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ThinkingOutLoud: Rattling Around in my Gourd

Edited to add: Apparently there has been some trouble posting comments to the blog. I am working on it but am at this very moment walking through Chicago in negative wind chill temps to work, so please try again this afternoon. I so, so appreciate and savor (literally, get chills when I see) every comment. DON’T GIVE UP ON MEEEEEEEEEEEEE. If you have a problem, please Tweet me @Suzlyfe or email me at to let me know!

To be honest, there is very, very little currently rattling around in the ol’ gourd at the moment. Shockingly little. I have really taken these past 2 days off to heart and just turned if offffff. Well. As much as one can ever really turn my brain off. It was even a little bit of a struggle to think of things for Thinking Out Loud Thursday. A little round up of my current thoughts wouldn’t hurt, though, and I just couldn’t let Amanda down!


1) Dear Chicago, your weather is bizarre. We are back to a “polar vortex” of sorts, and temps will be flip-flopping back and forth from day to day and day to night by 30-40 degrees. As in, 30s and then single digits, 20s/singles to negatives. Taxi home? Yes please. As long as it isn’t too windy, I will still walk to work, otherwise I basically choose not to leave my apartment. Mostly out of sheer laziness, though, as opposed to being kept in by the weather.

sun 1 18

2) So one of the girls from “100 Days of Summer” has come into the restaurant a few times, and let’s just say that she definitely comes off as an ice queen. To put it nicely. It was hilarious watching one of my managers flirt his assssssss off with her, though.

3) Shah’s of Sunset is my favorite trashy TV of the moment. They are just so absurd. Asa is my girl, and I DIE over her blue and gold dress from Mike’s brother’s party and her teal dress from the Diamond Water release party. Holy balls, the rest of them are off their rockers.


4) I love abnormally sized things. Mini hats, giant foam fingers, mini M&Ms and Hershey’s Kisses, mini spoons, mini umbrellas, giant glasses, giant margarita glasses….. just some of the things that I have seen, admired, and laughed about in the past few days.



5) I. Want. to. See. the. LEGO. Movie. Morgan Freeman, Will Arnett, Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks?? SIGN ME UPPP. I was a LEGO kid, for sure. I would build LEGO houses (architecture nerd, yup) and such for hours. Did anyone use the LEGO engineering program thing in school? Like where you basically programmed LEGO’s to do little commands and things? It was badass.


6) We watched Safety Not Guaranteed this afternoon, and though there were some uneven moments in it (certain twists and turns that seemed thrown in for the sheer sake of speeding things along), I adored the characters and thought they were fabulous. 

7) Alex and I had Thai last night, and it was one of the best jobs that (one of our go-to’s) the restaurant has ever done.  The waiter….not so much, but the food was amaze. A great evening all around.

I heart Naem Sod.

I heart Naem Sod.

8) I am HOSING this bag of Lesser Evil Chia Pop White Cheddar Popcorn. Delicious, nutritious, and IN MA BELLY.

I try to portion it out by putting it in bowls. But it just makes me go back for more bowls of it.

I try to portion it out by putting it in bowls. But it just makes me go back for more bowls of it.

9) Continuing the food discussion, I finally dug into the Sweet Potato “Shepherds” Pie that I made and then froze a few weeks ago. MMMMmmmmmmmmm it was soooo good. I needed to add some more sweet potato to it, and though I had planned on making a protein bread creation for Recipe Friday (so that I could photo it), that got shelved for just eating my portion. Alex had a dumb thing to go to at the hospital (at his day off, natch), so I portioned out his for tonight and later this weekend.


10) My cat is such. a. glutton. And spoiled brat. But she’s our brat 😀

1 21 1 22 1 22

11) I got a majorly exciting phone call today. Well, technically, I instigated the phone call (returning it from a past week), but it ended on a very exciting note. As soon as I know where it is actually going, I will let you know, but for now, ::fist pump to the sky::

fist pump

fist pump 2

Well, folks, that’s all I’ve got for now. Friday, though, I am going to post some of my favorite #strangebutgood snack ideas for on-the-go peeps as well as how I put my diet together for those long-ass shifts in the restaurant. I hope that you find some solutions and inspiration!

Have a great day!

Do you like abnormally sized things????

I always eat with salad forks, and I love sugar spoons. I will take any fun sized candy, or will at least contemplate doing so. 

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