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Top Posts from Running Coaches Corner 2016


For the last Running Coaches Corner of 2016, I am rounding up the best posts! Get ready to rock your running resolutions and kick off 2017 with Running Coaches Corner Link up!

Top Running Coaches Corner Posts of 2016

Top Running Coaches Corner Posts of 2016. From marathon training to sports psychology, don't miss these top running tips from Coach @Suzlyfe

I tried to choose a mixture of favorites and informational posts, but honestly, it was really hard to pick just a few! I’ve had a great time writing these posts and covering all manner of running related topics, from practical knowledge to sports psychology to gear reviews. I hope you enjoy, and happy running!

Planning a destination race? If you are planning a race in condition different from your training conditions, we need to talk! @Suzlyfe Certified Run Coach

Training for A Destination Race

Nearly every destination race that I have run has been a PR, and I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them–this is how to deal with changes in altitude, terrain, and climate!

What Does A Running Coach Do?

You know that you have wonder what exactly online running coaches do. So now I tell you! 

Dealing with injury? Learn how to protect your body image, help your friends support you, and more. Join the Running Coaches Corner Link up!

Dealing with Injury

Let’s just say that I have a bit of experience dealing with injury and coming out the other side. I look at everything from helping your friends communicate with you (without you killing them) to dealing with forced rest without losing your healthy body image.

Discussing and Handling a Disappointing Race

No good, very bad, disappointing races are an inevitability of life and running. Here is how to handle the sh** hitting the fan.

Biggest Fueling and Nutrition Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid the bonk or revisiting your lunch with these tried and true pieces of nutrition advice!

Marathon Training Advice For Your Second Marathon. Make your second marathon better than your first and join running coaches corner link up!

Marathon Training Advice for Your Second Marathon

My goal as a runner and as a coach is have you wanting more after your first (WINK). There is so much advice out there for first time full and half marathoners (and I’ve doled out quite a bit myself)!) but what about those who are getting ready to tackle their second marathon and might want to up the stakes?

How to Improve Your Running Right Now

So much of running involves patience and long term planning, but there is actually quite a bit that you can do to imrove your running in an instant. Five simple and easy changes that you can do to make your running soar.

Best Unilateral Core and Glute Exercises for Runners

I love this post because it combines my loves of personal training, running, and injury prevention. If you want to run stronger and without injury, you need to add these exercises to your routine.

How do you do hill if you live in a flat area? Hill Treadmill Workouts: benefits of running hills on the treadmill, tips for getting the most out of your treadmill workouts and alternatives if the treadmill isn't an option.

Running Hills: Treadmill Workouts and Alternatives

I live in Chicago. We don’t really “do” hills. So here is how to do your hill workouts (so important for all runners!) and master your training when you live in a flat area (or just don’t feel like going outside).

Pacing Strategies: Which Is Best?

Pacers, pacing bands, GPS, running by feel, running by pace, there are so many options, so many competing opinions. I break them all down and help you decide which is the best pacing strategy for you.

Ever wondered how to handle post marathon recovery? When should you go back to working out after marathon? Find out at

What to Do for Marathon Recovery

The weeks right after a marathon can feel a bit like a no man’s land of I have no idea what to do now. I tell you how to handle the abrupt changes to your daily routine and when (and how) to get back to exercising.

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There you have it. Of course, these are not all of the running posts from the year (there were many before Running Coaches Corner!), so make sure that you search the tags “running” and “coaching” and check out the others!

What do you want me to cover next year? 

What is challenging you most about accomplishing your running goals?

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