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Thinking out Loud: Let’s not make me any more annoying

To be honest, there aren’t a lot of thoughts swirling about in my gourd right now. My brain (and my heart) are still in Mexico with my mom. Luckily, Thinking Out Loud is natural for me, and part of the reason that many of the people that I come into contact with likely want to throttle my little neck. Sucks for you, my (not) friends. So this TOL with be a mixture of discussion and mindlessness.


Thank you, dearest Blog-Spoons (not to be confused with my Little Spoon) for the partay. When are the margs and such being brought up. #margsonthebrain

A few Jack-Handy-ish-Deep-Thoughts (retro-SNL shout out)

Luckily, Alex doesn't suffer from deep thoughts

Luckily, Alex doesn’t suffer from deep thoughts

1) Later time-zones get screwed in Link up parties, as we are always “late” to some extent, and thus get relegated to the midst of the pile. This is all fine and great for those of you with established audiences, but for those of us starting out (and without the time to dedicate to the blog full time), this makes for difficulty building our readership. Or I’m just lazy.

2) I have recently discovered something about myself that explains a lot. I have a few friends (and my mom) that I keep in email contact with. I am horrible with this, and worse with phone calls. But I look forward to and cherish these moments more than anything else (with regards to those types of things). I will get an email, and unless I am at my computer, I will literally save it until later (so that I can properly read and respond to it). That inevitably leads to me not reading it for a week, even though I am obviously at my computer quite a bit. WHY?


Well I’ve figured it out: As I have mentioned with regards to my job search, I have the tendency to place a great deal of emotional importance on things. IE: when I would get back tests/papers, I would save looking at the grade/comments until later in the day because I knew that looking could make/break my day. Alex is totally different: he will just RIP that band aid off because he doesn’t get emotionally involved re: those types of things. He just insta-processes things. I don’t. I like things that can be savored, like salads, long-distance running, the like. On the other hand, some things I totally rush through. Basically, I’m a disaster. DUR.

So, how does this impact my relationships? a) I avoid things that might emotionally affect me because I get scurred that I will become too involved, or it will take too long. b) I realize that I put off the things that actually fulfill me the most because I am “saving them for dessert”: Like the last bite that you save so that you can remember the flavor, I save certain emails so that I can “savor” them. When in fact I should tackle them first, in the “life’s short, eat dessert first way.”

I think that I have found my 2014 RESOLUTION:

My goal for 2014 is to balance out this tendency: not to save dessert for the end, not to rush through it at the beginning, but to place it in the middle. Like a pyramid workout: easy-medium-hard-medium-easy (emotionally). This will allow me to warm up my brain and heart but will help me get more important things done. And, if I think about it, it is how I eat during the day and at night. In the evenings, I have a snack-dinner-ice cream-snack. I do this subconsciously to an extent but it also helps with my sleep. Friends, feel privileged to be compared to my food consumption, as we know how important my ice cream is to me 😀

Well, that escalated quickly. Let’s lighten things back up, shall we?


3) Apparently the whales have disappeared back down in Mex. We saw a few our first day, a TON Thursday, and then nothing. We were apparently lucky witnesses of an isolated mini-migration. They heard the VIPs were in town, HOLLA. Even the WHALES know I’m a big deal.

4) After a light week, my legs feel DEAD. I’m so stiff, tight, and achy. This is why I hate rest periods, to an extent.

5) How did I spend so much money on groceries and still feel like I have NOTHING. We have basics for the most part, but are still lacking quite a few things.

I need these.

I need these.

6) Alex is going to the dentist today to see what can be done about his mouth. He may likely need to get his wisdom teeth out on his one day off (likely next week) and immediately have to go back to work the following day. That’s gonna be fun.

7) Related to #4, I need to weasel my way back to PT. But I can’t afford it without a Rx. Herm.

8) My fave numbers involve 3’s and are prime numbers: 3, 13, 23, 37. I only like 37 because it is prime, otherwise I don’t like 7 because people always like the number 7.

9) We have 2 weeks of Restaurant Week coming up. KILL ME.

10) I rode the spin bike yesterday for an hour and now am only 4 days behind on my Feedly. I still haven’t even gotten to the blogs that I don’t follow on Feedly (the ones that I prefer to have access to no-matter-what). I’ll get there.

A pic from summer 2012 when I was scouting our wedding venue.

A pic from summer 2012 when I was scouting our wedding venue.

And now Alex is awake, so my plans to write a little bit of this post and then focus on those previously mentioned Most Important Emails is caput. RATS.

Any one else tend to put things on the back burner because they are “Too Important”? 

Do you have certain blogs that your read on Feedly and others that you read directly from the site? I tend to keep the ones that I regularly comment on apart from Feedly for ease of commenting.

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