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Time to Werk (Catch Up 8/9)

After a week of enjoying freedom from crutches (me) and inpatient service (Alex), this week it was time to #werk. Updates on the Catch Up!

Check out my last catch up! It is filled with some major Emmie adorableness with her bestie.

Catch Up 8/9

1). Emmie #werkedit on Monday at music class! Have you seen the video yet??

The hips. I just can’t even. I’ve watch this video so many times!

We had some playtime with Chantel and her son, the perfect lowkey way to spend an afternoon. We also met with a friend for some playground time Wednesday morning!

Emmie had a bit of a rough start to Thursday, though. She woke up sobbing and reaching for me (a sign that she has had her version of a bad dream). Normally I leave her in her crib for up to 20 minutes after I go in there becauseshe just wants to play with Jelly, her unicorn, and her Wubbs (paci). She spent most of the morning refusing food, though I finally got her to eat most of a banana over the course of 30 minutes and she had a decent lunch (though on the small side for her).

She probably has a mild virus, as this is pretty par for the course with how she acts when she isn’t feeling well. Remember on vacation? I’ll be looking to see if she has a viral rash in a day or two.

But Emmie has been having fun, nonetheless! Lots of looking at pictures and saying Daddy!!! when she sees Alex in pics. If I prompt her, she may say Mommy, lol. She is also been obsessed with saying “Wawa!” any time she sees water or water bottles. Also “a shooooo” when she sees shoes, and we are practicing our “ahhhh-chooooo!”

She has also closed the cat up in the closet 3 times in the past 2 days. Zoe is not a fan.

Lots of playing with our stuffed animals and carrying them around and having them basically make out with her (MWAH) or me.

Speaking of making out, she was super cute at her music class and kept running up with her arms open wide and giving me a huge hug, then running back to where she was and doing it again! #heartmelting

2) Alex has been #werkingit with his first post-fellowship interview! He had a whirlwind trip to Charleston and got back at 1:40AM Thursday, and had to work a few hours later. Next interview is in Atlanta next week!

3) I made a big step in starting to get myself back together. I joined a gym with daycare! I needed a place to really get my act together. I put on over 10 lbs while on Prednisone and crutches, so I obviously want to take of that, but because of my injury, I need bring myself back very carefully.

I love Fit4Mom; it had been amazing for both Emmie and I. I definitely owe it a great debt of gratitude! Strides classes, particularly the outdoor ones, require a lot of walking, and you know me, I won’t want to back down from things like squats and lunges.

The gym also has a nice lap pool, classes, and all the weight machines I could possibly need. I am pretty darn weak, so it will be a long road back, but something that will be very good for me. A place I can focus on myself, rather than trying to appease Emmie, who isn’t such a fan of being in the stroller for long periods of time after a few months of not needing to be!

I look forward to return ing to Strides classes, particularly this winter, when we will need a place to get out of the house and being with people and friends.

4) I also had some fun this week! Monday night Holly, Ali, and I went out for dinner. We went downtown for dinner at Quartino and stopped for a drink at Pops for Champagne after.

Nothing like girl time with your buds.

5) I don’t think we have anything on the docket for the weekend other than our usual activities of gym, groceries, brunch, laundry, and swim. Maybe we will use the new gym’s daycare and go together on Saturday!

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