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2016: A Toast to the New Year


Happy Last Day of 2015! I wanted to offer a toast to the new year, the soon to be crowned 2016. So pour some champagne (or seltzer), raise your glass, and here’s to the new year!

A Toast to the New Year 2016. May you play your cards right and learn a great poker face! @Suzlyfe

This month, like the rest of the year, has been both great and trying. Up and down. Highs and lows. Halts, and surges. But through it all, I had so many moments this weekend when I just had to stop and say, “Goodness, I am so fortunate.” 

I am so fortunate: 

To have had the chance to spend an entire day with my husband as he (and I) both had new experiences.

To have a husband who is my best friend, my lover, and who is determined to help me through this injury, as he has with my Crohn’s Disease flares, job successes and disappointments, and everything else in my life during the past 7.5 years.

To have found a passion that sustains me, and that I can work on and maybe not (yet) earn a living, but supplement our income. And to have my husband’s and my family’s full support.

To have the most amazing athletes to be working with. To be working with both runners and non-runners alike who want more for themselves, just as I want more for them.

To have the time to work on my passions and my projects, my hobbies and my business.

(To do all of this while a warm furry body tries to lay on top of my hands while typing.)

To be able to talk to all of the members of my immediate family on Christmas, even if I couldn’t spend the day with them. 

To be invited by a special friend into her home to spend Christmas dinner with her and her family, and then for Alex to get out early enough from the hospital that I got to spend some time with him afterwards.

To have an injury that, though I am dealing with a major setback, will eventually heal.

To have the opportunity to run the Boston Marathon, even though, with this setback, the likelihood of doing so has suddenly dwindled.

To have the perspective to realize that though it may suck not to run, I have so much more to live for and so much living to do, that if I really want to run Boston, it will happen when it is time.

To live in the heart of the city, where I have access to the various rehabilitative centers that I need. 

To have a reason to fight back in that I have a life that deserves to be LIVED, not spectated. 

To know that hard work, dedication, passion, and more than just a bit of flexibility is worth so much more than simple luck.

To have a fresh start every day, and a fresh start every year. 

2015 was a year of big risks, big rewards, and big battles. I know that 2016 will not be any different. But each year of my life has prepared me for the next year, the next lesson, the next trial, and the next triumph. 

I'm not a gym rat, I'm a gym unicorn! How amazing is this shirt! @suzlyfe

Living a life beyond expectation does not mean that you have no expectations, that you risk too much, or that you “get lucky.” To live beyond expectation is about finding a way to play your hand in such a way that you forget you were ever playing from behind–you simply play. 

My deck is full. I am just wondering which card will come up next. 

I hate waiting

A Toast to the New Year

Here’s to you, 2016, a year that I hope is filled with great hands and, if necessary, a solid poker face, for all of us. Thank you so much for reading my blog and being a part of my life. Happy New Year!

A toast to the new year from @suzlyfe #happynewyear #2016 #cheers Click To Tweet

Looking back on 2015, what is one thought that you want to take with you into the new year?

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