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#ThinkingOutLoud: Wintry Wonderings

Welcome to the terror of the interior of my mind. You can thank Amanda for scarring you for life. It is allll her fault.


A few points of business before we begin:
First: check out my Pin It Party roster of some past posts so that you can relive the awesomeness!


1) I. Love. The. Toaster. Strudel. Kid.

2) Thank you for all the love on my dresses and recipes from the week! It gave me a great lift in an otherwise meh set of days. I’m thinking that yellow might be my new power color, which is funny because I never ever used to wear it. Now I just need to find a replacement for my left-on-the-plane fedora. Still very sad about that.

2B) I seriously go through phases of splurging. I think that the mail room thinks I am bi-polar (sorry for the un-PC-ness of the statement. I know how serious bipolar disorder is, thus the hyphenation vs. non-hyphenation. Don’t know why I felt the need to say so, but jsyk).


3) You know that you are cold when seriously look forward to setting a drink on fire for the warmth. That was me Monday. We’ll see what happens at the restaurant the next few days.

4) I ate 3 of my muffins in the first day. Luckily I went to TJ’s the other day and stocked up on zucchini. #gobigorgohome


5) Thanks to Jessie, I am now conflicted about my recipe posting for tomorrow! #shakeofthefist Luckily, I adore her, so you might just get lucky with 2 recipes, but I’m not promising anything…

6) Watch This.

You are Welcome.

7) My shoulder slid out while doing shoulder presses on Tuesday. The left shoulder did this once during incline chest press, and on Tuesday, it was the right. It is still sore, and I am concerned that I will have to stop doing over-the-head press lifts. Which blows because shoulder press is one of my absolute favorites. And I love my shoulders.

spot me

Also, when it happened, I threw the weights down on the floor, grabbed my shoulder, and said SH*T. This is after never once struggling with the weight previously, so obviously something had gone awry. And you know what? Of the two people on either side of me (there was one guy, with headphones but a known ass, on my right, and another guy, sans music, on my left) neither one said anything, offered to help, anything. Finally, after I looked directly at him, non-music dude kinda mouthed “you ok?” Half-heartedly. yeah, a$$hole, I am PEACHY. the puppy would have at least checked in. WTFH?? (What the flaming hell)

8) I have to say, I am absolutely and positively un-excited about the Olympics this year. I discussed this with my mom on Tuesday, but this is atypical for me: I didn’t even know where the Olympics was until a few weeks ago! And, to boot, I honestly didn’t and still don’t know where Sochi is…. I at least know that it is in Russia, now. And I keep hearing stories about the corruption, the toilet situation (it is a bit hard to tell how real this is), the literal iciness towards Americans, Homosexuals, and other nationalities…. And, I’m sorry, but I just don’t feel connected to it. I apologize if this comes across as ignorant, but it is how I feel. I sense that certain countries (China, Russia) are desperately trying to improve their image, but doing so by bankrupting sectors of their country isn’t going to help. Furthermore, I don’t see it helping tourism, as those countries make it so difficult to travel (not always, but for many). Just my two cents, but does anyone else feel the same way?

9) Lindsay Vonn may be a gifted athlete, but MAN homegirl is a diva. She and Tiger are made for each other. I saw Tara Lipinski on Watch What Happens Live, and she had a chipmunk face–I hope she is ok? I was actually a little bit worried about her. My 3 thoughts were steroids (some will give you puffy face), wisdom teeth, plastic surgery. Could be weight gain, but it didn’t look natural.

10) Georgia has declared a state of emergency because kids couldn’t get home due to conditions and stranded vehicles. Thus state troopers are going in. Really? And this after the blurb about the lunch lady who stole something like $1.35 million from the till by taking out $500/day or week or whatever for the past 15 years? And people wonder why my parents insisted on private school education!!


We are expecting more snow today. Kewl.

To end on a positive note, I just heard this yesterday on Today and I LOVE it:

“I Am” by David Correy

(I am trying to find the version that I heard on the TV yesterday, but am having iffy luck. Please try to find it, it is an amazing song and version of it). Here is a sampling of the lyrics:

I am
Worth it
I am
Less beyond belief
I am
I am, I am, I am
What I say I am

Yea where I’m from
It’s a kaleidoscope of words that’s yet to come
So slow it down, and stir it up

I got my
Feet on the ground and my
Head in the clouds
And I
Nothin’ can keep me down

fist pump 2

Have a save and lovely Thursday!

Any thoughts on my thoughts??

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