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#Thinkingoutloud Revived and Alive

Wow. I finally feel real again. And that means that I am back to my mean ways, and thus subjecting you to the interior of my head. I won’t say brains, as that is debatable.

First off, if this isn’t one of the most adorable things you have ever seen, we can’t be friends.

You can thank Amanda for the rest of this awesome….


1) I went to a Hot Power Fusion class at CorePower Yoga yesterday and it was literally one of the best hours of my life. Bikram + Power Flow + heat + music. I was so stiff and tight beforehand and I almost didn’t even go! But I tell you what, my body surprised me so much–flexibility, balance, loosening up, opening up. My mind stayed (relatively, lol) engaged the entire time (a feat in and of itself), and by the end I felt revitalized in a way I haven’t in a long time. I am even considering pursuing training for the class so that I can teach it. I get unlimited classes for the next week (as a new student) and I got a Groupon for 1/2 price for a month of unlimited classes, so I am thinking that I will live it up and see what I think. And I definitely think that this needs to become part of my strength training. And it is right next to my apartment.

trex yoga

2) I need to win the lottery so that I can afford a long term membership to CorePower.

Also, so I can afford this.

Marked down from $134k to $114k.

Marked down from $134k to $114k.

Because that markdown makes it so much more affordable.

3) I was all pumped that we got lane 13 at the bowling alley, because I love that number. And then we got that lane AND IT WAS THE MOST MESSED UP LANE EVER. I can’t even describe the nonsensical manner in which the ball would move. Ah well, we had fun.


4) I’m sad that Vanderpump Rules is over. I won’t touch The Bachelor etc with a ten foot pole, but I am allllll about the crazy ass Sur kids.

prettier vanderpump

4.5) Ditto Shahs of Sunset. I am not excited in the least about RHONY.

4.75) BUT I AM SO BACK ON BOARD WITH SUBURGATORY. If you haven’t seen it, get on it. Elvis from Clueless, Wat from A Knight’s Tale, Ana Gasteyer, Chris Parnell, and Cheryl Hines are involved, and the entire cast (Jane Levy, Allie Grant), they are all amazing. To wit, the show is hilarious, adorable, and so, so funny.


5) Ravennas and ProCompression rocks my world. #sorrynotsorry #RunHappyIs Living Life in Color.

I like color, Procompression, and Brooks. And colorful ProCompression and Brooks. I know you are lying if you tell me I'm not awesome.

I like color, Procompression, and Brooks. And colorful ProCompression and Brooks. I know you are lying if you tell me I’m not awesome.

6) While I do love reliving moments from my honeymoon, I am getting a bit tired of editing all of the pics. But I do it all for you kids. #martyr


7) We had THUNDERSNOW on Monday. As in, snowstorm with lightening and thunder. I was in the gym (surrounded by windows)–I and another girl made eye contact for a second, went back to what we were doing, and then CRAASH RUMBLERUMBLERUMBLE and we were like WTF?? I looked at her and said, “I think the apocalypse might actually be at hand…”

winter is drunk

8) Target shopping trip today! Theregoesmypaycheck. See #3.

8.5) Remember when I said my 1-block-away grocery store closed (probably not)? Well, we are getting a Whole Foods in its stead! There’s a big ole sign up saying “Coming Soon!” And then another bajillion signs saying “Coming in 2015.” I’m sorry, but I don’t think the math computes.


9) I need to get on dealing with my taxes. Gulp.

i did the math

10) I really, really, really need to clean up my apartment. I’m going to Target instead.


I did go to Target. I spent $220 and then had to lug home 20 lbs of litter and 10 lbs of cat food. and a lot of other heavy stuff. #worthit

Is the apocalypse really at hand? Do you watch Vanderpump Rules? Is VR a sign of the apocalypse?

Are you an all-black-while-working-out type, or balls-to-the-walls-color?

My answer to that should be obvious.

Peace out, fools!

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