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#Thinkingoutloud Cupcakes, you’re drunk, go home!

I feel it is necessary to say that this was said prior to lunch. And we weren’t drunk. Maybe on samples, but not on the alc. We are just that ridiculous.


See? The cupcakes WERE drunk!

I’ll be back to “regular” programming soon, but right now I am busy doing PT with Caitlin (she is currently using her tennis ball on her foot, we were using our resistance bands earlier) on her living room floor as we watch Southern Charm and Bethany.


See? Told you. #runnerds

A few thoughts for the road, to help you round out your Thursdays. Like a happy hour cocktail. Or you can just have a boozy cupcake, like the ones we picked up from the Pittsburgh Market today. Booze, cupcake, best of worlds.

Thanks Amanda!!

Thanks Amanda!!

We have exhausted ourselves after of day of talking nonstop, eating allthefoods, buying alltheotherfoodsthatwedidnteat, seeing asmuchaspossibleofPittsburgh, talking about allofthethings and browsing stores. See? EXHAUSTING. In that way that a half marathon is exhausting for a marathoner–if you leave just the right amount out there, you are tired, but feel soooooo good, and could just do it again tomorrow. And there were so many aid stations along the way, and you did run 13.1 miles, so WHY NOT.

That said, half marathons rarely have things like this on the course:


But that is true about half marathons.

I love that Pittsburgh has so many neighborhoods with real, centralized main drags. On the one hand, it makes things rather compartmentalized, on the other, it gives the areas true identities. Plus, it leads to more French bakeries, chotchki shops, and bars because obviously all of the neighborhoods need their own. I’m k wid dat.

20140306-173812.jpgAlso? Pittsburgh like its bulk candy stores, cheese shops, and ethnic eateries. It is awesome.

Caitlin and I have a habit of wearing the exact same thing without planning it. When she picked me up from the airport, we were both wearing plaid button downs and jeans. The next day, we both brought horizontally striped thermals to change into post yoga. Basically, we are alter egos. I am the sassy, snarky, blond to her tall, brunette, nicest person ever. We are meant to be together.


Token blogger pic. We knew we had to take a photo with a bouquet of kale or we would be disowned from the world in which we exist.

I miss my boy, but I would rather the 4 of us could just be together forever. I don’t like the idea of this separation that will have to happen tomorrow. Not. OK. We have already planned out all of the places she and Joe HAVE to go when they visit Chicago and then when we take a Charlottesville road trip. It can’t happen soon enough.

I am now going to go and snoop and poke around as Joe fixes dinner. Alex, take notes.

Have a fantastical evening, you know we will!

Have you ever had a boozy cupcake?

Is it possible to have too much awesome??

Indeed, we have basically been in this state of euphoria as I predicted. And, how I feel every time I think about our next union.

Indeed, we have basically been in this state of euphoria as I predicted. And, how I feel every time I think about our next union.

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