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Thursday Ramblings and Ragnar Chicago Ruminations

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You all say you like my randoms, so here you go 😀

Merci, Spoons!

Merci, Spoons!

The Idiot Side of Life

1) You know those new sunglasses that I got while on vacation, that are super glam and that I love? 

suz nautica sunglasses summer essentials

Yeah. I’m 99.9% sure that I left those at Nike on Monday. I’ve called and asked and they’ve checked for me, but so far nada. #stupidSuz.

Polar bear #facepalm

Polar bear #facepalm

2) So this is something that happened pretty quietly, but Tuesday was my one year anniversary at my job! Has it lived up to everything that I envisioned it would? Not necessarily, but what in life does? I hope that doesn’t come across as negative! But the job has evolved, and so have I. I look back on where I was last winter, and I was such a different person. And then this opportunity swooped out of nowhere and picked me up and took care of so many of my worries. I will forever be thankful for it and everything that I am empowered to do through it. 

My First day of work! Now I wear hilarious clothes because no one sees me :D

My First day of work! Now I wear hilarious clothes because no one sees me 😀

3) It is likely quite obvious by now that I love coaching. A huge part of why I love it? The people around me. And Coach Sara in particular. We just get each other.

coach sara and susie ces marathon training

On Tuesday, when the trainees were going all out in a 5k time trial in the heat, Sara and I stood in the shade (in our defense, we were the starters/finishers/timers) and talked. Sara has gone through a similar (if not exactly the same) process as I will need to in order to start a family. Not only that, she understands my mentality and fears.

big girl panties

It means so much to me to have someone who knows where I am coming from (healthy, runner, low hormones, will need to gain weight before even being seen) and who will be real with me (it isn’t easy–particularly the changes in your body–but you have to keep your eye on the prize, just like I talked about last year with regards to the changes in my mentality during Twin Cities Marathon Training). Plus, she is just a delightful, easy going and adorable person to be around. 

4) Our beach vacation ruined me. So much soda, so many munchies…. that is like all I want now. Especially now that we are getting higher temps! It is way hotter, actually, here than it was at the beach, so that meant that I got to wear my first maxi dress of the legit summer season (first maxi dress wearing was in April). Green tigers FTW!

green tiger maxi

5) My car and apartment are in shambles (well, my life is, as per usual). I have blog stuff for review everywhere, every time that I put something up I need it 20 minutes later, I can’t find things, everything is a mess (oh, wait, I already said that). 



Life. In. Chaos. On the plus side, I did get a little freebie from Homejoy, and you can too–get $25 off your cleaning by using my link! Definitely my favorite of the home cleaning companies! So professional, thorough, and easy to deal with. HIGHLY recommend.

getting tally i love my car rav 4

When I got my car 8 years ago!

Oh, and my car? I hasn’t been detailed in years (even though I wanted to get it detailed 2 years ago, bought a Gilt City deal, and then missed out on it), someone clipped it in the garage so a side mirror is chipped, it needs to get service for emissions… oh, and multiple warning lights are on. And emissions have to be done in the next two weeks. Right around the time I’m due for my colonoscopy. JOY. Cleaning out everyone and everything this summer, we are.

Ragnar Chicago Ruminations

6) It is midday Wednesday when I am writing this, and I have yet to start packing for Ragnar. Haven’t made lists, haven’t checked them twice. I did get my Ragnar-approved reflective vest, so that’s a start, right? Definitely don’t have enough of… well…. anything.

I will likely find myself in a similar situation. Pouring down rain, no umbrella. And likely no underwear.

I will likely find myself in a similar situation. Pouring down rain, no umbrella. And likely no underwear.

7) Speaking of being unprepared, I have done exactly 2 continuous 6 mile runs since April. This is going to be interesting. (But on the plus side, I have gotten some good news from recent fortune cookies).

good luck fortune cookies

8) On the subject of being interesting, I dislike running in the rain, and I reeeealllly hate wet shoes. Like really dislike. 

awk rhoa candy

9) I in disbelief that Ragnar weekend is here. I may be nervous, but I’m also so excited. I can’t say that I’m not nervous about certain aspects of it. WHERE/WHEN/HOW OFTEN/WHAT WILL I EAT??? Will my lower legs and feet make it through? What if I can’t get my body to behave bathroom-wise? What do I do about shoes? I don’t have a good second pair, and things are going to get wet, which I can’t stand (see above). 

10) This is gonna be wet, wild, messy, and likely similar to a Girls Gone Wild Wet T-Shirt contest.


But with more running and tech fabrics and we’ll be drenched in rain and or sweat rather than tequila. But I have a feeling there will chafing, lack of sleep, smelly people, and loss of memory involved. Definitely will we operating on below normal intelligence levels, but that is normal.

It'll be ok: @Suzlyfe's rambles and #RagnarChi Ruminations #fitfluential via @suzlyfe Click To Tweet

Who else’s life is currently in shambles? 

What was the last thing that you showed up completely and utterly unprepared for? 

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