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Every now and then I think profound things. Not today. Thank you Amanda, for making my crazy public!


UnLEASH the cracken crazy!!


1) This is moving in downstairs. Best/worst thing ever.


2) I used to have an absolute fascination/obsession with certain things and periods of time. Ancient Egypt. Ancient Rome. The Titanic. The Civil War. I was obsessed with Medieval clothing for a while, too. I used to sketch the dresses with the draped sleeves, structured bodices, etc. Also Renaissance. Helllloooo Borgias.



I also used to pretend I had an accent. I was quite good, too.

3) I do NOT like romance novels. I went through a stage early on where I had a fascination with them (I would get all atwitter from reading the excerpts in Cosmo) and then I actually read a full romance novel. Let’s just say it was too much, too soon. I used to loooove chick lit (Shopaholic, etc), but now I’m all about the classics. I don’t really read anything that takes place in the modern day, except for the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo types. The last classic I read was Edith Warton’s The Age of Innocence Right now I’m actually taking a break and am reading Empty Mansions, about reclusive heiress Huguette Clark. Fabulous so far.

empty mansions

4) If you have never gotten the chance, do yourself a solid and listen to the Harry Potter audiobooks. Jim Dale, the guy who reads them, is abso-f-ing-lutely AMAZING. trust.

5) I got my The Best of Clean Eating cookbook out the other day, and I want to make ALLTHERECIPESSS.

clean eating

6) I woke up at 3 AM today. Never really went back to sleep. kewl.

7) I have so much blog reading to catch up on. Yesterday I opened my Feedly and realized I was 2 weeks behind. Blame real books and yoga.

namaste right here

8) I love geometrics and damask patterns. I do not care for light wood tones. Dark, rich stains all the way. I do not understand dark purple paint on walls. Or black. I respect purple, but dark purple, I do not.

greek key

9) Why you would ever have a black interior car in the South is beyond me. But people love it because of “status.” I say, “Have you ever left your car out at the grocery store in the middle of summer? There’s your sign.”

10) I had Annie’s Mac and Cheese (White Cheddar, duh) last night.

This is the sign for the stairwell at my yoga studio. AWESOME.

This is the sign for the stairwell at my yoga studio. AWESOME.

What type of books do you like? Fiction or non? Historic or modern day?

Geometrics and patterns or solids? Dark walls? Light woods?

Tell me one random thought or truth about you!

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