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Top Ponies and Sunshine (14 Months + Friday Catch Up 3/29)


This week, I discovered that there really is nothing better than a baby in a top pony and plentiful sunshine. Plus, we seem(?) to have finally beaten our various plagues? Friday Catch Up Time!

Last Friday Catch Up had me feeling better and Emmie feeling not so great. Also, new hair 😀

Friday Catch Up 3/29

1). YAY Emmie has had such a better week this week, as have we all. But really, having a happy baby is the best.

With the sun being out more and the temps being more hospitable, I’ve been getting the gang outside more, and that has even included some off road walking (new skills! mulch on your butt!) and literal walks in the park.

Who needs fancy playgrounds when you have sidewalks and a baby who has yet to experience the outdoors in such a way?

Weirdly, Emmie is NOT into swings right now. Remember how she used to LOVE swings? Not anymore. She just falls forward and cries. Even if you kind of wedge her back. She is We will see if that changes.

Also not into? Sweet potato and vegetables. Girl has gotten her appetite back (literally has had 45 minute meals where I just keep trying to find more things to feed her) but veggies are off the table. Literally. Get that ish away. Sometimes we throw it, but she also now will just pick it up and hand it back to me. Which is pretty funny, honestly. And much prefered to her typical approach of chucking it at the floor.

Still loving beans, though. Basically she only eats foods that start with B: black beans (with cumin and garlic), bananas, blueberries, (fake) butter, banana bread muffins, bread, and (peanut) butter.

But we are reintroducing milk products, and so far so good! Yesterday, she even got a few bites of cottage cheese. And goldfish and yogurt melts are back in force! She and Ryan shared some buttermilk pancakes at lunch the other day, too!

Emmie refuses to allow a hair clip now, but I think she might allow the top pony/at least not be able to pull it out, which gives me an option.

Also, is there anything cuter???

2) Things Emmie is learning:

We are trying to learn how to stand up on our own in the middle of the floor. She obviously can pull herself up to stand on most anything, but she hasn’t learned how to do it solo, so if she falls down in the park are whatever, she is SOL.

She isn’t learning to wave, but she is currently very much obsessed with it. Waving to anyone and everyone and saying Hiiiiiiii.

Mimi and Papa got Emmie a chair, so we had fun learning how to get into it yesterday! And then she just sat there and bopped in it for a while. She was so proud of what a big girl she is!

She is becoming an increasingly confident walker–learning to do ramps and little round bridges by herself, and walking on uneven surfaces. I love seeing how proud she gets of herself when she accomplishes something.

Girlfriend is talking nonstop. Her favorite “words” sound like “cheecheecheechah,” “szchabah-szzchabah,” and “dobby.” She likes to get a good walk going and start spouting off and it is HILARIOUS.

She has also starting saying “no no no no” (always 4 no’s). Sometimes it actually means no, but sometimes it means yes. So currently we are wokring on learning the difference. You can usually tell because she will get upset about the actual no and look like she means yes when she is saying no. I’m sure I could make an offcolor consent joke here, but I will let that lie.

But in order to end on a good note, we have just been having a ton of fun this week. She had a day where she was a little snuffly, but she has been a blast and that fact combined with me feeling better and Alex finally feeling better (he had a virus this weekend!) just means that March is at least ending on a thumbs up.

4) Suz Health Update

Well, we got some good news this week on the Crohn’s and future health front: my Remicade antibodies tests came back as low as possible, which means that my body isn’t rejecting the drug and that I will be able to continue it with success. Basically, I just got sick and then a bunch of other things happene that made me vulnerable to a flare and, well, sh** happened. Literally and figuratively.

So, with a shorter interval between Remicade infusions and a recalibrated dosage for my increased weight, plus the Methotrexate dual therapy, I should be in shipshape ASAP and off the prednisone in the shortest possible time. We will still keep me on Methotrexate for 6 months, but then hopefully I can come off of it. Then, three months after that, we will test/screen and hopefully be cleared to start IVF!

One thing I will say is that being on the Methotrexate has COMPLETELY cleared up my eczema and a few other skin related issues. Like, within 2 days. I am comfortable, and my skin isn’t raw and terrible for the first time in years, honestly. I was basically living off of steroid cream, and I haven’t had to touch it. It has made such a difference and is preventing so much scar tissue and skin tag growth that I will likely go back on it after we (willing) having our second and final kid.

5) This weekend is Alex’s birthday, and we are going to a party for one of our friends and then going to dinner with Ali, Justin, and Ryan after! As of when I am writing this, I don’t know the results of the UVA bball game, but I am hoping that we won against Oregon and will play Saturday night after dinner and win that game. That would be a most excellent birthday present for Alex 😀

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