints that do what they are told to do by the other parts of the body. Unless you are at the point of degeneration, you might be able to deal with your knee pain through intervention at the hips and feet.

Motivation, Blogging, and Fitness: @suzlyfe's top takeaways from #BlogFest #betruBlogFest #sweatpink Click To Tweet

Final Takeaway from BlogFest?

10) In a Room of Bloggers, No One is a Stranger

Bloggers make the best frinds! Sweat Pink IdeaWorld Blogfest Recap

I had an amazing time at the conference and convention. Thank you so much to GiGi, who hosted the giveaway that sent me there! Thank you to my roomies for being the bomb diggity, and thank you to the Fit Approach and Sweat Pink Ladies for their tireless efforts to create a phenomenal event!


I’m joining Tiffany, DebbieNatalie and Truitt Family Foods in sharing my Top 10 Takeaways from BlogFest 2015.

Thank you also to Amanda for hosting Thinking out Loud!

What do you want to hear more about? 

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