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Thinking Out Loud: Traveling Edition


Before I go further, please forgive if I get a little behind on responses. I have my reasons 😀


Ermigerd, it is so, so beautiful here. I am going to photo dump on you (well, that sounds… sick) later, but trust when I say that San Jose del Cabo (NOT Cabo San Lucas) is an amazing place. Cabo San Lucas is a cesspool. Ew. For those of you unawares, SJdC is about 30 km north of CSL. For those of you who follow Carrots n’ Cake (and I assume that you all do, or are at least familiar), Tina stayed at Esperanza, which is one of the top-top resorts on the southern Baja peninsula, and is just south of where I am. One and Only Palmilla is another of the elite resorts, and I requested lunch there at least once this trip, having been for lunch the time I was here before. My parents were like, well let’s go now! It. was. epic. Pictures will come, but you’ll have to wait. Because I am on vacation time and vacation brain, I thought I would just link up with Miss Amanda and do some Travel-edition Thinking out Loud.



Some of these I wrote on the plane, some after.

  1. Airports need to figure out their fueling situations, for real. If I’d known it was such a problem, I would’ve had a sit down with them–I know a thing or two about proper fueling. Apparently the reason that we couldn’t take off on Monday is not that the plane was iced, or that the fuel froze, it was that they couldn’t get the fuel to the planes. Which you think that they would have figured out a) as an airport, and a major hub, to boot, and b) before they put us on the damn plane. Also, the pilot might’ve wanted to try to participate in life and pay attention. When we got off the plane, he was on the phone and told whomever he was talking to, “I’ve got to go, I’m the pilot and they’re deplaning. I need to figure out what is going on.” Naw, really?
All of that yellow says "cancelled." It turned to that AFTER we had boarded and deplaned. FAIL

All of that yellow says “cancelled.” It turned to that AFTER we had boarded and deplaned. FAIL

  1. Gate agents should speak lucid English/whatever language is dominant. It is not helpful if you are so heavily accent that NO ONE can understand you.
  2. Alex and I ended up having quite a lovely little staycation, as it turned out. We went bowling in Rosemount, and I bowled my best game ever, and my best group of games ever. Alex did way worse than he usually does, but I’ll take it.

kingsbowl Collage

  1. If you are bowling, you must drink a) a beer and b) a white russian. We got a drink called “The Dude,” the alley’s version of the signature cocktail. It was Kahlua, Godiva Chocolate Liquer, White Chocolate Vodka, and Milk. Sarah, I know that you are still dabbling in the alcohol department, but this might be the drink for you. It tastes like chocolate milk, but better.

kings park Collage

  1. I had EXACTLY what I wanted for dinner Tuesday night–tuna tacos with sauces on the side, sub beans and rice for a salad. I came with pickled veg, pico, and guac, and I cleaned every bit of it. I love to balance indulgence and healthy, thus 1/2 Alex’s sweet potato shoestring fries were mines.  Dragon’s Milk Stout shared as well. He had the Mexibano, which had smoked pulled pork and candied bacon. Swoon.
  • I fell asleep in a supremely comfy bed at 9. It was AMAZEBALLS.

  • We were bowling in Rosemount because we opted to stay at a hotel the night before our vacation attempt 2. If you have a 6 am flight out of O’Hare, do yourself a favor and stay at a hotel out there. 3:30 am is way better than 2:30.

  • Thank the Sweet Baby Jesus for the single Starbucks open before 5 am in the airport.

  • Direct Flights > Stops. But as long as I end up here:

  • mex1 Collage

    I Can’t Complain.

    1. Reason Direct Flights > Stops: Our plane was 1 hour late (first mechanical, and then the tug that pulled the plane away from the gate wouldn’t start), so we had 15 minutes to get to our gate. I was the full-on-spring GET OUT OF MY WAY person in the airport. I got to the gate to hold the flight for Alex. We were the last on. We made it. #winning
  • Luckily I’m a #runnerd and put my legs to good use and got some speedwork in making the connecting flights.

  • SAD FACE. In our haste to make our connection. I left my favorite hat on te plane. RIP, my darling.

  • 255227_10100568935824856_1532450797_nAnd now I am going to go siphon off some of Alex’s beer. And go find something to munch on. Because I can.

    Give me a travel fail that ultimately ended up a success. I don’t want to relive the sadface, let’s revel in the HAPPPYYYYYY.

    Cheers, my friends!

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