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Three Weeks: Getting Real and Valentine’s Day! (Friday Catch Up 2/16)

Emmie hit three weeks on Tuesday, and this week, life with a baby started to get real. There were also some really amazing moments this week, and I can’t wait to share with you!

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Friday Catch Up

1) So let’s start with the Emsters. This past weekend and developing into the week, Em started getting more and more fussy. We would have good 12 hour stretches and then bad 12 hour stretches. Mom got the first taste of it last week when Alex and I had date night, and by mid week this week, we were looking up colic in babies and asking other moms and pediatricians for help. I have to say that she is still nowhere near as difficult as some of my friend’s kids (I am discovering that some of their kids would cry for 12 hours straight!), but it was just a pretty big shift from our hungry but relatively agreeable baby of the first 2ish weeks. 

Per our friends and experts, at this time we think it is just normal 3 week behavior, and we just have to get through it! One day at a time.

But I still couldn’t love this little nugget any more. Even when she is yelling at me. 

2) Here is the serious question: Who is the baby and who is the puppy in this household?

If you are wondering, Ridley votes herself as the baby. 

3) Valentine’s Day was this week (obviously) and while we generally are low key about Valentine’s Day, we always try to do something–generally we just make dinner together or exchange fun gifts like gum and chocolate (last year) and cards. We had planned on going to Basil Leaf, our fave local Italian spot, but with Emmie’s  fussiness, we opted instead to eat at home. Which was a good idea, because Alex’s attempt to surprise me with a present fell through and he had to go pick up the present instead of having it stealthily delivered, and then Emmie got fussy and needed to eat… so I was fixing dinner while nursing Emmie and Alex was on his way back!

But it was worth the chaos and wait and change of plans! We had a fabulous dinner of pizza and pasta, wine, and a mixed drink before exchanging cards and Alex’s present reveal. 

He got me a gorgeous garnet and white gold partial eternity band–my Emmie ring! Garnet is Emmie’s birthstone, so I was trying to figure out something that I could have with me at all times, plus our 5 year anniversary is this May. When I saw this ring, I knew it was what I wanted to commemorate our baby and our marriage. We discussed it, but I didn’t know when or if it would happen, and he got it for me! 

Receiving the ring plus the fact that I can wear my wedding rings again–it just makes me so happy.

4) Particularly because Alex has to go back to work today (Friday). Mom will be here, but I have gotten way too used to having him around all the time these past 3 weeks. They say it takes 3 weeks to make a habit… and well, having Alex around all the time has become a habit! I will miss stealing his breakfast, having lunch with him, having him share the brunt of Emmie’s tantrums and delight in her developments, and just having him near me. It isn’t like I’ve never been without him before, but baby changes everything, you know.

5) As previously mentioned, Mom returns today as Alex goes back to work, and my brother joins us for a few days this weekend. His birthday was Thursday, so I’m thinking we need to take him to Stan’s for a blueberry fritter to celebrate. Or I will just eat one. Either way. I can’t believe that he is an uncle now! Alex will have the weekend off (ish, he is on call tonight through Saturday morning) to hang out with us, as well, so that is awesome. 

I’m going to go and offload the baby (who is currently (Thursday afternoon) laying against my chest as I type) on Alex and take my walk. We are starting me back very slowly, as I have discussed in other posts, so I’m just walking for about 30 minutes on the treadmill and a little longer outside (I don’t walk as fast out there). I’ll discuss that later, but now I must run while kiddo is asleep!

Did you do anything cool for Valentine’s Day?

Moms, how have you commemorated your kids’ births?

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