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Thinking Out Loud Would You Rather

Sup, Girl (said like the reckless Farmer’s Insurance Teen driver).

So because I need to devote what few brain cells I have to preparing for my interview, I am going to do a nonsensical Thinking out Loud Thursday and save my Time Capsule post for this afternoon, hopefully.

Thanks to the lovely Spoon for the hostage and originating the fun!


Ps I call my sorority Little Spoony. They had a pajama mixer during Big Sis Week, and we the bigs provided their clothes so I gave her a wife beater that I wrote “Little Spoon” on. Random story, get over it.

Let’s play Would you rather??

Would you rather….

  • Live at the top of a highrise, like Trump Tower, and have all the view in the world sometimes, but clouds others, or the fifth floor or so and always be able to see, and be seen?
  • Same question, but taking into account the elevator ride?
  • Have to type out every email on your phone, including important ones, or only be able to blog from your phone?
  • Be unable to turn the Holiday lights off (and there has to be some in your bedroom), or have no festive lights at all?
  • Drink only from a cocktail shaker, or only from a beer bottle (that is always nice and cold)?
  • Only have electricity at night or during the day?
  • Be able to watch TV, but everything you watches is a currently broadcast cartoon show, or never watch tv at all?
  • Be able to watch TV, but everything you watched be made into a cartoon (Top Chef, the Today show, the nightly news) accompanied by the obnoxious voices, or only be able to listen to radio a la the 1940s, where they used crazy sound effects (see the movie Seabiscuit for a reference–Tick Tock McGlocklan)?
  • Never get to wear shoes or never get to wear underwear?
  • Find things funny, but never ever laugh in public (or with friends), or laugh at everything that ISN’T funny, but only in public?
  • Write with a jumbo pencil (like they sell in gift shops) or only with a nub of a pencil?
  • And this will kill the HLB dudes: never have nut butter of any time (this will include coconut butter) ever again, or have to give up chocolate completely?

Thus conclude what I have space for in this pea-size brain of mine. I hope to get back to torture you all some more this afternoon! Have a great day until we meet next!

Talk to me, Goose:

Answer a few of the “Would you rathers”! And explain your answers!

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