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Thursday Randoms, Fun Findings, and Last Nights

Today’s post is going to be exactly what the title says. Get ready to get random and learn yourself something good!

First of all, don’t forget the giveaways that I have going on right now! Win a free Flywheel Class and then rehydrate with a case of CORE Organics hydration!

Now, let’s get to the silliness that is going on in life and the world (and no: there will be no talk of politics here)!

Tonight is my last night in the apartment! Alex is staying in the apartment Friday night, but I am going to stay on the air mattress at the new place because it is closer to Team Challenge coaching and that way Alex can can have the car for moving. Life is in boxes. The kitchen is packed. Zoe is going to get stuffed into her carrier. #letsgetthis

Borat Thumbs Up Meme

I GOT A NEW PHHOOONNNEEEEEEEE. Remember the last time that I said that, my phone had gotten stolen, so I just walked straight from the scene of the crime to the AT&T store? Lol. This time, not quite so dramatic, but my old phone continued to mess with me, as it is so janky that it won’t transfer my photos and things, so I am going about it by deleting some bajillion (literally) from my new phone after downloading the pics from my AT&T backup. 

No, I have not taken 7000 pictures. Yes, it does think that such a number of pictures exist. So I am going to go through them and delete them. I would transfer from my phone to computer to the new phone, but guess what doesn’t transfer data anymore by USB? Yup.

On the plus side, so far I adore my new phone, the Samsung Galaxy S7. It actually fits my hand!!! And it is gold, though I just got a new case for it that has minty teal accents 😀

I am kind of in denial that we are moving this weekend. Like, not to a different apartment as I am totally down for that, but to a different neighborhood. HOW WILL I LIVE WITHOUT 5 AMAZING BRUNCH PLACES WITHIN A SINGLE BLOCK (seriously, not kidding). 

I love the egg white veggie omelet with fresh rye toast from brunch at D4 irish pub in streeterville Chicago. @suzlyfe


I mentioned this Tuesday, but I must recommend that you listen to this podcast episode. I seriously was enthralled by each act within it. I don’t think that I could pick a story that made me think more!

Can you believe that I have been at my job for 2 months now? I feel like I am relaxed in my roll, the personal training feels great, and I adore my clients, each of whom are so different and interesting. We are even about to hire a group fitness instructor (someone you might recognize!) and a second personal trainer (first meeting is today!). I love seeing this business grow and being a part of it. I love my Anytime Fitness Chicago Family.

I just got hired as the new Member Experience Manager and Head of Personal Training for Anytime Fitness Chicago North! @Suzlyfe

Oh, and you better believe that I am currently working on a Ladies’ Night and a Gent’s Night with a workout and happy hour after 😀

Speaking of fun events, I have been invited to be a media correspondent for Cottonelle at Wanderlust 108 Chicago! I am going to be participating as well as doing spots throughout the day, and I am so excited to have this opportunity. If you haven’t heard about Wanderlust 108, where have you been, check it out here! It is a Mind/Body/Soul Triathlon, where you can get active and centered.

You can even come and see me for free in the Cottonelle Activation Space, where I and Jeana from #sweatworking and A Sweat Life will be doing live Q&A and demonstrations of yoga poses and other fitness interests!

Corepower Yoga with Shirtless men!

PS I found this picture last night and it makes my life.

I had my First Half Marathon Distance Runiversary the other day (Thank you, Facebook!). To think how far I have come since then. Speaking of moving on, at that time, I was finishing up my grad school thesis (also hilarious are the status updates recirculating on Facebook “On This Day” from that time), I hadn’t run a half marathon race, I was engaged but not married. So much has changed, but I’m still the crazy little nitwit that I was then. That will never change. Suz is Suz.

Some things will never change! New Year, not so new me!

I’m having a mini freak out right now because I have a weird feeling in my right hip. And I freak out now at any hint of injury. 

On that note, I am going to cut and run (well, not now, because I am resting my hip today). Wish me luck with the rest of packing and my hip situation, and I will talk to you cats and kittens tomorrow!

Last nights, new phone, and #Wanderlust--all the @suzlyfe rambles! #fitfluential @anytime324 Click To Tweet

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo? a) make these easy, healthy, and delicious Cabo Shrimp Tacos b) have a margarita and b) did you know that I got my driver’s license on Cinco de Mayo? I was the first person the guy had passed all day…

Do you remember taking your driving test?

Tell me something random, extra points if it is something that you learned recently!

Thank you Amanda for Thinking out Loud and Gretchen and Kristen for What’s New with You?

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